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Old 06-13-2017
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Default Crazy night at a Ladyboyclub

My buddy Tom lives in Hua Hin. He has been sampling the delights of the local ladyboys down there for years. He comes up to Bangkok from time to time, and normally crashes at my place while he’s in town. Tom likes beer, in my opinion a little too much, but when he’s working he never drinks. Anyway he was eager to get to a ladyboy club. I decided to head to Nana plaza, plenty of nice eye candy there. On the way Tom decided to pop into several bars, which resulted in him starting to giggle at any joke, no matter how lame. We were too smashed to climb up a stairs, settling for Obsession on the ground floor. It was Wednesday night, and inside there were only a handful of patrons, on stage about 15 ladyboys were dancing to loud music. Tom was on a beer buzz, and was cheering and clapping loudly at the girls. This resulted in the girls waving a smiling at him. He was also ordering beers, way too fast. This resulted in me sitting with 5 or 6 full bottles of beer around me, and I realized that I couldn’t drink them, I had to stay kinda sober to get Tom home at the end of the night. Tom was slurring his words and I was getting worried he might pass out. Anyhow he called one of the ladyboys down from the stage. She was pretty and sat beside him in her red bikini. Tom started to rub her crotch, and she was kissing him. I figured I might as well give the beer to the girls. I called one over and told and handed her a bottle of beer, she called over more girls and before I knew it I was surrounded by 5 gorgeous bikini clad ladyboys, all drinking the beer. Then one of the girls pointed at Tom, I looked around, the ladyboy beside him, and her dick out, and Tom was jerking her. Then another ladyboy came down stood on front of Tom, and kinda leaned back against the back of the front seat. Tom, now openly giggling, began to rub her crotch. She quickly gained an erection, and pulled down her bikini bottom , letting her dick spring out. Tom took one look, and started to jerk her as well. This caused a lot of giggling with the girls drinking the beer. I thought the ladyboy that was sitting beside him would cum first, but instead, the one standing suddenly leaned forward, put her hands on Tom’s shoulders pushing him back into the seat. She leaned forward until her dick was just inches from his face. I was sure she was going to cum on his face, but Tom, even though totally drunk, had the presence of mind to lower her dick, She let out a deep moan, shooting her load all over his shirt. Loud laughter whoops and clapping erupted for the other girls. I realized that this performance would not be free. I asked the girl nearest me how much. She held up five fingers and said “Haa Roy” 500Bth. I pulled out my wallet, extracted 500, The ladyboy was kissing Tom. She stood, squeezed out he final drops of cum, looked over at me. I handed the 500 to her, she smiled nodding while slipping the notes into her bra, pulled up her bikini bottom and headed for the toilets. Meanwhile Tom is still jerking the other ladyboy. I noticed her ass rising off the chair I knew she was about the cum. She Let out a cry and went off like a geyser. Huge spurts of cum were shooting into the air. More clapping and whoops from the other girls and this time from other patrons of the club, who had lost all interest in the girls dancing on the stage. I peeled off another 500. The girl was hugging Tom. She pulled up her Bikini bottom. I handed over the money. She kissed him again, and scampered off to the toilets. Tom looked over at me, noticing the other ladyboys all drinking beer. “More” he slurred.
I shook my head. “No more, you’ve had enough for one night”.
I realized we’d ordered a lot of beer, I managed to catch the eye of one of the waiters, made a sign for the cheque. It arrived and floored me, we had almost spent 5000bth, add on the 1000 for the girls and it had become a very expensive evening. In the toilets I tried to clean off most of the cum from Toms shirt, we were lucky it was dark blue, which hid the stains. Outside we caught a cab to my apartment, and I just managed to get Tom to the end of the bed when he collapsed , face planting straight into the pillow, he was out cold. Pulling off his shoes I covered him with a blanked, killed the lights and closed the door. Next morning I had a headache. I popped two aspirins, and drank alka selzer. Later that morning, I was working on some emails when a bedraggled Tom, wandered into the lounge room. He looked like a Mack truck had run over him, backed up and ran over him again for good measure. He shuffled over to the sofa and collapsed. “Kelly, what the hell happened last night?” he croaked.
“You were three sheets to the wind, and then you jerked off two ladyboys” I pointed to the stains on his shirt ”That’s her cum on your shirt” I smirked.
“Jesus, I kinda remember that” he looked down at his shirt “She pumped it all over me”
“Yeah” I chuckled “And the one sitting beside you went off like mount Vesuvius”
He grinned sheepishly “It was a good night…er…I think”
“It was. Take off your shirt, I’ll run it through the wash”
That’s when he realized his shirt was stuck to his chest “Shit” he grimaced as the dried cum pulled out some chest hair. “It’s like superglue”
I gave him a bottle of mineral water, Alka-selzer, and aspirins. He fell asleep on the sofa watching an old John wane movie.

Beer and ladyboys, a combination that’s not recommended.

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Old 06-13-2017
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Beer and ladyboys sounds to me like a good combination.
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Old 06-16-2017
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Originally Posted by ila View Post
Beer and ladyboys sounds to me like a good combination.
I didn't even read that huge block of an OP post, but read your reply! :D
Def beer and ladyboys = a good time.
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Old 06-16-2017
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wow great story thanks for taking the time to post
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Old 06-16-2017
kelly kelly is offline
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kelly is on a distinguished road

Thanks I’m happy you enjoyed it.
Yeah, the story is a tad long, but I wanted to get the
details down. I’ve seen some crazy things in the ladyboy clubs,
those girls are definitely not shy.
It was a fun night, but Tom only has a patchy memory of what happened…lol

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