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Old 07-15-2008
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Default A chat with a wannbee who's moving...

This is a chat I've just had with a guy who's slowly coming to terms with the fact that it's a transsexual girlfriend he wants. I've only had one chat with him before two weeks ago where I suggested him to act on his obvious inner needs. It would seem that he got lucky.

The following chat conversation is 100% authentic (except for my changing of his and her names). I hope it can serve as a reminder to every one that it is NOT impossible or even difficult to find a transsexual woman - with a little of the right attitude.



the other guy: u der??? how u doin today??
hankhavelock: yes im here for a short while - did you act on my advice?
the other guy: ive started
the other guy: meeting ppl

hankhavelock: good!
hankhavelock: that's the way to start
hankhavelock: whom did you meet?
hankhavelock: did you meet some nice transsexual women?
the other guy: i met this chick call tina
hankhavelock: lesson no. one: never call a transsexual woman a "chic" - show respect from the start or you'll soon be labelled as a predator
hankhavelock: now tell me about tina
hankhavelock: how did u meet and what did u do?
the other guy: tina.. is transexual...
the other guy: shes half indian half malaysian...

hankhavelock: sounds nice, go on please
the other guy: we met at this pub...
the other guy: she look so much like a gal.... first i dint even have a hint.. that she was a trans
the other guy: we started talking...

hankhavelock: ok - so how did u meet? u started talkin to her or she started talkin to u?
the other guy: n i started telling her abt me n how my love life dint work.. n how much i was missing a companion n all that
the other guy: she put her arm around my shoulder comforting..
the other guy: n said shed be there as a friend
the other guy: we met a couple of times...

hankhavelock: thats very nice of her - when she put her arm around you, did you then know she was transsexual or was that b4 u found out?
the other guy: yest wen she met me... n we were talking over a couple of drink...
the other guy: n i was getting a lil romantic...
the other guy: she tried to distance away.. i asked y.... shes like... there things i dont know abt her n al..
the other guy: n shes was telling abt her being a trans ..n how her folks hated her for it n all..
the other guy: n then u shudve seen the joy on my face...
the other guy: i told her... she is exactly who i was looking for.. n im happy n like her the way she is..
the other guy: she hugged me tight

hankhavelock: i can imagine yes
the other guy: then i i felt her..n knew for sure she was a trans
hankhavelock: that's very beautiful and very good news
the other guy: we meeting again tom.. for a movie
the other guy: yea

hankhavelock: good - i went to a movie last nite with my ts-girl?
the other guy: and??
the other guy: hehe

hankhavelock: what r u gonna watch?
the other guy: i donno.. i wanna see some real romantic movie..
the other guy: her lips have been driving me cazy n i wanna kiss them.. of course i wont rush

hankhavelock: ok - well, if u want action I suggest "Taken" with Liam Neeson
hankhavelock: well... take it slow
the other guy: hmmm
hankhavelock: i'm very impressed by ur progress
the other guy: heh thnx... u r the guru afer all
hankhavelock: not at all - i've just been there myself
the other guy: hey i gott a go now.. will be basck soon with updates
hankhavelock: remember to always respect her for the woman she truly is
the other guy: yes
hankhavelock: have a good time with tina tmr and tell her hello from me
the other guy: done
hankhavelock: good
- I cherish the fact that the girls I date are braver than I
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