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Old 01-28-2009
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Lightbulb it amazes me

how far we have come as a world...

i mean in the early early years you would be prosecuted and sentenced to death for homosexuality.

head cut off, cock and balls cut off and everything, body put on display for the town to see, and they could beat ur body too.

sometimes it got so extreme that the accused's family would be killed with them.

then adolf hitler came along and killed millions of people for homosexuality, being a gypsie, for being different than he and his country men were.

and now today we can have a website like this that glorifies the shemale body to a perfection. yes theres still sexual prejudice but its so small it seems not to exist.

i think we owe society a round of applause for that.
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Old 01-28-2009
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That's interesting. But it depends how you look at a TS. Do you think of them as men or do you think of them as women? I personally think it's striaght to like a TS woman. I like because I see a women more than I see a man. So yes I do approve of the third leg but I mostly see a TS as a woman. Well that's what I think. Some people see them as the opposite of how I feel.
A chicago boy looking for his TS lady!
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Old 01-29-2009
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It's not that society as a whole allowed this to happen, its people like us who push for it too happen despite what everyone else says. We deserve a round of applause because of the mutual respect the people of the forum have for one another.

If I were to make a guess and there was a general consensus taken about this matter I would assume that the general population would not be too open to what we are all about. But what is great is that there are enough people that understand the value of accepting one another's differences to fight for all of people's freedom. We have to keep vigilant though, because contrary to popular belief, it isn't just simply time that makes people more accepting, because history has known times of greater liberalism and freedom within society.

Like you were saying about Hitler, in Germany before the rise of the Nazi's, Berlin was one of the most liberal cities of Europe there was a large open gay community, and even the first attempts at SRS took place in Germany in the 1930's. And in ancient times it was completely accepted, and at times expected to have homosexual relationships.

And you know about your statement about people getting executed for being homosexual, ya that still happens in certain countries. This is mainly because of religious clerics ruling the government (an example being Iran). So again just stressing my point, it isn't time, its people persevering day in and day out for their rights, and the fight isn't just fought once and forgot about, it is a constant one.

Ya but I'm so happy I have this place as an outlet for mt feelings for sure, so thanks to everyone here.
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Old 01-29-2009
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Default It depends

If they do the things to look like a female (hair, makeup, eyelashed, nails) then I look at them as a female. If they just put on a wig I don't tend to see them as a female. I also think having implants help them look more lady like. I have always been attracted to a more muscular female, so I think that is also why I am attracted to a TS that does look like a female. With the third leg you don't have to worry are they turned on to be with you. Can't fake that.
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