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Old 08-05-2015
Erte Erte is offline
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Default Collective "Choose your Fate" - Bound to Serve Tranny Cocks

So I thought I would try something new on here that I haven't done before. I like concoct elaborate shemale-sex fantasies and this time I thought I would share my most recent one with everyone on here. It's kind of a bizarre and elaborate fantasy, but I think it's pretty hot and it would be great if some of you on here could participate. As I'm writing this story I'll break off to let readers choose the next direction, which will be fun for me too. If no one is interested then I'll make my own ending and post it to the Stories thread, but I hope I'll get some responses from this! Just let me know how you want the story to progress and I'll tally any votes. Enjoy!
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Old 08-05-2015
Erte Erte is offline
Apprentice Ladyboy Lover
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 45
Erte is on a distinguished road
Default Chapter 1 - Introduction and Captivity

I woke up in complete darkness. My head foggy and my senses dull, I sat up quickly and looked around, desperate to recognize anything in my new surroundings. As I looked around for any clue as to where I was, I began to realize that I wasn't actually in complete darkness. As my eyes slowly adjusted I was able to spot a thin band of dull yellow neon lights embedded in the floor where it met the walls and the seams between the individual walls - I appeared to be in a small, square room, roughly 8 feet by 8 feet, with a tall ceiling. I stood up to search the walls for an exit, but tripped and fell forward, sprawling on my hands and knees. My feet didn't seem to be responding to my brain's commands, so I reached down instinctively to feel them. Instead of finding the soft skin of my ankles, my fingers found hard leather shackles binding my legs. Panicking, I again attempted to stand, but achieved only the same result as before. I reached down and began tugging on the leather cuffs, but they wouldn't budge, nor the metal chain strung between them - preventing my feet from spreading more than a foot apart. Giving up on the shackles for the moment, I got myself on all fours and began crawling to my left towards the nearest light strip, hoping it might lead me to a door out of this strange room and nightmarish situation.

Reaching the nearest wall, I ran my hands up and down the seam looking for a break in the smooth concrete-like surface. The wall was cool to the touch, like the floor, but appeared to be completely solid along the floor. Crawling again along the wall towards the left, I encountered the second wall, the wall which had been directly behind when I awoke. As I slid my fingers along the clear Plexiglass covering the dull lights, a jolt of adrenaline shot through me as I felt the faintest of breaks in the wall - a door! My now completely adjusted eyes confirmed what my fingers had told me, this section of the back wall had hinges. Unfortunately, however, the hinges did not appear to be on this side of the wall, nor was there any kind of handle or knob that I could find. That now-familiar surge of panic rose once again and I began pounding on the wall, screaming for help.

When no one came, despite having battered my hands numb against the wall and shouted myself near hoarse, I decided to examine the other two walls. I turned around to begin crawling back in the direction I had originally been facing, and was shocked to see, high on the wall, written with the exact same neon lighting, the words "TranSexpert 2015!"

In a flash, the events of the night before came back to me. I had been out drinking at a local cocktail bar with some friends from work. After a few failed attempts at flirting with the local talent I had gone home with the intention of checking a few emails, masturbating, and passing out. After logging on, however, I had been disappointed to find no new emails in my inbox, except for the usual trashy spam mails. Normally I would have just deleted them all and logged on to a porn site, but the title of one email made me curious - "Love Shemales? Are you a Tranny Sexpert? Take the Quiz and Win!" Tranny porn was definitely one of my favorite categories, and I felt confident in my encyclopedic knowledge of the shemale pornstars. After clicking the link in the text I had been transported to a different site where I had clicked the obligatory "Accept Terms and Conditions" box. The quiz itself had been pretty straightforward - participants were shown images of transsexual pornstars, but always cropped down to show maybe only her cock or tits, for example, and had to correctly identify them. Of course I didn't think this "contest" was anything more than a way for advertisers to promote their adult sex buddy websites, etc., but in my inebriated state I hadn’t mind looking at some shemale porn with an interesting new twist. I had breezed through the quiz, jerked off, and gone to bed. Now, sitting in this dark chamber, seeing the sign above me, I remembered the name of the contest - "TranSexpert 2015."

Was this some kind of dream? Why couldn't I remember how I had gotten here? Where was here, anyway? As I grappled with these questions, my eyes fell upon a small, dark spot on the wall in front of me, about 4 feet below the sign. As I crawled closer to investigate, I also noticed what looked like several small rectangular indentations on the wall at a slightly lower height than the dark spot. When I reached the wall I realized that the darker spot was actually a large button mounted on the wall. Hoping for the best, and seeing no other options, I pressed the button and stood back.

Below the sign, but still high up on the wall, a small LCD screen lit up. The light was blinding, and I had to look away, but that didn’t stop me from hearing the soft feminine voice emerging from hidden speakers.

“Hello, and welcome to TranSexpert 2015. Congratulations on your selection. Based on our selection criteria, we are confident that you can complete the TranSexpert challenge, while providing our viewers with top quality adult entertainment.”

Now that my eyes had adjusted to the brightness of the television screen, I looked up in time to see the image of a CGI male on his knees in front of two other figures. His ankles appeared bound, like mine, and as I watched in shock, the model reached out to meet two expanding phalluses of the other figures.

“The rules of TranSexpert are simple:

1. A competitor is placed in the Service Chamber. Transsexual Pornstars, placed in Pleasure Chambers, present Competitor with their penises for him to service.

2. The goal of the game is for the Competitor to bring all Shemales to completion, and to also correctly guess the name of the Shemale whose penis he is servicing. Competitors must do both to receive credit.

3. Competitors are aided in this endeavor in several ways. First, Competitors may earn one of several bonuses through skillful penis manipulation. “Clues” are self explanatory and may be earned through fellatio, or anal sex, while Light Time (a period of time during which both the competitor’s chosen penis, and the silhouette of the Shemale’s body is illuminated) can be earned through hand manipulation, fellatio, or anal sex.

The breakdown for value is as follows:
5 minutes with hands = 15 seconds Light Time
2 minutes with the mouth = 1 Clue or 45 seconds Light Time
1 minute offering ass = 1 Clue and 45 seconds Light Time

4. Competitors will learn Star Facts about their Shemale at 4 different stages: I) Dripping with precum; II) Fully erect; III) Oral sex; IV) Anal Sex. The higher the level, the more revealing the Star Fact.

5. Competitors may guess at any time, but an incorrect guess will earn them a 2 minute penalty fuck from our special guest penalty fucker.

6. Should a Competitor bring a Shemale to completion before guessing the name, he has one final chance. A failure at this point will result in a new Shemale entering the chamber, and Competitor will receive no credit for his work.

7. All Shemale cum must be received by Competitor on his face or in his mouth. Competitor may swallow or allow it to dribble from his mouth.

8. Only when all slots are closed may Competitor leave the chamber.

Good luck! And have fun.”

With this sign-off, the TV screen went black, leaving only the after image of the tiny CGI model receiving load upon load of shemale semen on his face burned into my retina. I felt dizzy, and a wash of fear crawled over me. I couldn’t do any of those things! Sure, I enjoyed shemale porn as much as the next guy, but only in the abstract; I couldn’t actually touch or suck or . . . FUCK one of those dicks! I was interrupted from my thoughts by a loud CLANG coming from the wall in front of me. Forgetting for a moment what I had just seen, I started forward – thinking maybe that was the sound of a door opening! Unfortunately, I had lost my night-vision after watching the instructional video, so I couldn’t see as I approached the spot where I had heard the clank. Shuffling forward on hands and knees, I felt something soft and warm brush against my face before I struck the wall. As soon as I made contact with the wall, three spotlights activated themselves, scaring me. Pulling back, and squinting through my fingers, I looked to see what was being illuminated. When I did, I knew that I was doomed. From out of three rectangular slots I saw the unmistakable shape of three soft penises resting atop three bulging testicular sacks. That warm, soft thing I had brushed against was one of these, and as I stared in shock I could see it still gently swinging with the motion of my contact.

Suddenly, loudly, a voice came over the loudspeakers. “Competitor has initiated Round 1. Competitor now has 30 seconds to select his first Shemale to service.”
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Old 08-05-2015
Erte Erte is offline
Apprentice Ladyboy Lover
Join Date: Nov 2009
Posts: 45
Erte is on a distinguished road
Default Chapter 1 (cont.)

30 seconds! 30 seconds to decide which one of these fat cocks I was going to have to … service?! I couldn't believe it, but my instincts took over and I hurriedly began inspecting the three cocks in front of me. The one on my far left, the one I had brushed against, the one my subconscious mind had already labeled Cock #1, was massive – far bigger than my own penis. It was pale, uncircumcised, and hung heavy on top of a nice set of shaven testicles. Wait a minute! – I thought, “nice?!” But I didn’t have time to challenge the adjective choice of my own subconscious – with one last look at Cock #1, with which I noted its almost elephant trunk-like shape, I turned my eyes towards the middle cock, Cock #2. If Cock #1 looked like an elephant trunk, then Cock #2 looked like a mammoth trunk. Long, brown, and sporting a little tuft of hair at the base, it too made my dick shrink in comparison. The testicles were shaved as well, and it too was uncircumcised. The foreskin on this one, however, was already peeling back, revealing a glint of precum glistening underneath. This one, it seemed, was awfully excited about this little game I had gotten myself into. “5 Seconds Remaining,” boomed the voice over the loudspeaker, jerking me out of my thoughts and forcing me to twist and inspect the third. I only had time to take in the third, foreskin covered head of a massive, bulging cock before the lights went out, leaving me with the dull glow of the neon strips to paint the faint outlines of the three massive cocks that awaited my attentions. The sinking feeling in my stomach was increasing with every second. Three huge dicks, and I had no idea where to start. Should I go with Cock #1, with which I had already made contact? Cock #2 that was glistening and ready to go? Or Cock #3, that I barely saw, but still looked huge, maybe even the biggest?
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