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Old 06-17-2008
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Default update interested or not

If you remember I wasn't really sure "how" my BF felt about shemales. Only that he had an interst of some sort.
Ok so I gave my boyfriend a half dozen shemale porn and one night before we went to bed I told him you can watch one if you want. While watching ,obviously it aroused him. So the next day i just came out and said there has to be more of an interest then just they are different. That is what he said. He is fasinated how feminine these "men" have become and that really the only difference is the fact they are packing well a package.
So I asked him what do you think about the men that have sex with shemales.
He said he thought they were bisexual. Is he maybe trying to tell me something? or is his interest just that in watching it? I know he would never leave me for a shemale.Oh one more thing, he said when he sees a shemale giving the guy a blow job he likes that because the shemale "knows" what she is doing. If a "man" with a pussy was going down on a woman, he would know what he was doing as well.
I am a female just trying to understand
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Old 06-17-2008
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I'm glad you are open to talking with your bf about his attraction or interest in shemale porn. Open communication is the key to a great sexual and non-sexual relationship. Approaching this with an open mind and without judgement can only be helpful to both you and he.

Do I think he's trying to tell you he's bi? No, at least not in the classic definition of "bisexual". I'm sure if you asked about his feeling toward men, even "pretty" or "femmy" men he wouldn't be into them. Most guys with an interest in shemales struggle with their sexual identity and usually come to the conclusion that they are, in fact straight - with the inclusion of pre-op trans women. Others will come to the conclusion they are bi, but can't "get into" most other men.

Without knowing your bf it's hard to tell what he's thinking/feeling when he looks at trannie porn. I'm trying to put myself in the place of a non-trans guy (it's harder than it sounds). Probably, he likes the idea that it's taboo and transgressive - he likes it because he isn't *supposed* to like it. It's the mixture of titilation and shame that's the turn on. If confronted with the opportunity to live the fantasy, he'd probably be initially excited and then bail. He'd bail because part of the excitement is that it's so far removed from his daily life and bringing it into his life in person would kill some of the "buzz".

I'd say you probably have nothing to worry about as far as him emotionally or physically or even sexually distancing himself from you. This is probably firmly tucked away in his mind as a fantasy. Like any fantasy, you can use this to enhance your own sex play with him - or leave this as something you don't share together. Like a tranny treat that is his and his alone.
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