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Old 09-12-2019
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Default details for the uninformed

It's now several years since my very first time seeing a transgender at an abs.
I was enamored by a gorgeous babe sucking off some dude. It turned out 'she was a he'. Never gave thought that a dude could be so feminine and beautiful. Personally, I'm hooked on feminine looks and behavior.
Since seeing 'her', I've began actively seeking out tranny's. It became an addiction. I started to find many tranny's far more feminine and attractive than most GG's. In my searches, I've come to 'know' a number of people in the trans community by their names.
I have some of the terms down but still get confused or 'corrected with slight anger' when I misuse a term or 'identification'.
Is there a 'go to' site or something to help me identify between a Transgender, Transsexual, Trap, CrossDresser's, sissy's ?
For example, someone feminine with very small breasts- are they transgender's or cd's? At what point is a trap a transgender? Are trap's cd's or Transgender's ?
What is the difference between a Transgender and a transsexual?

I still consider myself a straight dude but often wonder when (or if) I will make a leap to actively seek out a 'fem', either a Transgender, Trap or even a CD for a personal relationship. It's the Crossdresser that really makes me wonder about my own sexuality. They're very often gorgeous but still a dude without tits.
Please, I mean no offense to the Trans community if I spoke out of turn here, but just my own confused ignorance. If anything good came out of my exposure to the Trans community, I'm far more accepting of their lifestyle than when I just lived in my straight world. I even espouse tolerance and acceptance among my own everyday interactions.
If there are other terms, expressions I haven't covered here, I'd appreciate that info as well.

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Old 09-12-2019
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Very good post techno883. There’s no easy (or “right”) answer--it’s different for everybody. Speaking totally for myself, I’m attracted to the feminine person. She might have a cock. She might not. My first girlfriend (in fact the first person I ever had sex with) was transgender. When we first met “he” (at that time) was a very cute boy my age who lived down the street from us. Eventually we grew closer and closer. We dated through high-school and she began transitioning.

My two wives have been cisgender women as are most of my “celebrity crushes.” But that’s just the way it worked out. It could just as easily gone the other way if I had met the right person or if my friend from high-school and I had stayed together. Between marriages and a couple of times in college I dated and was intimate on a few occasions with transwomen and someone who might be considered a “crossdresser.” Since I’m married now, “fooling around” with anybody is out. But I might leave my wife for Angeles Cid, Nicole Ferri, or Courtney Act.

Welcome back. And I hope you will keep posting! By the way a good starting place for “terminology” is to just do a Google search. Or if you have a good friend who is gay or trans, just ask!

Originally Posted by a9127 View Post
I have always thought some of the things that were published on the "evils" of masturbation were hilarious. The sad thing is that this ignorant view of human sexuality promoted medical "cures" that caused real harm to young boys and girls.

BTW as a teenager my record was seven times in one day.

According to this picture, at 36, my "accomplishments" in life should be "vice and degeneracy" heading to "moral and physical wreck."
Just celebrated my 37th birthday. Blew right past "vice and degeneracy." But if I end up looking like "grandpa" in the picture at 60 I'm gonna kill myself.

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Old 09-13-2019
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My thanks for the help. Among the many, you have contributed so much on transladyboy in the past. Right off the bat, I had to look up 'cisgender', and found out it means just what Fran Alexis termed for me as a 'gg'[genetic girl]. I believe it was her. Like yourself, she contributed a lot of thoughts here at TLB when I frequented more often.
Unfortunately looking up what differentiates a trap from a cd or transsexual (transgender?). Or of anything in between or of according to breast size. Google is good at times, misleading (or deceptive) at other times. LOL, certainly not much help on my search for saying or describing people as they themselves wish to be identified as. That's why when anyone wants to know about anything, go to those that eat sleep and live the topic in question. No better place than Transladyboy.
I do know a few gays, but other than our casual social interactions in shooting sports, I am a little reluctant to pry into their more personal nature. Sex isn't a topic we openly talk about in our community. Hell, I have a tough enough time having a girlfriend allow me to cum in her mouth. But I'll still put my best efforts into being an informed citizen.
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