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Old 10-21-2008
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Default Pre-Op Experience

I've had quite a few experiences with pre-op transexuals over the last few years, but some stick out more than others. Here is one of my favorite experiences with a Filipino Transexual. This is a true story.

There is a popular Transexual night club located in the city I live in called Divas, and it is a very popular location to find a T-girl for a night. I had just recently gotten out of a long term relationship, and was dieing to go out to Divas to find a hot T-girl with a hard cock. I was 22 at the time, I was confident and knew I didn't have to spend a dollar to get a girl to come home with me. I never pay for sex with trannies, although there is nothing wrong with that. I just feel that they are just as horny as I am, and with a little charm they can be had for free.

I got to the club around 10:30, and relaxed by myself at the bar. Tranny bars aren't exactly the place to socialize with your friends, and it's also a little nerve wracking at first. There is so many over-the-top personalities, and you really don't have anyone to confide in. To deal with this problem, I had a shot and a beer to begin relaxing. I love watching the t-girls at the Divas nightclub, some are working girls, some are only into themselves, some are abominations to mankind, and some are passable and really sexy. The key to watching these girls to me has always been patience. Don't force the issue, let the night unfold, and eventually I would find someone to go home with.

Eventually, I saw a thin Filipino TS, probably about 5'6, with large natural breasts (probably a C-cup, born from Estrogen, not surgery), wearing a blue hollister t-shirt and a denim mini skirt. Her long, smooth legs were accented by 3 inch white high heels. She had long, straight, black hair. Don't ask me why I have such a vivid memory of what a girl wears when I meet her. Anyways, she was my type, I love Filipino T-girls. They typically aren't working girls, and they come from a good family. I love T-girls, but I am not attracted to working girls or drug addicts. I made eye contact her as she walked across the bar, we held the eye contact for a couple seconds to affirm our attraction. I knew I was in, it was just a matter of time. I continued to sit at the bar, waiting for her to walk by again. The next time she walked by, I smiled, and she approached me. I can't recall our conversation exactly (1. I was drunk 2. Do you care how the conversation went? You've probably already scrolled to the bottom to read about how big her cock was), but I know we were flirting. I do remember we talked about age, she was 30 and I was only 22. She said she couldn't be with someone so young, but she obviously didn't mean it, as within minutes she was sitting on my lap. She ended up telling me that she was on vacation from Los Angeles for the weekend, and would be returning the next day. Time flew by, and before I knew it, it was 2AM and the bar was closing.

I acted nonchalant, and told her it was nice to meet her and that I'd be heading home. She immediately offered me a ride home. Now I knew I was in! We left the bar holding hands, and got a quick bite to eat at a Thai restaurant around the corner. We got to know eachother a little bit more, and I sobered up slightly. She even picked up the tab, as I had told her I was a broke college student earlier. Also, there are a lot of straight bars in the area, and I was amazed by how many men were checking her out. Men stared at her long, smooth, tan legs, they gawked at her natural, perky breasts. It was great, I was with this beautiful girl that everyone was checking out, and they had no idea that she had a cock in between her legs.

We got into her car, and I realized I kinda liked this girl. She was a bit older, and seemed like the type to take care of me. I was comfortable around her, and she seemed to like being the older sister type to me. She picked up the tab at the restaurant, and she would be the one driving me home. Within the hour, she would be taking care of me in another way. That was somewhat of a poor innuendo, sorry. But I think her nurturing ways would turn out to be reflective of how she was in bed. During the ride back to my apartment, I started to massage her inner thigh. I was really horny at this point, and I wanted to feel cock. I took her's out, and it was really small in it's soft state. She wasn't getting hard at first either. I figured it would be small, as most Asian T-girls I had been with before hand were usually ill endowed. Eventually, I got really hard, and I wanted to impress her with my hard cock.

Asian t-girls aren't hard to please when it comes to cock size. Mine is only 5 or so inches hard, but that's usually an inch or 2 bigger than theirs', so they think I'm well endowed by comparison. So I pulled my fully erect cock out, expecting her to be pleased by my "big" cock, and that's when I heard words that stay with me til this day. "I think mine is bigger". Wow. Just typing it makes my hands shake. I had felt her soft cock, and it was really small, I almost didn't believe her at first. Soon I would find out.

We got back to my apartment, and it was obvious she wasn't just "giving me a ride home". I invited her in, and she gladly accepted. My roommates were awake, so we said hi quickly and went into my room. I I told her I had to use the bathroom briefly, and that I'd be right back. After a minute, I came back from the bathroom to find her in her blue cotton boyshort panties, and black lace bra. Her body was perfect. She was bent over on all fours on my bed, looking at a poster on my wall. Her body was completely smooth and tan, and her breasts looked perfect in a bra. Her long black hair fell softly on her large natural breasts. I immediately got into the bed and started making out with her. She was a lot more comfortable now, so I slid her panties down a little bit, and placed my mouth around her shaft. "What are you doing?" she said in a calm, relaxed voice. Within 10 seconds she went from 2 inches to seven inches. I was amazed, she wasn't lieing when she said that she was bigger than me. In fact, it wasn't even close. Not only was it longer, it was thicker, and the mushroom tip had to be 3 times bigger than mine. She had a long pole, accented by a large mushroom tip that was wider than her shaft. It was perfect for sucking, and she loved to have it sucked.

She was VERY aggressive with her long, thick cock. Let me further emphasize that, she was VERY aggressive with her cock. She slammed it down my throat, I had never been deep throated before, but I quickly became accustomed to it. I laid on my back, and she sat on my chest, forcing her cock down my throat. She was loud too, she moaned and slapped me while face fucking me. I was almost apprehensive at first, as my walls are thin and my roommates could clearly hear her moaning in ecstasy as she rammed her shaft down my throat. There was nothing I could do though, so I went with the flow and continued to be dominated. I was so powerless. She had clearly taken control, and that's the way it would be for the rest of the session. She took her cock out and slapped my face, then she changed positions so she could sit on my face while getting her large, cock sucked. I was so hard, but it was almost as if she had no interest in touching my small cock. In fact, she never stroked it or sucked it! It was as if I was there to get her off, and as if I had no say in whether or not I would get off.

After a good half hour of being throat slammed, she moved to the end of the bed and spread my legs. I told her there was some condoms on the floor near the bed. She got up to get the condoms, and I was struck with the most beautiful visual of my life. Here in my room, was a tall, thin beautiful girl with large breasts, beautiful hair and face, with a fully erect 7 inch cock. Visually, nothing competes to seeing a large, erect cock on a beautiful girl who is standing up. As she put the condom on, she said, "You want me to fuck you? We just met!". I moaned yes, and she did not object. She spread my legs, and slowly teased my inner thighs with her large cock head. If I was sober, there wouldn't be much of a chance of me dealing with such a large cock, but I was still tipsy, so I was relaxed and ready. Having her tease my asshole with her huge mushroom tip also helped me relax. She slowly penetrated me, she knew how to fuck. She took it slow. Once I got comfortable, she got her cock fully in, and that was the green light for her to continue dominating. She fucked my ass hard and fast, moaning and slapping me while doing so. I dropped all fears of my roommates hearing me, and I started to moan as well. Within moments I could feel her tense up, and I could feel the vibrations of her large cock in my ass. She spurted her load in my ass, and I held her tight while she did. Her energy level decreased, and I stroked my ultra hard cock (my cock gets REALLY hard when I get fucked, to a point where I barely have to touch it to cum) until I came.

We were both tired out, and we fell asleep cuddling. As you could of guessed, she was the one spooning me, with her now soft cock resting against my ass. She had to leave to Los Angeles early that morning, and she left around 7 in the morning. I walked her to her car, with a totally new viewpoint of her. Along the way, a man turned around to check her out. If he only knew that the hot girl he was staring at, had a large hard cock that would put his to shame. If he only knew how she could dominate him to a point where he felt completely powerless. As far as he knew, she was just another hot asian girl dressed scantily, walking down the street.

I live in NorCal, and I don't make it to L.A. often, but I have certainly contemplated the trip just for her. I think about our night together almost every day. She is the type you want to marry, she would take care of you, in many ways.
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