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Old 09-04-2008
kelly kelly is offline
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Default An incident in Manila

I was in Manila, mostly to have a holiday, drink too much and have fun. But I guess that’s what holidays are for.
I was at the SM shopping mall. SM actually stands for Shoe Mart. Apparently it started out years ago as a shoe store, but developed in a shopping centre, amazing.

I was strolling along when I spotted her. I had met Cindy the previous year in Sydney at a friends party. She was in the fashion industry. We hung out together for a while but my career and hers were too diverse, and the relationship never really developed. Too many parties with plastic people…not my scene.
She saw me and smiled, we went to the Shangri-la for drinks. The bar tender wanted to try out his cocktail making skills, hours later we both wobbled out and back to my hotel. I opened a bottle of wine and we fooled around on the sheets. Eventually we fell asleep in each other arms, happy with the world.

Next day we had a lazy breakfast. Cindy wanted to buy some clothes, I tagged along because I really did not have anything else to do. We went to the greenbelt shopping centre, lots of designer labels and pretty people. There was fashion show running in the centre and we stopped to watch, the designer spotted Cindy, came running over and dragged her away to meet his friends. I found the bar and settled down to watch.
Cindy put on her TV face , smiling and chatting to everybody. The fashion show was ok, some nice looking models, especially the skimpy swimsuit section.
We were invited to the after show party, I really did not want to go. But Cindy wanted me to be there, she said…’ Kelly…you will keep me sane”
The Party was all glitter, Bling blings and flashing disco lights.
All the models were there, some wearing almost nothing.
Cindy was working the room, chatting and laughing with the crowd. I found a seat beside the piano, I could view the room from this position and I was out of the general line of sight. The music was a mix of techno beat and contemporary stuff.
The girls were making a lot use of the powder room, until the guy at the piano explained…”it’s the coke room” Ahh now I understood why they were all bright-eyed and full of energy.

One of the girls came over to me, waring the smallest and filmiest of dresses. I sware the thing was held together with dental floss. She sat with her legs open on the chair opposite. Leaned towards me and said..”Would you like to play?” She was high as a kite on coke and booze.
I bought her a drink, and I tried to have a conversation with her, all she would do was giggle and laugh. She was too young, only a teenager….and completely zoned out.

Two of the girls were sitting in the corner, arms around each other, caressing each other. I would glance over every so often, Eventually they were locked in a passionate embrace. Nobody seemed to pay any attention. Next time I looked, they had gone, passion took over and they had probably found a hotel room.

We stayed at the party for a couple of hours, the girls were getting drunk, or high, or both. It was time to go. I called Cindy over and suggested we should go, she agreed and said..”my face hurts from smiling”
I grabbed two bottles of wine from the party and we headed back to the hotel.
It was getting late. We showered and sat out on the balcony on the 25th floor, the night was warm and we watched the shimmering lights of Manila, talking about life , what could have been, might be, finishing the wine. Cindy wrapped in a bath towel looked so damm sexy as it fell open and there was her hard dick standing straight up, she started to slowly stroke it. She looked at me smiling saying “come here my love” .
I gladly obliged.
It was the end of a crazy day. We were both a little drunk….and very content to be with each other.


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Old 09-04-2008
practicename practicename is offline
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Default Interesting..

Intriguing story Kelly. It is somewhat intimidating for someone like myself who have not been around the 'coke' scene, - yet will travel to be with shemales when I'm done with school. It's just good to know your story ends pleasantly. Keep sharing your adventures with us "dreamers".
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Old 09-04-2008
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SweetCharmer will become famous soon enough

great story an i envy you for experiences
"I had always heard your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the second before you die. First of all, that one second isn't a second at all, it stretches on forever, like an ocean of time..."
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Old 09-19-2008
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Fair play to you guv.

If I ever go to Manilla, I'm gonna seek out the t-girl web cammer alluringsayuri / geishayuri from; absolutely stunning, and seemingly very friendly to boot.

She doesn't seem to be around on the site that much these days, if anyone out there can tell me is she's moved to another, I'd be grateful. And if you ever come across her on any cam site, she's well worth the cash, believe me!
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