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Old 11-03-2008
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Default Paranoia

When a man suddenly realises that ,his heart belongs with shemales,his next question is "where do i meet a shemale who wants a genuine relationship",then when he finds a site like this (which is really good by the way),he starts talking to shemales and like minded people,he realises there is a lot of paranoia and self pretection around,quite justified by some of the stuff i have read.It is really sad that this state of affairs shoud exist,there seems to be some really genuine guys out there,and some really lovely sensitive shemales,it would be great if they could hook up.My question is "an we resolve this"
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Old 11-03-2008
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People guard their hearts regardless of who or what they are, really. It's painful to feel rejected, to get your hopes up, to think someone's something they're not. People also, whether they admit to it or not, care to some degree about what people think. It's just natural.

I made a thread about why you may not be able to find a transsexual woman. Most have the goal of sexual reassignment surgery and do not want to look back on their male past, so they go "stealth", which is where they blend right in with genetic women and you never know the difference.

Also, most men who are into transsexual women consider themselves straight, or bi sometimes. I think the important thing for them is to not worry too much about the label. It causes too much anxiety and fear as it is. We're in 2008, almost 2009, in modern society. In the grand scheme of things, being with a tgirl is not the most shameful thing in the world at all.

Personally, my issue isn't even about the man or the fact I'm a tgirl. It's distance. There's always going to be something, damn it all!
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Old 11-03-2008
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Too many times in my life I pushed people aside because of what other people thought. People I enjoyed being with very much. For me, these are sins of commission, as I didn't follow my heart.

For me, the T-girl, besides being sexy, is a power of example for me, to follow what I know is right for me.

We had a similar thread going on this topic not too long ago. I said to the effect, "Screw what people think". Another member, which I respect for their honesty, corrected me to say that indeed people may scorn you for your attraction to a T-girl. This person is 100 percent correct, they will. And the only way I know how to get around that is to go with what you feel. If you care and love the T-girl, and want the best for her, and want to share a life.

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