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Old 12-16-2010
Richard In Houston Richard In Houston is offline
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Default My 1st Time

Oh my God, to all you young men that haven't been with a transexual yet, don't wait. It's the most beautiful life changing event you'll ever experience.

I was separated from my first wife the first time it ever happened to me. We had only been seperated for a few weeks. I was working in New Orleans and was driving around the French Quarter in my car when I whistled at what I thought was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen as she approached the entrance to a club on Toulouse street. Perfect breast, perfect legs, slim waist and just a beautiful living doll that I doubt any man could resist. I was just as surprised when she looked at me and motioned for me to park and follow her into the bar.
Parking my car as fast as I could I rushed into the bar only to have my heart broken when I saw her with two much better looking guys than me, but since I was there I figured I'd get a beer anyway.
The place was packed as I expected it would be and I walked around the round bar where I could still see her as I ordered my beer.
Just then a very tall woman with the most beautiful short, straight platinum blonde hair and a pair of beautiful perky (not too big, not too small) breast put her arm through mine and with her face only inches from mine said in a sexy voice, "you're not going to drink that all alone are you?"
Her makeup was perfect and she had the most beautiful eyes, lips and face I had ever been this close to, including the partner (wife) I was currently separated from. The only thing I could think of to say to her question was, "Not if I don't have to". Her face was only inches from mine if that far, I was falling into a trance, a spell, as she pressed her body close to mine.
I could feel her warm breath as it left her mouth and pushed up my nose intoxicating me with the sweetest, most feminine order I had ever had the ultimate pleasure of inhaling. Unable to move (not that I wanted to) I could feel the next word come from her sweat red lips as she placed her hands on my hips and drew me closer. Do you know what kind of place this is?
I thought it was a gay bar when I first walked in but look at all these women.
My cock was harder than I ever thought it could get as it strained against my tight jeans. "Do you think I'm pretty Richard" she said as I suddenly felt something very warm and firm begin to brush against my cock through my jeans, but it wasn't her hands. I looked down and the only thing that was between us was a thick mound in the front of her tight jeans she was dry humping against the hard hump in mine.
Ohhhh Yessss I hissed from my mouth into hers as her thick red lipped mouth open before my face. The lips of my mouth were suddenly surrounded by her thick luscious lips as she captured my mouth with hers and began to probe my lips with her thick tongue.
I surrendered to her feminine seduction as all I could think of was how I wanted to demonstrate on her tongue what I knew I wanted to do to her hard cock dry humping me in front of anyone in the crowded gay night club that wanted to watch.
She released my mouth and whispered in my ear, "Have you ever been with a transsexual?" Sheepishly, I replied "No I haven't Miss Terry. Does that mean you don't want me?"
She smiled and took my hand and moved it to one of her barely cover, perfectly shaped, beautiful breast as she asked, "Do you like this?" All I could think of to say was "If you would like me to get on my knees right here, right now and prove it to you I promise I will."
She smiled and took my hand and said come with me as she guided me out of the club.
Outside she said "where's your car sweaty?"
As she instructed me on how to get to her place I could barely take my eyes off of her long enough to drive. Thank god we didn't have to go very far.
At her place she (which turned out to be little more than a 1 room love nest, with a big brass bed, red carpet, heavy red frilly curtains, a red carpet and a night stand with a small lamp with a red handkerchief over it and a big oval mirror on the wall on the other side, she told me to strip and lay on the bed sideways on my back, which I did.
I was overcome with passion as I watched her kick off her high-heel shoes and drop her jeans to the floor to reveal red stockings and a garter with a pair of crotchless panties and a 9 or 10 inch cock standing at attention wanting my affections.
She pulled me to the edge of the bed on my back until my head hung over the edge. I watched as her cock aimed at my mouth and didn't resist opening my mouth as it entered all the way to the back of my mouth.
I surrendered to her willingly and completely as she began to force the big fat uncircumcised head past the entrance of my throat and down deep to where ever her big beautiful shaft would reach. I writhed and struggled for breath as she granted me permission to breath just long enough to catch my breath before telling me how she was going to teach me to relax and take it because after that night, I would never be satisfied with a female without a cock again.
My only reply was "Yes my darling, that's what I want, I know that now." and I continued to suck her deeply into my throat as she taught me to suck like no other." She continued to seed me until I felt her stiffening for what I knew was fixing to happen and I was so pleased to know how I was making her feel. She had taught me in a short time how much pleasure it is to make a woman with a cock have an orgasm. Something I would never forget. As she came she pulled out enough to let her big load cross a thresh-hold from the head of her cock to my open hungry mouth. Blast after blast she shot long streams of cum into my hungry mouth as I lay there hungry for more and more of her sweat juices.
As she scrapped what I had missed off my cheeks and forehead and transferred it to my hungry lips she asked if I would like her to fuck me. I looked into her eyes and replied, I just want you to love me Terry.
For the rest of that night I experienced things that I never knew existed and knew that I would never be satisfied to live without.
The feeling of looking into a beautiful woman's eyes as I feel her long hard stick pussy take me and stir feelings that no female could ever make me feel. The feeling of sucking a woman's tongue deep into my mouth as I feel her entering me from my other end. Seeing the expressions on their beautiful faces as I work my ass pussy around their shafts as I open my soul to their penetrating pleasure.
Thanks to the internet, a young man won't have to go through the difficulties I had to finding these beautiful women.
So my advise is if you've ever considered being with a transexual, do it. I know you'll love it.

And Yes, I am a hopeless romantic for transsexuals
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Old 12-18-2010
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wow thats great Im glad your first time went so well.... It sounds like you had a perfect first time experience!!
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Old 01-04-2011
jon_Joy_1999 jon_Joy_1999 is offline
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I like this story, but it could do with a bit more detail and accuracy. like, how do you know each others names?
why did you think it was a gay bar when you saw a woman enter it? I admit some gay bars have women who enter looking for gay companions, because it's a good place to simply hang out for a beer without being perved on, but what kind of woman would invite a guy into a gay bar? hmmm I guess that question has an answer).
if you've ever actually done anal front to front, you'd know it's a bit harder than doing vaginal, I'm not 100% certain, but I don't think you'd be able to go tongue to tongue while taking it anal, unless you were doing it doggy style, and even that would be awkward.
where did the multiple shemales come from? the last sentence in the story has three plural indicators: their beautiful faces, their shafts, and their penetrating pleasure; but the rest of the story only deals with one woman at a time.
I love this work, and give you rep for the story. work on it a bit more, and come back to share what you've done. you've got a a great seed to work from
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Old 01-13-2011
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I haven't had the pleasure yet in hooking up with one of these darlings
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