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Old 08-27-2007
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Default personalities of shemales

ok so becuase of the fact that i have never even seen a shemale in person, i know nothing about their general personality (i know i'm stereo typing but it's the same thing if i was talking about females or males). i know i read some posts here about people saying they only want money ect ect..

one day i do hope to find a ts that i care about but before that i'd like to know as much as possible from your expiriences. GENERALLY, how are their personalities, how they act, how they are, ect ect.

remember you can never judge anyone because of their gender but like i said theres a general similarity that all types of people share and there has to be one of shemales.

intelligent, romantic, sexy, naughty, interesting, different, styleish, mean, greedy, ANYTHING which you believe is a similarity that a good amount of shemales share..

again, i realize everybody is different, but people also have many similarities!
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Old 08-27-2007
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eliogabalo can only hope to improve

The best of women without some unpleasant faults ...
They are sexually generous but not hysterical.
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Old 08-27-2007
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in my opinion, since i know LB's and i have met a lot of in my country, they are working as a prostitute and they know only money but some of them are polite and give you respect. i always give my respect to them because i don't want to see them as a sex toy. when i go to her home, first i drink something they prepared. and we talk and then conversation comes to sex and they want money first and we do our jobs and a little bit talk again and say bye bye but some of them don't have respect they only do his job and say bye bye this is like you are with a sextoy, i feel bad when she acts like this. i have not decide which one is good , but there is some girls who are prostitutes they can be act worst then LB's. so the problem is not for LB's, it is a humanbeing problem. if she has good personality, she will be good even if she is a prostitute. But they must be cruel because of the difficult conditions they work. All people are not polite as me or as you. they act like prostitutes are animal, not human.she is a LB or Girl it doesn't important for this kind of people.
But LB's are different from girls i think. they can't work in a society like genetic girls, all eyes are on her. and they are not relax because of this situation. some cultures accept the 3rd sex but some cultures don't accept and don't like 3rd sex. In fact a lot of men likes to have sex with their gender. but they never say that. In my country, i know a lot of people are gay or likes LB's, i know it from chat channels . I think everybody likes LB's becouse of bothworlds you can enjoy but nobody confess this.
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Old 09-16-2007
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kelly can only hope to improve

ladyboys are beautiful to be with...................i have had a lot of ladyboy girlfriends.......great sex, and no hangups. they love having sex, and they make great partners.

much better than girls.
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