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Old 02-09-2017
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Default Just got my hair buzzed and shaved while tied to the chair.

He started by shaving the pubes with his special chair with stirrups and my legs strapped down and my ass open and exposed and he shaved my ass. Then he strapped my wrists to the arms and my throat to the back of the chair in a sort of noose and stuck a really big anal plug up my butt without lube and I cried. He buzzed my hair totally off I begged and pleaded to no avail. He brought his boyfriend in he slapped me around for turning his guy on so much. Then the stylest used a hot towel and lathered the stubble with hot shaving cream and used a straight razor, not once but twice and I have no hair left. OMFG my head felt so cold and funny. His fingers felt warm as he forced my head back and tied a tool that grasped my bottom jaw and tied it to the noose tightly to keep my mouth wide open and both gagged me. He and his boyfriend took turns and eventually the plug was pulled out with a little pain but I was open and ready. They lubed up their whole hands and too turns with my ankles still strapped and my legs spread to the point it was almost painful and eased their hands inside. I screamed but enjoyed it. then they took and laid the chair back and both took me. Now they have me in in a garterbelt with no panties and fishnets and a corset and a bra that accentuates my tits all black. My hand are tied in front of me and I have a brand new tat on the right cheek of my ass and it hurts.

They are letting me write this for now but is telling me that I am gonna be bound spread eagle on my stomach with my legs spread to the point of pain with my mouth ball gagged to the point that I can't scream. The say they will cum on my smooth bald head and in my mouth and cum in my ass. They tell me I am their bitch slave now and are gonna' tat my pubic area in the morning with their names so I will never be good to anyone else again. The also plan on tying me to a rack in the morning and branding by back between the shoulder blades with an iron heated with a propane torch.

LOL just joking. I did get my hair cut today but not like that. I never even lost any length.

How many got turned on by that little story? I would die before I let someone shave my head forcefully. Well. I would die before I would let someone shave my head without my consent. Wigs can be pretty cool and sexy but I prefer my own hair.

Kind of a weird story though. Huh.
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