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Sissy Spacek in “Carrie” This could be posted in several places. I’ve decided to post it here because of the fact she has been nominated six times for an Academy Award and won in 1981 for “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Using our definition of “Diva” she is both gorgeous and talented so she most definitely belongs here.

The movie itself is very disturbing yet awesome. Her mother is totally messed up and physically abuses Carrie regularly. It is hard to watch. To say her mother has repressed sexual “issues” would be an understatement. She, not Carrie, is truly the evil one. I’m still not sure if the part at the end where she has an orgasm as she’s being impaled with knives is horrible--or funny. I used to giggle at this scene as a kid. Also for a movie made so long ago the kids are really nasty. I mean really… God, the poor girl! Their treatment of her goes far beyond ordinary “bullying.” Especially the elaborate planning, “setting her up,” and dumping blood on her at the prom. I don’t blame her for burning the goddamn school down.

Anyway, seeing the movie recently, I was struck by how beautiful Sissy was. Doing some “research” I found out she was born in 1949 which would make her 27 here. Does she remind you at all of anyone else that I have a "major crush" on? Never saw it before. Her younger daughter would be about the same age. Her oldest daughter is my age. And she can sing too. Many other “names you would know” come up in the cast, John Travolta, Nancy Allen (should have had a major career) and P.J. Soles who I know as “Riff” from “Rock and Roll High School.” I like all of them. Too bad they are such shits here. But so is just about everybody else in the school. Carrie, next time just take me along as your prom date. I would have beaten their asses. Besides I drive a lot cooler car. We’d have a great time, then when we got back to your place you could just tell your mom to fuck herself (…but why do I think she already does?)

Of particular note among the cast is Betty Buckley as the gym teacher who befriends Carrie. She is in reality only two years older than Sissy Spacek. Probably best known for her role in “Cats” and the song “Memory” for which she won a Tony Award in 1983. I’ve decided she can be my “personal trainer” any time…
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