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Old 10-05-2008
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Default Help please

Hey people I need your opinions please. I have been with my partner for 9 years we are really really happy and get along so well, there is just a little thing between us yep thats right ladyboys. For the past two years it has been his most watched porn, and it has been getting more and more often. I asked him if he wanted to see if that is who he would prefer to be with, he told me it was just a fantasy, which is fine if that is true, but I cant help feeling that he is missing out, and really life is to short to not be with who you want to be with. Our sex life is good we have heaps and heaps of sex, but I think it would sux if he felt like he had to stay for what ever reason. I told all he has to do is tell me if he wants to find a shemale and she if its what he really wants. He said he would and that was the end of it. Should I just drop it now? I feel bad for him, can it just be a fantasy?
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Old 10-05-2008
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Welcome to the forum, pippmc. I am a single male (and have been single for a long time at this point), so my perspective may be slightly different, but I'd say that yes it can be just a fantasy. I don't think you should really worry too much about it at this point. It sounds like you have very open and honest communication, your sex life does not suffer because of his interest in, it seems like things are good and he is not at all unhappy with you or his situation. (For my part, I would simply die of happiness if I found a sweet tgirl friend, but if I find a gg friend I hope she will be as understanding and caring as you). If those aforementioned things (communication, sex life) begin to suffer it is maybe THEN that you might start to wonder and worry. For now, enjoy the love you have and don't sabotage it with worrying about what tomorrow may bring. I hope it only brings you continued happiness.
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Old 10-07-2008
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be carefull it could go bad
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