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Old 02-03-2017
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Default Why do transexual escorts cost more?

In my part of the world, time spent with transexual escorts cost about 50% more than cis-girls.

I wonder which one of the following is true?
1. There are fewer tgurl escorts - therefore they charge more because of the scarcity of supply, or
2. Tgurl escorts don't get as many clients as cis-girl escorts, therefore they have to charge more to earn the same per week.

TGirl Fantasiser and sometime lover.
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Old 02-05-2017
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More "exotic" preference...

Typical female escorts are a lot more,hence cheaper...
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Old 02-05-2017
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Supply and demand.

Ughh. I did this somewhat when I was younger and prettier and to be completely honest with you, the danger level is more up there for us than cis women escorts. We have to be a little more picky and have to trust you more than other escorts trust their clients.

But there are plenty of us if you are not picky. Some of us are in bad shape mentally an that is a shame. Some of us are drug abusers and that is a shame too. Some of us are emotionally broken too because we have been called sissies all of our lives or confused while trying to be actual guys. Sometimes we don't know your intentions and what you want. For escorts it is the same as with cis women. If we like you and can trust you then we will escort you to wherever and then it may lead to something. It usually does if the money is right and it really ain't as much about the money but how well you treat us and how much you are attracted to us. Kind of like enough not to expect sex at the end of the "date". Sometimes it ain't about the money though. I mean you are paying us to date you after all. As an escort it was my choice to sleep with you or not. But never assume with an escort because you are paying us to date you and Hooking is different. Not much difference but when it comes to escorts then what happens at the end of the evening is up to us and when you pay for a hooker then it is guaranteed.

So if I was a prostitute then guaranteed sex is a given. That is what you paid for. But when I was an escort which is more or less legal because you are paying me to accompany you at a function or a night on the town or whatever. but you are paying me for a date. If you force sex on me then that is rape and even though it may be hard to prove on my part it is still rape. I can give it to you freely but only if it is consensual. Hooking you are paying for sex, when you pay for an escort you are paying for a date with a woman. whatever happens at the end of the evening depends on you and her.

I don't know if that make sense or not.

As a matter of fact the T girls that somewhat passed had more business than the cis Escorts where I worked.

aguy makes a good point. We are mostly taller than cis women and definitely have better legs and way more exotic looks than cis women so... Plus a lot of people are bi or trans curious and think that paying is better than just dating normally. And then again some people just need to impress a certain group as being open minded and so on. So toss a three headed coin and see what turns up.

It is complicated though.
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Old 02-13-2017
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I would say most cost less!!!!
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Old 02-13-2017
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JamieTS is infamous around these partsJamieTS is infamous around these parts

Originally Posted by merelypink View Post
I would say most cost less!!!!
Oh yeah.

I would say that not all escorts are prostitutes and not all prostitutes will escort you "anywhere".

Let me try to explain. If I provide a service to you and you pay me for that service and that service is specifically for sex the I am a prostitute and that service is purely sex. If I am an escort which is purely legal BTW in most states and jurisdictions then all you are paying for is for me to accompany you to a function or a night on the town and just talking. You can pay me for that but sex I can not charge you for. Nor would I. Like a real date without money being involved, if I want to sleep with you and have sex then that is totally up to me. If I would charge you extra for that then I would be a prostitute that actually double charged you. Just remember that when you pay for an escort. Also escort you usually don't pay for a BJ or an hour at a time but for a hole evening or event which usually lasts longer than an hour. And I will tell you guys something and take this to heart. If you try and get sex from an escort and she may not want sex with you then it is rape.

Just because you pay for an escort, there is no guarantee that there will be sex at the end of the night. Some prostitutes claim to be escorts but... It is just splitting hairs in the eyes of the law. Just like in Vegas, prostitution is illegal. Escorts are not but it can not be a "pay for play" thing. I am not sure about Clark County in general or if it is just a Vegas thing only but there are "ranches, hotels, motels, and restaurants" all over Nevada but prostitution is technically illegal. So you have girls that are technically ranch hands, service personnel and house cleaners and waitresses.

Look. I will tell you guys something on here. Most if not all of you are so sweet and so respectable to us that all you need to do is go to a club that is frequented by trans women. Don't be scared. We don't bite... That hard at least unless you want us too. But seriously why pay for it when there are so many of us trans women out there that are willing to date you for free. Yes I know all the fucking drama but we are not all like that. Look I have had one night stands with guys that treated me like a queen that night and was a dick later. That is the same shit women go through. It's not because I was trans but that he was actually a dickhead. All women have to go through this. I have also had one night stands that he seemed like a knight in shining armor and the next morning I decided he was not my cup of tea and I may have made a mistake.

Look it ain't easy being trans and it isn't easy being attracted to trans genders. But there has to come a time when you have to say Fuck It, I am who I am and I am attracted to what and who I am attracted to and screw everyone else.

Look in all honesty, you guys here are the best. I would be honored to have a date with anyone here. No charge for sure.

But seriously guys, you don't need to pay for a date or sex even. Just date her like you would any other woman. And those of us that have come to terms with being a trans woman do understand how it goes. Dating is just having dinner amongst friends. It is all on you. If you want to date us that is great and we love it but if you meet someone that you know and you and I are just friends then we know how that goes too.

I mean it is OK to be gay if that is how people see you. Think of it like this. Bailey Jay is married. Sorry guys. Her husband has one hell of a sexy wife no matter what she has between her legs. She looks better than most cis women. Since she is so out there, it seems her husband don't care what is said about him or her.

So guys. Don't be so scared. If you are attracted to her then let her know. If you want a relationship then have one and to hell what anyone else has to say. They are not the ones that have to make you happy. Just you and who you may fall in love with. Another thing to remember is that trans women have all different political views and some of us are left, some of us right, some of us independent, some of us like my self are libertarians. So do not go up to a trans woman that you meet talking about voting for Hillary. Just saying because we are as diverse as the rest of the human race. I personally am a country girl and love being in the country. I also like the city lights but prefer a quiet evening instead of going out on the town. I would rather a NY strip or a Fillet and a baked potato instead of the finest steakhouse. I would rather dance with you in your living room or outside by the grill instead of on a dance floor of a club. That's just me and we are all different. I own three businesses and am a capitalist but take really good care of my employees too. I bet a lot of people would never expect to hear that from an LGBT woman with the emphasis on the T?

So just treat us like anyone else. We are not special other than we are trans. That don't make us so special either. We are all like anyone else. I will tell you I am trans. Don't make such a big deal out of it though other than treating me like a woman. Be proud of who you are and so on. You never know how much we may have in common. Or not.

Sorry for the long post.
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