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Old 02-25-2016
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Default New forced-feminization novel

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but I thought that you guys might appreciate this.

I've written a forced feminization novel, wherein the CEO of a failing oil company (reluctantly) poses as a woman in order to steal the plans for a revolutionary new solar panel from his arch-rival's company. The novel is an erotic story which features male-to-female cross-dressing, male submission, forced feminization, as well as oral and anal sex between a man and a feminized male. You guys might be interested in checking it out.

You can read portions of the novel at my website (just Google The Black Widows Holly Sharp to find it).

Once again, I'm really sorry for the advertisement, but I think that you guys will really like the book and I'd love it if it were to be read by people who will truly appreciate it. If you guys object to my post, feel free to delete it immediately

Here's a longer synopsis for those interested:

Solartech Energy's announcement of a new solar technology spells trouble for Brandon Rodriguez, the CEO of a major oil company not prepared for the future. With the company's cash-cow about to become obsolete and the stock price tanking, the board of directors have given him three months to come up with a plan to save the company. In huge amounts of debt to a loanshark, Rodriguez knows that, if he loses his $350,000 salary, he's as good as dead. Scared, desperate, and with no good ideas, the oil magnate stumbles upon an advertisement on the internet that might just be the silver-bullet to all his problems:
‘Solartech Energy: Executive assistant to CEO wanted. $40K a year. Stockings optional. Ready to assume the position? Submit your resume today!’


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Old 02-25-2016
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Default A small excerpt...

Brandon Rodriguez watched the lights go out in Solartech's offices from his car in the parking lot many hours later.

He watched the janitor close the door, and the light on the main entrance's keypad switch from green to red. The new red pinprick of light shone brightly against the night, indicating that the automatic locks were engaged.

Several minutes went by. Rodriguez waited until the janitor was long gone. Then, he got out.

Swing his leg out of the slit in his skirt, his stiletto made contact with the ground just outside the vehicle. Placing the other foot directly next to it, Rodriguez turned around and hit the button on the central locking remote. The lights to his Ferrari flashed behind him as he made his way toward the building.

Rodriguez adjusted the bra underneath his black business blazer. The only clean bra he had in the house was strapless, and it was killing him. The evil garment dug into his ribcage, restricting his breathing like an angry boa constrictor.

Arriving at Solartech's front door, Rodriguez swiped his card and the light once again changed. The green light lit, and he heard the lock pop. With some trepidation, he went inside.

The heels upon Brandon Rodriguez's feet clacked loudly against the stone floor, and he silently cursed that he had to carry out even this task in women's clothing. It was out of necessity, though: if Jessica Hunter was found in Solartech's offices at 2am in the morning, it could easily be explained away as her forgetting something in her office and having to come back. If Brandon Rodriguez was caught in here at this time of night, there would be hell to pay.

Rodriguez angled his eyes toward one of the cameras dangling from the roof of the reception area. He grinned at his ingenuity; the malware with which he'd infected Solartech's systems would be hard at work playing a loop of an empty reception. The surveillance guys wouldn't even have a clue that anyone was here.

Rodriguez looked down at the ruffled blazer and dress in which he was ensconced. He hated it all so much, but he did his best to ignore it and go on.

Brushing a lock of fake brunette hair from his face, he approached the dark corridor leading to the labs.

With some effort, he managed to locate Lab 18 in the darkness.

Swiping the access card he'd stolen from Jason's office that afternoon, he was granted passage into the room with no trouble at all.

The room looked much different than it usually did through the day. Rodriguez had gotten to know it well, having had to spend several hours there talking to that pasty little shit. Carefully, Rodriguez made his way over to the scientist's work computer. The whir of the busy fan inside it was the only sound in the room.

Rodriguez planted his generous behind on the seat in front of that computer and turned it on.

Using the password he'd captured from the keylogger, Rodriguez gained access to its hard-drive. Soon, he found what he'd came for: a folder entitled 'Potentia Blueprints: Sets A, B, and C'. Sure enough, there were several images inside, all bearing incredibly detailed plans of Solartech's groundbreaking new solar system.

Plugging in his tablet, Rodriguez extracted the plans from Jason's computer and sent them to Wu's email.

Shutting down the desktop and replacing the tablet in his purse, he shouldered that purse and made for the door.

Only one second later, however, Rodriguez stopped dead in his tracks.

A rush of adrenaline shot through him as his eyes met someone else's at the door.

Jason was there!

"Miss Hunter?" he asked quietly, shrinking slightly away.

"Jason," Rodriguez said, in an officious woman's voice. He tried his best to not sound flustered. "Hello. I thought I had left something here this afternoon. I came back to look for it."

Jason looked at the access card in the secretary's hand. "How did you get that?"

Rodriguez reflexively moved to hide the card behind him. "Uhh," he stammered. "I must have picked yours up by mistake when I left. My apologies."

"I saw what you did," Jason said.

Rodriguez's heart sank. He could have kicked himself for not closing the door! He was only meant to get in and get out; he didn't anticipate this!

"Who do you work for?" Jason demanded. The nervous little scientist was indeed quite astute.

Rodriguez ignored his question, and shifted his weight inside his uncomfortable heels. "How did you know I was here?"

"I couldn't find my access card when I got home," the scientist explained. "I came back with a spare to look for it." He came toward Rodriguez then. "I'll ask you again: who do you work for?"

Rodriguez's eyes darted hysterically around behind his eyelash extensions. He desperately searched his mind for a believable cover story. "Someone who's trying to help," Rodriguez lied.

"Right," Jason scoffed, with a surprisingly amount of personality for someone Rodriguez had thought was so crippled with anxiety. "Stealing my research would definitely help someone. You are no doubt from a rival company scrambling to come up with an answer to the Potentia. Tell me which one it is."

Rodriguez's entire body began to shake, and sweat poured out from underneath his wig. He wanted to kill this guy, right there where he stood. But, he knew that that would only get him into even more trouble. He'd have to reason his way out of this one somehow.

"I can't answer that, Jason," Jessica Hunter's soft voice responded. Slowly, she wiggled her way over to him. The woman cast her glance downward when she arrived in front of him. She placed her hands behind her back, like a schoolgirl who knew she was in trouble. "Please," Rodriguez implored him, raising his eyes to the scientist's. "I will do anything you ask. Just don't tell anyone that I was here."

Rodriguez watched the scientist's body still, and the gears start ticking behind his eyes. "Anything?" the scientist said after a full minute of thought.

Jessica Hunter nodded her head suggestively. "Anything."

Rodriguez wasn't quite sure where this was going, but, right now, all he could think about was saving himself. If Jason went to Slade or the police, it would all be over. He waited for Jason to make his next move.

Several painful moments when by, with only the whir of the computer to break the silence. Then, another noise was heard.

Rodriguez recognised the sound immediately. It was the sound of a zipper being undone.

Looking downward, the disguised Exlon CEO watched on in horror as the scientist extracted a massive schlong from inside his pants.

The white, uncut member hung limply out of his fly for a few moments, before pulsing its way to attention.

Rodriguez looked at Jason.

The scientist pointed at his 9-inch member, looking comically large in comparison to his relatively small body. "Suck."

Rodriguez froze. His eyes bulged out of his head at the sheer audacity of this little bastard. This little cunt actually wanted him to suck his dick!

A tornado of fury began to rip through Rodriguez's body. His willed himself to still as he entire body vibrated with shock and rage.

Clenching his fists, Rodriguez fought the urge to kill the Solartech scientist where he stood. Thoughts of tying him down and pouring lava into his eyeballs ran through his mind, and he breathed, desperately trying to will his anger away.

Rodriguez eyed the enormous member in front of him, and then fear began to replace the rage. His body still shook and he felt himself teeter on the precipice of having a nervous breakdown. For Brandon Rodriguez knew that he had no choice. If he killed the scientist, he would go down for murder. If he let the bastard go and he told Slade or the police, he would get jail-time for corporate espionage, lose his job, and then have to deal with the loanshark when he got out. This would be after the world found out that Brandon Rodriguez - the CEO of Exlon Industries - spent a week in women's underwear.

He had no choice, Rodriguez realised.

He had to end all of this, right here, right now.

This was the only way.

The only chance.

Slowly, reluctantly, Brandon Rodriguez dropped to his knees.

The scientist waited not even a moment. He came toward his boss' executive assistant, and shoved his dick directly into her mouth.

Rodriguez felt the uncut mass run up the length of his tongue and ram into the back wall of his throat. Then, the smell hit him.

The scientist's dick was the most awful thing he had ever smelled. Even worse, it was the worst thing he had ever tasted.

He would have rathered licked an elephant's ass than had another man's dick invade his mouth. This was truly the worst day of Rodriguez's life.

Even though everything in him told him he should try and get away, Rodriguez stayed.

He rounded his lips as Jason placed a rough hand on the back of his head.

Then, the nerdy bastard started pumping.

The Asian scientist pumped his hulking dick into Brandon Rodriguez's mouth again and again. Holding back nothing, he took out his anger of being used by this woman, as well as 25 years of sexual frustration, all on Brandon Rodriguez's throat.

Shivering violently, Rodriguez merely sat there, having to endure the massive rod ramming its way further and further into his mouth.

After a few minutes like this, the scientist changed up his technique.

To Rodriguez's horror, Jason shoved his dick all the way down Rodriguez's throat.

The Exlon CEO felt the rock-hard member succumb to the wishes of its owner, and felt it bend down into the depths of his throat.

The scientist left it there for a moment, his entire body still.

Rodriguez tried desperately to remove the dick from his throat as he felt the tickle come and his gag reflex being provoked. But, it was for naught.

The scientist left his dick inside Rodriguez's mouth until a loud, rough gag ripped out of the crossdressing spy's mouth.
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erotica, forced feminization, realistic gender change, shemale

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