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Old 04-01-2015
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Default Semi-official orchiectomy in SE Asia

Greetings! Hello

First of all, sorry for my English. It's not my native language and there are only few months of learning. Originally I'm from little Eastern European non-EU country - Moldova - but currently I live in Cambodia. I'm 25 years old biological male.

By self-identification I'm not male nor female, but something middle of the road. Well, ladyboy is good word, but best for me - androgynous agender. I feel so from early puberty, something around 11 years old. From 2009 I'm on antiandrogen medication, 150mg androcur each day. I did not use female hormones, because don't want to become fully woman-like, instead I would like low level of all gender hormones. I've decide to make next and last step in my Male to Androgyn transition: orchiectomy.

Currently I live in Cambodia. Here is no interesting options for orchiectomy. But one country nearby - Thailand - has a lot. I live in Bangkok for a few months in the past and find some interesting options for me. I need to say, that I'm not interested in extremely expensive foreigner-orientated clinics, which take astronomical amounts of money for surgeries: from 800 to 3000 US dollars for such surgery. Well, I think, for clients from rich countries from Western Europe, US-Canada, Japan, etc. it's OK. But not for somebody from Moldova or Cambodia. The middle wage in Moldova is 150..180 US dollars per month. For Cambodia the same. Well, I have a little bit higher wage, but still not enough. Even androcur medication, which I take every day, is VERY expensive for me.

So, when I was in Thailand, I have looked for - and found! - surgeons for local MtF, ladyboys, etc., not for foreigner. And I have found two. One offer to me 200$ for orchiectomy, the second even lower - 5000 Bahts. BUT! Both of them asked me for two psychiatrists evaluations, saying It's official procedure in Thailand. First, it would cost me money too and even more than surgery itself. Second, I am not sure about results. Because I'm not MtF, but have androgynous agendered self-identification.

Maybe you have some recommendations for me? I can visit Thailand, it's not far from me and visa isn't a problem. But I'm looking for surgeon for thai-locals, who would make orchiectomy for me without psychiatrists evaluations. Do you know such surgeons? Maybe, you can recommend one for me? If not, maybe you can ask your familiar ladyboys about such surgeons?

Thank you a lot!


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