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Old 11-27-2016
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Default New Orleans, LA, NYC, Houston, Dallas and anywhere?

Why would anyone travel to meet a trans woman. We are right here in the US too. Yes I know. In the early 90's with a wig I made more money in Korea as a trans bargirl and other things than Korean trans women. I was different. I passed totally in Korea.

I see a lot of people wanting to meet Thai girls but in their country the people know. Same in Korea, Japan, India and anywhere else. I would love to marry a successful Korean man and go back. I loved Korea and passed. OMFG I passed even without full makeup and wearing jeans and guys clothes because I had a shorter haircut (shoulder length bob back then with really fluffy bangs). I really should have stayed there though.

It seems that in a lot of places it is taboo to love and marry a trans woman. Well in the Us being gay is not taboo anymore and gay marriage is the law of the land. But being trans is still somewhat taboo. But with Jazz Jennings, Lavern Cox and Caytlin Jenner, not that much taboo but they still have haters though. I mean who can hate on a 15 year old girl like Jazz Jennings? Only ignorant assholes in my opinion.

I will name some names, Jazz but she is so young but still a pretty girl and girl is the key word. Amy Daley. Laverne Cox, Bailey Jay, Dudda And I Don;t Know Her Lastname, Nicole Bastiana or whatever her last name is. Bruna Butterfly, Beatrice Velmonte???? and many others out there and proud.

OK so take Jazz. She knew she was a girl from the beginning of memories. Me too. Her parents and godbless them understood but mine didn't. Maybe even couldn't. I was a freak of nature with gynecomastia and a small penis that is smaller than my thumb. I have legs that could never be men's legs and always got made fun of. Sparse hair and too much subcutaneous fat. The same with arms even though I trim the hair on my arms. My face is fucked up as a man's and I fucking have natural boobs. So much that I got kicked out of boy's PE class halfway through my freshman year.

There are enough of us anywhere that you don't need to travel to find. You just need to find us and where we are without fear of being hurt.
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Old 11-28-2016
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Default you need good luck although

you need to be lucky to find a good one.
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Old 11-29-2016
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JamieTS is infamous around these partsJamieTS is infamous around these parts
Default You just need to be you.

Originally Posted by girish View Post
you need to be lucky to find a good one.
You don't need luck baby. You just need to be you and go to the right places.

Please don't mistake porn for real life. In porn it is a "Fuck me hard baby" type of thing but in real life we are gonna' be shy. Maybe even more so than genetic women. We may not sleep with you on the first date or the third one even. Also most of us may not blow you in the parking lot or bathroom like you see on Jerry Springer. We may if we are drunk but no excuses because most of us you gotta' know. So if a girl wants to blow you and not let you at least finger her then she may have a little or big secret.

OK so if I go out with my friends to a regular bar if a guy wants to buy me a drink then fine. If he wants to flirt then I kind of shoot him down. I don't want the drama. If he is drunk or messed up and can't tell or don't care at the time then I will give him my number only. If a guy asks me if a am trans and still flirts with me then we can build from there but if he is way too messed up then, sorry.

If guys go to a bar that is frequented by trans women then they know. Then they can flirt and I can be open about it because after all I will not be the only trans woman there. Then I can decide. And yes we are still women so we actually hold your balls in our hands. So a one night stand or a short term or long term relationship we actually decide to let you pursue us or not. Then the way you act toward us we will either flirt back or dismiss you. I will take your drink though and thank you for it.

With Trans women it isn't about looks or whether you have a 6 pack or not. I can't speak for everyone else but it is about your confidence, security in your own masculinity and treating us like the women we are. So you can have all the muscles, look like brad Pitt(yeah showing my age a little) and possibly the hottest man we have ever seen but in the end none of that matters. If that hot guy is gonna' abuse me when he feels less like a man or belittle me for being a trans woman just because he is pissed off for anything or deny me in public then I would rather have the guy that has a beer belly or way over weight even, not so good looking in the face but will treat me like the queen or princess of his world.

There are plenty of us out there. Those of us that do pass can live in stealth. There are many of us out there that don't pass but they are women too. No more and no less.

Please don't let what I said persuade you in any way. Where I live I pass better than some cis women. If you go ask a cis woman if she is trans then you may get slapped or worst.

If you wan to meet a trans woman then do a google search for trans areas and trans bars and clubs. And then be very discreet when you ask. I personally always tell in "safe places" like trans areas and clubs. You are always welcome in trans clubs, areas and bars. Everyone is as long as they are respectful.

But like I said just treat us like you would any woman because we aren't all porn stars, escorts or prostitutes. OK guilty for 1 of those, maybe 2. but not everyone is so open about it and the better you make us feel about ourselves and your attraction to us the farther it will lead toward a relationship, either long term or short term.
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