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Old 12-09-2016
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Default Thank You Military Personelle.

Mods please feel free to move this if need be.

In Memoriam of supposed manhood and being transgendered.

Yeah I know the world seems against you at times. I know being masculine isn't politically correct at times.

I saw a show yesterday on NatGeo about Russian Gender roles. Why it always one exreme to another? I mean I have a penis but by any other means and psychology I am a woman.

OK So I did my duty as a patriotic American. If longer than four years I probably would have taken my own life. It was hard. Short hair and all the other masculine BS so you folks that do 6 years in the military have my respect and eventually you will ETS so please and I beg from the bottom of my heart please do not give up. It is hard. OMG I know. Thank you from one trans to another. You are sacrificing so many years of your lives and I really appreciate it. I only sacrificed 4 but have been there and done that.

OMG I couldn't wear two earrings in formation or on the job and said screw it and had to re pierce both again. I got drunk so I couldn't feel it and thank Gawd because the first time I was too young to drink. Yeah right.

Thank everyone in the military for willing to give your life for ours. I did for gays even though I was trans in the late 80's and early 90's. Back then it was only LGB and T was kind of off in fairytale places like NY and LA.

So I can be a Trans woman because you are protecting my rights and freedom according to the constitution in the search for life, liberty and happiness. I would have died for those rights and almost did.

So know everyone that is in the military and I know some of you are on here.. Thank you. Thank you for your total sacrifice. It sux to hide it, I know but such a great big thank you from me.

Think of this. Without you folks, guys and girls, defending our freedom to be who we are, we would not be allowed to exist. We may be pushed off of buildings, hanged from cranes and so on.

You may not agree with how I live but you fight for my freedom to live the way I want too. So Thank you and my prayers are with you either stationed in the US ready to deploy at moment's notice or at least sacrificing for what you believe in and that would be personal freedom whether you may agree with it or not.

I may be trans but my heart and prayers are with you to come home safe. You may not care for my lifestyle and I may not care for yours but I respect yours and you are fighting for my freedom to live mine so...Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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