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Old 11-11-2007
tux tux is offline
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Default Ps2 Exploit's

This knowledge is quite old.. Still wanted to bring it up.

In my country, it is legal to make a single backup copy, of all legally bought original music, movies and games... Short.. DvD's and Cd's.
Then it is legal to crack a copy protection, in order to be able to play the media, only if the protection prevents you from playing the media (linux etc.)

The reason for this topic..
Are any of you aware of the possibillity to use an exploit on your playstation2, in order to play a backup of your own legally bought games.. In order to prevent the original media from scratches?? Say, if children wants to play with the disks.

I am not talking about bootchips and so.. Only that you copy some freeware files to the memorycard, and trigger the software with an legal original playstation-1 game.. Actually, with this, you can have access to playing mp3 and avi from a usb-stick or harddrive...
Or using the playstation2 for streamed internet radio, or emulating the sega-master-system and super-nintendo, plus C64 and Mame.

For you guys, that have a slim playstation2, this exploit thing is not possible..
It only works on a "fat" playstation2.. The first Ps2 model.

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Old 11-20-2007
prague prague is offline
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haha, interesting take. Nice exploit, I am sure the law drafters had that in mind =P
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Old 11-25-2007
tux tux is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 39
tux is an unknown quantity at this point
Default Hmmm...

It's a way, of starting up, you'r own personal written programs for the ps2.
The technology in itself is actually 100% completely legal.
As for guns, knifes and explosives too..
All things and technologies can be used for illegal actions, only in some countries, it is illegal to boot your own personally programs, that you have programmed your self, using a playstation... Short...
Illegal to use you'r own ps2 programs, written for the ps2 on the ps2.

As for the ps2 slim, sony found this out, and they have designed the Ps2-slim, that this memory-card exploit thing doesnt work anymore...
For owners of the fat (old design) ps2, it is still possible to use mc-exploits.

As for law makers... Well. It is legal for me to make a backup, of my personally and legal bought ps2 games... :D
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