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Old 05-17-2013
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Default Cock Kissing (Erotic Fiction)

Cock Kissing
by T.S.Severe
Codes: M/TG, Romance, Interracial-Asian, Docking, Oral, Anal
Venice has been looking forward to meeting her prospective Daddy-in-Law and when Mr. Williams comes knocking on her door, the transsexual coed is very friendly!

Cock Kissing

There was a knocking at my door and that was a little different. Most of the other kids who lived in the freshman dorm were out for the weekend, being the first real days of spring after a long cold winter. I was fixing to go out myself and I was just wearing a little black bra and some sheer red panties, sort of dancing around the room with Jared's boom-box blasting some Black Eyed Peas. I hadn't decided what I was going to wear yet and it was still kinda early anyway. Jared had told me he had a special surprise for me that evening, but I didn't know what.

"Hi!" I opened the door wide, thinking it was going to be another college student, one of the girls looking to borrow some nail polish or something.

"Hello?Uh?" The man's eyes practically bugged out of his head and I blinked at him, forgetting all about my more than casual attire. Or less than casual, if you prefer.

"Oh!" I smiled. "Who are you?"

"I'm, uh?Jared's father." He really had to tear his eyes away from me as he looked at the open door, which had our names on it, Williams, J. and Yongchai, V. printed on a neat little card.

"Oh, I'm Venice!" I giggled. "Come in!"

"Venice?" He cleared his throat and I was crossing the room to turn down the music. "Your name is Venice?"

"Yeah, well, sorta," I shrugged, sitting down on my bed and pointing at a desk chair for him. "Nobody can say my real name. I'm from Thailand, before. Now I'm American though."

"Oh. I see," he nodded and he was trying so hard not to look at me. He reminded me of his son when we'd first moved in together. Jared had thought he was getting another boy for a roommate. That's what the university thought too. We didn't tell them.

The man was handsome, like Jared except older of course, like forty-five maybe, with steel grey hair and warm brown eyes. Healthy too, not one of those terrible old men who let themselves go. Jared's father looked very nice in his expensive two piece suit and starched shirt. He even wore a tie, but it was loosened, thank goodness. That would have been too stuffy, even for a millionaire like him. Jared's family was rich. Mine grew rice and I didn't miss them very much.

"Jared went out to play some softball, I think." I pulled up my left leg, bending my knee and pulling the thin lace crotch of my panties tight. I think Jared's Daddy liked my small caramel colored body and pretty oriental face. Most men do.

I knew he could see my girl cock too, and my bra was unclasped in the back, so it kept falling off my shoulders, exposing my smallish breasts and hard brown nipples. I'm a beautiful girl, I know that, and I like being looked at a lot. I like being touched too. Teasing and touching and having my roommate's sexy dad right there in my dorm room?Oh! I felt kinda bad all over, you know?

"Oh, well, maybe I should?" he moved like he might get up.

"Oh no, Daddy!" I scrunched up my pert little nose at him. "You can wait. He'll be back pretty soon, I think."

"Ah?" the man licked his lips.

"You don't mind if I call you Daddy, do you?" I asked lightly, tilting my head so my long black hair fell across my left shoulder and I brushed it back with my long red fingernails. "Jared talks about you all the time!"

"He does?" Mr. Williams almost smiled.

"Oh yes!" I nodded happily. "I feel like I already know you and I kept asking him when I could meet you!"

"You?did?" He shifted slightly, the man's eyes flitting across my breasts.

"Oh, stupid bra!" I giggled and pulled my bra up so my nipples were covered again. "I just got little titties, huh?"

"Well?" he coughed into his fist.

"I think I should get bigger ones." I frowned, looking down at my breasts, which were all hormones and just barely B-cups at best. "What do you think, Daddy?"

"I think, uh?They're very nice," he smiled at me. "Venice."

"Really?" I bit my bottom lip. "You don't think they're too little though?"

"No, not at all," Mr. Williams shook his head.

"They're really firm though," I said, like I was arguing with myself. "See?"

I reached up with my hands, sliding my fingers under my bra and grabbing twin handfuls of my tits, sort of squeezing them for the man, pushing them together. It felt really good doing that and it made my cock twitch between my smooth thighs. I thumbed my nipples, just for a few seconds and they popped hard, like I knew they would. I had my puffy nipples very well trained!

"I, yeah, uh?I see that," the man agreed.

"But if you like them, I won't get bigger ones," I decided. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Venice," he reassured me. "They're perfect just like that."

"Okay," I giggled. "Good!"

"I don't think Jared ever mentioned that his roommate was, uh?Well?" Mr. Williams cleared his throat.

"A girl?" I smiled. "It's okay, Daddy! Oh! You mean this?"

I looked down at my panties and my girl cock was definitely getting hard now, pressing against the sheer fabric and making her desires obvious. I was nice down there too, my boyish sex just as beautiful and exotic as the rest of me. I keep myself shaved clean and spoiled with scented lotions that make my skin soft like melted butter and smelling of jasmine. Everywhere down there, especially my ass. I've always been very particular about my tight little boy pussy and I'm always fresh and clean and ready for a kiss.

"That's a, uh, a?"

"A little girl cock," I nodded happily. "Do you like it, Daddy?"

"I don't know, um?"

"Isn't it pretty?" I wondered softly. "It's not big or anything, but she's always so horny. I think she's a bad girly cock sometimes and I spank her."

"You?do?" the man widened his eyes and shifted in his chair.

"Just a little," I wrinkled my pert nose with a grin. "My poor little girl cocky gets lonely though, so maybe it isn't always her fault."

"I see?"

"I bet you have a big strong boy cock, huh Daddy?" I looked at him and the man's face reddened. "A big hard one?"

"Uh, well, not that big?"

"Oh! You're teasing me!" I pouted. "Can I see it?"

"What? You want me to?"

"No, I'll do it!" I smiled, sliding off the bed and crawling towards him on my knees. "You just sit there, Daddy. I want to take a little peek, okay?"

"But what about?" he looked at the closed door.

"Jared?" I laughed. "We have time, I promise."

"Ohhhh?" he breathed as I pressed my hands to his crotch, kneeling between the man's spread legs now.

"You do like my little titties, don't you, Daddy?" I gave him my almond eyes. "Or do you like my girl cock better, hmmm?"

"I, uh?whew?Venice?"

"Shhh?" I giggled, unzipping his pants and I found his penis hard as a rock. I pulled it free so the man's long fat cock stood up straight from his open zipper.

"Oh my," he swallowed hard.

"That's a nice big boy cock, Daddy," I whispered. "I knew you had a big one! Uncircumcised too?That's so nice!"

"Yeah, um?"

"Can I introduce him to my little girl cock?" I asked lightly. "I think they'd like each other."

"Wha?What?" He stared into my eyes and the man was lost. It made my tummy tingle with butterflies. He was even easier than Jared had been!

"Like this, Daddy?" I breathed, rising so I could straddle his legs, sitting on his thighs and facing the man.

I was close enough so his cock was right there close to mine as I pulled my panty aside. I was hard now too, although barely five inches long and not nearly so thick as my new Daddy's big penis. He was eight inches easy, probably closer to nine, and almost twice as big around as me! He was watching while I pressed my smaller cock against his, the undersides touching and rubbing. I used both hands to squeeze us together like that, working my fingers around us, pumping our cocks up and down slowly while I watched his face.

"See?" I whispered. "They do like each other, Daddy. My little girl cock loves your big boy cock!"

"Yeah," he swallowed thickly.

"Let's give them a kiss!" I giggled.

"A?kiss?" Mr. Williams hitched a sharp breath.

"Yeah?a French kiss!" I smiled and I pulled his foreskin up, over the swollen head and Daddy had a great penis!

"Whoops!" ~ God
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Old 05-17-2013
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Default Cock Kissing (Erotic Fiction) cont'd

His foreskin was long and soft, very supple as I worked to stretch it slightly, making the man breathe harder as he watched. I was pushing my own cockhead inside it, squeezing the small pink glans of my girl cock and relishing that unique sensation of another man's foreskin enveloping my penis. Not all cocks were good for that, especially men who kept their foreskin down all the time like mine usually was. Daddy was a man who liked to keep his foreskin up though and so the open tip was stretched nice already and I was able to get the head of my girl cock all the way inside!

"Oh damn!" Daddy blinked and I giggled at the sight of our cocks joined now, locked together with Daddy's foreskin wrapped tightly around my own cockhead.

I was sitting back with my thighs across his knees, our cocks horizontal, pointed towards each other and mated, or docked as some people like to call it. I like mated better, but it doesn't matter. We were cock kissing now and it was a great feeling for both of us! Inside that taut sheath of skin, Daddy's smooth glans was kissing mine, our pissholes open and touching, sharing our precum between us as we were both leaking our excitement. I love cock kissing a man like Daddy more than anything!

"Careful?" I sang softly, "?Don't move too much. We're kissing now!"

"Yeah?" he breathed and his hands were on my hips now, touching me, squeezing me gently.

"You cock loves kissing mine," I said, putting my hands on his shoulders. "Do you want to kiss my lips too, Daddy?"

"You're so beautiful. Jesus?"

"I know," I smiled, putting my fingers behind the man's neck, drawing him closer to me. "Slowly?Slowly?My cocky wants to love yours for a long time, Daddy."

"Yeah, Venice?Oh my God?"

We were kissing then, the man's tongue slipping past my parted lips, exploring my mouth slowly, gently the way only an older man knows how to do it. He had so much patience, it was wonderful and I wriggled my tongue against his, playing with him and giving the man soft little moans to let him know he was doing it just the way I liked. It was a long, deep kiss and even when we broke it finally, it wasn't complete. Our lips parted, but our tongues remained, touching and licking between our faces as we drank cool air into our burning lungs.

"Oh!" I giggled as my cockhead slipped free of the man's foreskin with a little flood of our mixed precum. "That's okay?I know what you need now, Daddy."

"What are you going to do?" he breathed softly and I was moving closer, reaching down so I could find my asshole with his slippery cockhead.

"I'm going to make love to you, Daddy." I kissed his lips softly. "I'm going to let you fuck me so deep?So?Ughmmm?Hard?Oh Daddy!"

I sighed, we both did, as his cock pushed into the tight hot depths of my ass pussy. It hurt and I winced, fighting to relax and let the man inside, but he was so big! I closed my eyes gratefully when Daddy took my small body in his strong arms and pulled me down onto his aching prick.

"Ahhh?Daddy!" I gasped as he was suddenly all the way inside.

"Christ! You're so tight, Venice!" He kissed me hard, losing his patience and I didn't mind.

It was time for real sex and the pain of his penetration gave way to the pleasure of his lovemaking skills. Daddy knew how to do it! He was fucking me good, just holding me on his lap, and I squirmed eagerly, wanting to feel every inch of him inside my torrid little ass. I clung to him like a child, moaning into his mouth and feeling the wetness of my tears leaking down my flushed cheeks.

Daddy kissed those tears away, grabbing my ass and then standing with my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He fucked me standing up, walking towards the wall and pinning me there, banging my ass hard and letting the whole dorm know that I was getting well and truly fucked by a real man! I'd never been fucked like that! I was gasping with pleasure and surprise as he seemed to go even deeper, lifting me with his hands and then almost dropping me it seemed, so that his cock speared deep into my bowels, hitting bottom and punching my delicate prostate. I was shivering violently and kissing his face with passionate fervor.

A few minutes later I found myself on Jared's bed, his father putting my long brown legs over his shoulders and smiling down at me as he rolled my ass off the bed. My panties were just tugged aside and my straining girl cocky was comfortably trapped beneath the lace. He was lunging into me now, my stretched ass pussy opened completely and hungry for his seed. I was begging for it with my eyes and lips and hands. His hairy balls slapped my ass hard, filling the room with a soft fwap-fwap-fwap to punctuate our heavy breathing.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my ass hard!" I groaned and then screamed, wanting to let the world know. "Fuck me, Daddy! Oh God yes! Fuck meeee!"

"I'm gonna cum, Venice! Oh! You little whore!" Daddy gasped. "I love you! Ah! Fuck!"

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!" I writhed beneath the man, clawing at his suit with my fingernails. "I love you, Daddy! Fuck your little whore! Give it to me!"

I was shooting hard, my little girl cock spasming almost painfully with the pure ecstasy of being so well treated by a man. I was spilling my cum inside my panties, staining them and then the man's shirt and trousers as it leaked through the red lace in a hot sticky mess. All the butterflies in my tummy flew through me, my heart pounding beneath my heaving breasts. I was in heaven, being fucked and cumming and loving the man who owned me so completely.

Daddy didn't care about the mess I'd made, he was kissing me again, stabbing his prick as far inside my tender eighteen year old body as he could get it. He was cumming hard as well, his cock jerking as the ejaculate erupted from his balls and filled my ass pussy with a wonderful warmth that was like nothing else in the world. He was sharing his sperm with me, his very essence and I accepted it eagerly with tears of joy and kisses of passionate love.

"Dad?" Jared's voice sounded somewhere far off. "Venice?"

"Uhh?" Daddy blinked hard and started to pull away, but I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, keeping him inside me as his hard cock continued to throb in my clasping ass, leaking his semen slowly now.

"Don't pull out," I whispered. "I love you too much, Daddy."

"Are you fucking my fianc?'?" Jared gasped. "Dad? Venice? What the fuck?"

"Fianc??" Daddy jerked and looked into my eyes and I smiled. "You're marrying?Jared?"

"I'd rather marry you, Daddy." I kissed him softly.

"I don't believe this!" Jared was about to have a fit, but I was just marrying him for his money anyway. I didn't love Jared all that much, he was too immature for one thing. Not really good in bed, for another.

"Are you sure?" Jared's father asked me. "You'll have to sign a prenup?"

"I don't care. I love you, not your money!" I sighed. "Just so you keep fucking me like that, Daddy!"

"What? What! Goddamn it?Venice! Dad!" Jared was stomping around.

"I'll fuck you like this everyday," Daddy promised. "Will you marry me, Venice?"

"Oh yes, Daddy!" I kissed him. "I'll marry you."

"Jesus Christ! You can't be serious!" Jared was punching the wall and he always did have a problem with his temper.

"Jared, I'm sorry, but?" I tilted my head so I could look around Daddy, "?I love your father."

"But you're supposed to marry me!" he pouted. "That's why I invited Dad down here! So we could tell him tonight! Not so you could fuck him!"

"Junior?" Daddy was still hard and he started moving again, pushing his cock back and forth inside my hot spermy hole, "?Go downstairs and wait in the car. Tell the driver we'll be down in?Twenty minutes?"

"Half an hour, Daddy," I giggled, wriggling my butt happily around that big hard cock inside me.

"Half an hour," he agreed, talking to his son, but looking at me. "Go on now. I need some time alone with your new mother."

"I'm gonna be a mommy!" I giggled. "You bad Daddy!"

"Heh!" He jammed his cock inside me hard and thrust his tongue between my lips like he meant it, and I knew he did. Daddy loved me and there was nothing we could do about it. I loved him too. Jared would just have to find a new girlfriend.

copyright 2013 T.S.Severe
"Whoops!" ~ God
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Default Just You and Me

There has been some interest in my doing more with the "Stephanie" stories so I have been using my Wordpress blog to try out ideas. Parts of the following excerpt from "Just You and Me" landed me in hot water with their censors and now my blog is marked as "mature."

Hope some of you on here enjoy it. Especially my friend Boner who really liked the first story. By the way, "Andy and Stephanie" are both 18...

…The night before the game the school has a big celebration for the team and we share a dance to Depeche Mode’s “It’s No Good.” The title is somewhat misleading. The lyrics reflect how we feel about each other, especially the line “It’s understood.” I love you Stephanie and somehow I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a very special night for us.

After the dance, we take off in the Chevelle. Stopping at a friend’s you change into a hot pink cropped t-shirt, a very short jean mini-skirt, lots of makeup, and 6” heels. Climbing in on the passenger’s side, you crawl very slowly across the front seat like a very sexy and beautiful cat. Sitting on my lap you kiss me aggressively, practically shoving your tongue down my throat. In a very sexy voice you tell me that you want to be my “slut” for tonight. Then, giggling, you kick off your heels and rub my crotch with your foot. Your long blonde hair is deliberately “messy” as if you just got out of bed. God, you are so sexy. We stop at a “Dog-n-Suds” drive-in and “Semi-Charmed Life” comes on the radio. You absolutely love this song and start singing along to it. Even after I tell you “it’s really about doing meth” you say “I don’t care, I love it. I want it to be our song!” You slide over and sit next to me just like you did five years ago when we went for a ride around the neighborhood. You lean your head against me and put your feet up on the dashboard giving me a great view of your incredibly long and sexy legs. We head way out into the country so we can be alone and before we have even had a chance to pull over you have your head buried in my lap. Somehow I manage to at least get the car parked safely. You lie back against the passenger door with your t-shirt pulled up and your legs apart. Looking right at me you say “Andy, there is something very special about tonight. I don’t know exactly what it is. Maybe it’s the memories I have of when we first met and that first time being with you in this car. Maybe it’s the excitement surrounding the game tomorrow. I just know that I am crazy in love with you. I want to fuck you so bad I can’t stand it.” (Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing about you…) You smile as you lie back on the bench seat with your legs up. Going down on you, I suck your beautiful 7" cock bringing you ever so close to the edge. You just moan and say "Oh God, Andy that feels so good." Then, "I want you to fuck me baby, I need to feel you inside me." As I enter you, I pin your arms over your head by your wrists as you struggle—the only thing you say is “Shit, Andy, I can’t even move. God you’re so strong…” "I'm not hurting you am I Steph?" "Fuck no, it's awesome!” Giggling you say “Maybe I should just let you tie me up..." and then later “Ooooo baby... Ohhhhh... Christ, that feels so fucking good...” You giggle as you bite my lip. Then you wrap your powerful legs around me very tightly saying “OK dude, you’re all mine now…" You turn us over so that you are now on top. Very softly you tell me "Just relax baby, I've got this..." We are both in peak physical condition and you ride me very hard. When we cum it's fucking incredible.

Afterwards we lie there on the front seat, you still on top of me, totally exhausted. You kiss me and say, “Omigod, that was so awesome baby!” We joke about how we might have to “spend the night there.” I say “I just hope the cops don’t show up.” Eventually I recover enough to drive you home. You call your mom on your cell phone to tell her you’re OK, that we just lost track of the time. Sitting next to me all the way back to your parent’s house, you lay your head on my shoulder and hold onto my arm very tightly. You don’t say anything but I can tell how happy you are. Looking at you I think back to when we first met and I knew you as "Stephen," the time you held my hand when we went to the mall, the rides on my dirtbike, the first time we kissed (you later told me that was the first time you had ever been kissed...), the night you told me you wanted to be known as "Stephanie,” and the time I told my mom I thought I was falling in love with you. I asked her how I would know. Her answer was "Andy, I think you do know." She was right. I do know. I love you so much Stephanie that I would give my life for you. There has never been anyone else and there never will be…

Copyright © 2016 AMS

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Default Roman Slave Story (Femboy?)

In another post I made reference to this story and began thinking that others might enjoy it. It is not my work (it’s much better… ) what follows are excerpts of my “favorite“ parts. The entire story can be found on the Internet. It’s titled “A Roman Experience” by “Prisoner.” While some might consider this more of a “gay” story, I found the description of the young blonde slave quite appealing. A fit, tan, long haired blue eyed blonde, with a “beautiful,” “feminine” face, smooth body and large cock? And who is clearly submissive? Shit, I’d fuck him in an instant! Of course the boys "owner," Marcus, is a former "gladiator" who won his freedom in the arena (if you know me, you'd know I think stuff like that is awesome...). Anyway, hope you like it.

The slaves, having removed the serving tables, were now erecting an X shaped cross where the tables had been. I don't know about the other guests, but at this sight, my own heart began to pound with excitement and now two more came marching out from behind one of the hedges. They held the blonde between them. He was still naked, but his ankles and legs had been unbound, and his wrists were tied in front of him. The slaves marched him over to the cross, untied his wrists and then pulling up on his arms, secured each wrist to one of the uprights of the cross. Once his wrists had been secured, they pulled his legs apart, causing his penis and balls to hang free between his legs, and bound his ankles to the lower parts of the cross. They then stepped away, leaving him spread-eagled.

I now had a chance to really look at the boy. He was powerfully built. His arms and legs were thickly muscled. Because of his bondage, they were straining beneath his skin. His face was almost feminine in it's beauty, his flaxen hair hung limply over his forehead, matched by thick flaxen eyelashes. His cheeks were touched with a hint of rose, indicating his youth. His eyes were the most startling blue color. They were a deep, sapphire blue, the color of deep pools of water. His neck, was not overly thick, but symmetrical, leading to broad, well muscled shoulders that were also straining with the pressure of the bindings. His chest was completely smooth, and lightly browned, indicating many hours spent in the sun. His nipples were the size of coins, and dusky rose in hue. His abdomen was rippled with muscle. As my eyes reached the platinum bush at his groin, I let out an involuntary gasp. Even limp, his cock was huge. His balls were also large, and hung pendulously in their sack, swinging slightly.

"Here is my wager," Marcus began to explain, "I will double the money you lost, or double the money you won. " the guests shouted and cheered, making it difficult to hear what Marcus was saying. He stopped talking and smiled, and motioned for the guests to quiet themselves. "Please, please?" he asked, "let me finish my wager." The shouting slowly died down. "As I said," he continued, "I will double the amount of your wagers if" he paused for effect, and the silence was complete, as each diner waited for the conditions of the wager. "if, you can cause this boy to cum" he indicated the bound blonde, "through torture," he finished. There was a momentary silence as he finished, to be replaced in a split second with roars of approval.

"Wait, wait," he continued, motioning us to be quiet once again, "there are conditions." He stopped again, and we remained silent. "Each of you must make the boy cum, using whatever means of torture you choose," he indicated towards the youth again and we looked to see his major domo setting up a table of implements. "But, you must leave no lasting marks, and you may not stroke or in any way massage his penis. He must cum from the torture itself," he finished.

"Very well, very well, who will be first?" he asked simply. I took a sip of wine, wondering whether or not Marcus was playing us the fool. There were eight of us. Surely this boy could not be made to come 8 times, no matter the stimulation. But, we were all pretty well in our cups by this time, and I was prepared to meet the challenge, and from the sounds of the others, they too were going to rise to the occasion. "I think you were the first to claim the wager, Tarques," he spoke to a Roman military officer seated half way round the circle. I did not know him, and looked with renewed interest in the possible tortures he might conjure up for our blonde victim. He stood up and walked directly toward the youth. He was not unsteady. Either he had not been drinking as much as the rest of us, or he was able to hold his wine much better.

Reaching the youth, he raised both his arms and took the boy's nipples in his fingers and began to twist and pinch them. "Hssssh," the boy hissed between clenched teeth. "Are you going to twist his nipples off?" I heard one of the diner’s question. "Yes, yes, twist off his nipples," a chant began from the diners. He released the boy's tits and turned towards us with a smile. “Now, what do you take me for, an amateur," he asked with mock disdain. The diners laughed at this retort and became silent, waiting with mounting excitement at what was to come.

"I have served in Rome's legions all over the empire," he started to lecture, "I have seen all manner of tortures, some that we inflicted on the barbarians to make them docile, and some they inflicted on themselves and on our troops as punishment," he continued speaking. "But, the race that has developed torture to a high art are the Persians, and..." he paused, like Marcus, for effect. "It is a Persian torment that I will visit on this lad to win my wager." He spoke with a booming voice and turned to look up at his victim. The boy merely sighed deeply and lay his head back once again on the cross.

First Tarques picked up a small whip, and we thought that he intended to whip the youth. Certainly a painful torment, but not really that unusual. But, instead, he took the handle of the whip and inserted it up the boy's rectum, and slowly he began to fuck the boy with the handle.

"Uhhhh," the youth moaned as he moved his head from side to side. His cock, however, soon responded to the pressure on his prostate, and began to harden. As soon as the cock had grown to its full length, Tarques withdrew the whip handle and tossed it aside. Then, holding onto the base of the boy's cock, with cock and balls held tightly by his right hand, he reached into his tunic and pulled out a long ivory rod. He turned to face us, holding the rod up with his left hand. "Watch closely my friends, at this Persian delight," he spoke huskily, his own excitement obviously growing.

He turned and then, slowly, ever so slowly, he began to insert the rod into the end of the boy's penis. "No, aaaaah, uggggh, hsssssh!!" the boy began immediately to scream as the probe pushed its way into his cock. When Tarques had inserted the rod several inches, he stopped and began to withdraw it. "Aaaaaaaah!!" the youth screamed even louder. Slowly Tarques pushed it back in, then pulled it out, and pushed it in again, methodically fucking the boys cock with the rod. The boy continued to scream, as he pulled fruitlessly at his restraints. He could not move his cock away, for Tarques held it tight with his right hand.

"Ah, aaah, aaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaah!!" the screams grew louder. Then the youth shuddered. Tarques stepped aside and held up the cock and rod for all to see as cum oozed out around the base of the rod and down the youth's cock-shaft. Tarques pulled out the rod, and a thick wad of cum shot up and spattered his tunic. "There Marcus," the soldier continued, wiping the rod off with a napkin and reinserting it into his tunic. "A Persian delight for your guests, and a wager won for me."

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Default TY

Originally Posted by a9127 View Post
In another post I made reference to this story and began thinking that others might enjoy it. ... "A Persian delight for your guests, and a wager won for me."
This is a very stimulating story, indeed.
Curious what the seven others are inflicting on the lad.
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Originally Posted by Boss View Post
This is a very stimulating story, indeed.
Curious what the seven others are inflicting on the lad.
Sent you a PM with a link. The entire thing is probably too long to post.
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Default Bobby (Part 1)

The following story was inspired by a drawing of a beautiful young femboy from a post made by man74tiop2 in the “Lovely Shemale Toons” thread.

“Hi.” I heard someone say while standing in the line for lunch at the Spring LGBT conference for teens and young adults that I help organize every year. Instinctively I turned around. “I really enjoyed your presentation this morning Dr. Andy. I liked what you said about being true to who we are. And standing up to bullies. That really meant a lot to me. I wish I had known someone like you when I was younger. I hope you don’t mind me saying that. It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Bobby.” “Nice to meet you too Bobby. Glad you enjoyed it.”

We chat a little and It turns out you will graduate this May with a degree in Sociology from one of the other Indianapolis universities. “Would you like to join me for lunch?” “Sure!” We find a place out of the way to sit because I sense that you want to talk to me privately. “You know Dr. Andy I’ve always identified as gay but I’ve always felt like a girl kind of—do you know what I mean? In your talk you said your first girlfriend was transgender.”

“Well Bobby that’s really up to you. However you identify it’s all good. Have you ever talked to anyone about it before?”

“Well I tried talking to my Mom and Dad but they just said I’d ‘grow out of it’ and my dad said he didn’t want to raise a ‘sissy.’ The counselors at my school weren’t any help either. My mom sometimes treated me like a girl but I think that was just to protect me from my dad. I never really liked ‘guy’ stuff. Like I was never any good at sports and didn’t like getting into fights or stuff like that. I heard you were like some kind of football star in high-school and college. One of your students said you could have gone pro. I hope you don’t mind me asking… How did you identify when you were younger?”

“As I said in my talk earlier, I always considered myself ‘straight’ but there was this one friend of mine I was really close to. His name was Stephen and we used to hang out all the time. He was an amazing dancer. He had told me that he wanted to perform on Broadway someday. Which he since has. A long time ago he transitioned and she has been known as Stephanie ever since. She’s the person I mentioned in my speech."

“You know I’m really a good dancer too! And I love music and art. I would have liked to have played sports like baseball or soccer but I never felt big or strong enough. Also a lot of the other boys called me names and said they didn’t want a ‘faggot’ on their team. And football scares me. I’m not like you—I’d get killed!”

“Anyway Bobby, everyone thought we were gay. Even my Mom and Dad. I was fortunate that I had a very understanding and accepting family. So did Stephanie. That makes a big difference. People talked shit about us behind our backs and I got into more than a few fights. In high-school, Stephanie and I attended a private school where everyone was a lot more accepting. We dated for a long time.”

“Wow. That’s awesome Dr. Andy. You said it was like 1992 or something when you guys met? I wasn’t even born yet!”

“I’m not THAT old!” I say laughing. “We were only like 11 or 12 when we met but sometimes I think things are worse today Bobby. I am truly sad that there are so many ignorant people in the world.”

“So, do you think I am gay or trans?”

“Bobby, you are the only person who can truthfully answer that question, but just having met you I think you are a very intelligent and thoughtful young person. If you want to identify as gay that’s fine. If you identify as trans that’s OK too. Or if you decide you are straight that’s also OK. The important thing is that you be true to yourself. No one else’s opinion but yours matters. No one can put a ‘label’ on you. Ever.”

“I’ve never really thought about it like that before Dr. Andy. Thanks.”

We both smile at each other and for the first time I notice how just how beautiful you are. Maybe 5’7” with shoulder length blonde hair and light blue eyes. You have a very pretty face. You are wearing a rainbow t-shirt and super tight jeans. You are very fit but not big or muscular. And you seem like a genuinely sweet person.

“You know I really do feel like a girl most of the time but I’ve always considered myself gay because that’s what everyone says about me.”

“Well it’s perfectly OK to be gay but only you can decide that. It doesn’t matter what others say.”

“Did you ever think you were gay Dr. Andy?”

“At first, yes. Stephen and I were very close. Our families thought we might be gay. I decided it didn’t matter…”

“What did Stephen look like? Did you ever kiss him Andy? And did you know I’m almost 22?” you say excitedly. Then “Sorry, I meant ‘Dr. Andy.’”

“You know Bobby it’s almost time to go to the next activity. This is a group exercise where each one of us shares our experiences. Good and bad. No one gets to say anything negative. You don’t have to participate and it’s totally confidential. I’ll be walking around to each group to observe.”

“I wish you were in my group” you say wistfully.

“Well maybe we can talk some more later, Bobby. It was nice to meet you.”

For the time being we go our separate ways. There are no rules against “dating” or developing friendships among participants unless a participant is a student at your own school, or a patient of yours, or under 18. You are none of the above. Still, I can’t help but wonder what an almost 15 year age difference would be like.

Later that evening, we run into each other again. “Hi Andy, (I noticed you left off the ‘Dr.’ part) I learned a lot about myself in those workshops. Would you like to hear about it?”


“Maybe we could go for a walk?”

“OK. But we will have to be back before it gets dark.”

Giggling you say “well I don’t want to keep you up past your bedtime…”

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Default Bobby (Part 2)

Continued from "Part 1" above...

It’s a beautiful evening. I notice that as we walk you gradually move closer to me. You tell me that you think you are more gay than trans because you still feel like a guy sometimes. But you realized that you enjoy many things that might traditionally be associated with girls and women. Also you took a ‘personality test’ that indicated that you are more ‘female’ than ‘male.’ You say that “maybe I’m just a femboy?”

You tell me that you have had only two "boyfriends" in your entire life and you add that you have always felt like the more submissive one in a relationship. Then you tell me about your career plans to be a social worker and counselor for LGBT students and how you would like to go back to school to get your Master’s.

Finally, you ask me about some of the other women I’ve dated and if I was ever married. You don’t think I seem gay at all and think it’s "awesome" that I had a male friend that I fell in love with even though I was very young at the time. You tell me more about yourself and ask me more about Stephen/Stephanie. Things like how we handled "haters" and "bullies" and how and when we really knew we were more than friends. The more we talk the more I realize we do have a lot in common.

Time flies and it has grown dark. I ask if you would like to go somewhere for dinner. You say “I’d love to” and we find a nice restaurant in Circle Center. We spend a lot of time just getting to know each other and by the end of the evening you have totally dropped the “Dr.” part and we are now just calling each other “Andy” and “Bobby.”

During dinner I realize I feel something for you that I’ve not felt in a long time. I wonder if you feel the same. We are both over 18 but I’m still not sure about dating someone almost 15 years younger. You don’t seem to be giving our age difference a second thought however and say “I’ve had a wonderful evening with you Andy. I’m glad we met.”

Heading out to the parking garage, you notice a black Hellcat sitting by itself. “Andy, is that yours? I love cars! It’s awesome!”

Opening the door for you, you stop, turn around, and standing on your tiptoes kiss me. “Thank you for an awesome evening Andy. I’d love to go for a ride in this…”

We leave the parking garage and get on I-465. “Geeze Andy the speed limit is 55 MPH. What do they think this is 1981? Let’s find another road.” We head out on Interstate 74 and I find a place where I know it’s safe to make a speed run. Pushing it up to just over 150 MPH (well under the Hellcat’s top speed) you say “Omigod! We’re gonna die…” and start laughing. After I slow down, you say “You know I was just kidding. I feel totally safe with you. That was really exciting. I loved it! By the way, where do you live Andy?”

I pause for a moment. Part of me thinks I probably should take you home. “In Zionsville. Where do you live Bobby?”

“I’m staying with friends on the Southside. I’m originally from Tennessee. When I graduate next month I’m getting my own apartment. You can come and visit me anytime…” you say smiling at me. “So are you gonna take me back to your place or do you want to stay with my friends? I really like you and just want to be with you Andy.”

We head up to Zionsville and turn onto my street. It’s late and the Hellcat wakes up a couple of the neighbors—a few lights come on. You find this funny and then as we pull up in front of my home you say “Jesus! What kind of place is this? My friend’s house would fit in your garage.”

After I help you out of the car, you put your arms around my neck and we kiss for a very long time. When we separate, you look up at me and say “Andy, I’m 21. Not 14… You of all people should understand what I’ve been through my entire life. I’ve had to do more growing up than most people twice my age.”

We kiss again and I pull you close to me. I can feel your cock through your jeans as you rub up against me. You are a great kisser and it’s a while before we come up for air.

“Let’s go inside Bobby.”

“Well duh…” you say giggling. “I thought maybe you wanted to do it on the front lawn. We could put on a real show for your neighbors!”

Going up the staircase you say “how many bedrooms does this place have anyway?”


“So which one is yours?”

“Through those double doors.”

Standing by the bed you pull your t-shirt over your head as I unzip your jeans. You slip them off and I remove your panties. We make out for a while. Just taking our time. We run our hands all over each other’s bodies and I kiss and massage your nipples. Your cock is only about 5”. I suck and tease you ever so slowly as you lay back on the bed. You moan as I finger you gently while I continue to suck your beautiful cock.

Your body is absolutely gorgeous. Toned and athletic. When you are ready, you pull your long sexy legs up so I can enter you more easily. Fucking you is every bit as wonderful as I had imagined. You don’t take very long to come and I shoot my load inside you seconds later.

Relaxed, we just lay there. You look at me and smile. “Andy that felt so good. I’ve never had sex like that before. It’s always been from behind and so quick it’s over with in seconds. Sometimes I don’t even come. You are the first guy that ever really made love to me.”

Holding you next to me we fall asleep. Waking up the next morning, I notice that you are already out of bed. Your clothes are still on the floor. Heading downstairs I smell something good cooking. You have on one of my bathrobes and are making breakfast for us. “My Mom taught me. Hope you like it sweetie!”

I put my arms around you from behind and kiss you as you lean your head back. “Stay here with me Bobby.”

“I’m not planning on going anywhere Andy. By the way what’s that heavy bolted metal door in your den for?”

“Oh it’s just a ‘tornado shelter’ you know how bad Indiana weather can be…”

“Yeah I bet it is Andy…” giving me a “knowing” look and smile. “You will have to show me around down there sometime…” you say giggling.

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Default Grad School

Returning home from giving exams, I look around the house for Bobby only to find she’s out back sunning herself. Today was about 85 F and perfect. Walking across campus all I could think about today was her.

“Hi gorgeous…” I say. “How was your day?”

“It was really good Andy, I got accepted into a Master’s program in Sociology at UIndy and also found a couple jobs working with LGBT youth this summer. Maybe when you have time you can go with me to check them out. Everyone seemed to know you.

“Well you know Bobby I think it’s wonderful that you want to do something like that. I’m really proud of you sweetie. You know I’ll help you out financially and of course you can stay with me. I’m sure you can get a scholarship too. That's something I can help you apply for. You’ve certainly got the grades for it.”

“You know Andy I was thinking a lot about how I identify myself. Remember how I told you at first I thought I was gay, then maybe a ‘femboy’, then I started thinking about how I’ve always felt more like a ‘girl.’”

“I love you no matter how you identify Bobby.”

“I know that Andy. The first time we ever made love I really felt like a woman. And the way we snuggled up like we were a couple afterward. I loved just being close to you. It was SO much more than the sex which was great. You know I don’t have a lot of experience. While you were gone today I was thinking that I feel more like your ‘girlfriend’ than anything else."

“It’s something that only you can decide Bobby. I told you when we first met it’s all good.”

“Yeah but I’ve always had a feminine side. I guess being with you brings it out more.”

“Don’t worry about rushing to judgment. Everything will fall into place in time, baby.”

“I was actually thinking of changing my name to ‘Bobbi’.” Would you like that?

“Yeah. Its whatever YOU want to do. But yes I think it’s cute.”

I notice that you are wearing a hot pink bikini and since we’ve been together you’ve been letting your blonde hair grow longer. I also detect a hint of mascara and cheek blusher. You look totally hot. Your lightly tanned body with just a thin coat of lotion looks SO sexy.

“Andy, would you rub some lotion on my back?”

“Sure, baby.”

“While you lay face down on the lounger I gently rub the lotion onto your shoulders. Gradually I work my way down to your ass and legs. You moan and say “OOOOOhhhh that feels so good.”

You turn over onto your side as I lean over and kiss you. You say, “I love you Andy.”

“I love you too Bobbi.”

Through your tiny pink bikini panties, I can see your erection straining for release. And your nipples are very hard. You have perfect small natural breasts. God you are so beautiful. As we kiss again I put my hand on your thigh and gradually run it up your leg until I’m massaging your cock through your panties. Your skin is so smooth. Pulling your panties down, your cock is free to grow to its full length and slowly I begin to suck you very gently and teasingly.

“Don’t’ stop baby” you say breathlessly. “I wasn’t planning on it sweetie” I say giggling slightly.

“We better get on the blanket Andy. I don’t think this lounge will hold both of us” you laugh.

Sliding down onto the blanket you stretch out so I can access every part of you. Stroking your cock ever so slowly I kiss and lick your amazing body all over. I can’t believe how fit you are. Your breasts, your thighs, your tummy, and of course your cock get the most attention. Occasionally we pause for a very long kiss. “God Andy, I’m not sure I can stand this much longer. Next time you might have to tie me up in your ‘tornado shelter’ you giggle.

“Oh. So that’s what you think is down there…” I say trying not to laugh. I knew you were too smart to fall for that “tornado shelter” explanation.

“Andy, I’m not very experienced but can I try something?”

“Sure, baby.”

Taking my cock in your mouth you begin to suck me off. For someone who says she doesn’t think she knows what she’s doing you seem like an expert.

Soon I’m the one that’s begging to cum!

Turing over on your back you look me in the eyes and say “Fuck me baby…”

Entering you gently, I go very slowly at first. You seem to know exactly what to do and soon I explode inside of you while your cute little cock spurts onto your tummy. Afterwards I lick it all off.

“I love you Bobbi.”

“I love you too Andy.”

“Are you still worried about our ‘age difference’ Andy?”


“That’s good baby.”

“Let’s go get cleaned up then have dinner then later we can look over the letter of acceptance to grad school you received. I’m so proud of you Bobbi!”

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Default What Do You Mean it's a "Tornado Shelter"?

Along one wall of my den behind my desk is a heavy steel door. I tell most of my friends that it’s a “tornado shelter” and leave it at that. Here in the United States especially the area called “tornado alley” it’s not uncommon for people to have such a safe haven. Indiana is just East of this area but gets quite a few tornadoes, some of which are F4’s and even F5’s. Today, in fact, as I’m writing this, we had a tornado warning just south of Zionsville and about 10 minutes ago, hail.

“Andy, you said you’d show me what’s behind the door. I’d love to see it” Bobbi says excitedly.

“You sure you want to sweetie?”

“Yeah. You know I’ve already figured it out, baby.”

“OK. But it’s totally up to you. If you don’t like it that’s alright. You know I love you. So whatever, it’s OK.”

Opening the door I turn on the lights, they are dim. You follow me downstairs cautiously. You have total trust in me but I can tell you are a little apprehensive, and clearly excited. You are wearing very short cutoff jeans and a grey t-shirt cropped off just below your breasts. And you are barefoot.

“Geeze Andy, I’ve never seen anything like this before except in videos. Is this where you bring your dates?” you say giggling.

“Well not everyone likes this kind of thing. I’m not into pain or torture but I enjoy tying my partners up and keeping them on edge, sometimes for hours. You know Bobbi if you want to go back upstairs we can.”

“No Andy. I’m kind of turned on by it. Even when I was very young, I’ve always fantasized about being held captive by a powerful lover who would do whatever he wanted to me—but not someone who would ever hurt me. Do you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I do Bobbi.” I say as you run your hand along the edge of a heavy oak table with wrist and ankle restraints. I can see the outline of your now very hard cock under your shorts.

“You know, Andy, I was with someone when I was still a teenager who tied me up and was really rough with me. At first, I thought it would be awesome but he wouldn’t stop and then started to hurt me. I got really scared and have never tried this with anyone ever since.”

“Well that person was a real creep Bobbi. He’s lucky I didn’t get ahold of him. He should probably be in jail.”

Laughing you say “Ohmigod! He’d fucking shit his pants if he saw you. You’re more than twice his size.”

“If you ever do decide you want to try any of this stuff we can--if not I understand. I love YOU Bobbi. I’ve totally enjoyed our last few weeks together. I meant what I said when I asked you to stay here with me. Our relationship is SO much more than this.”

“I love you too Andy. What do you think about this chair? I’d let you strap me in if you wanted. I trust you totally baby” you say as you stand up on your tiptoes and kiss me.

“Why don’t we do this, Bobbi? Have a seat and get used to how it feels--I won’t do anything unless you tell me too. OK?”

You sit in the bondage chair and place your arms and legs as if you are strapped in. “Wow I didn’t know my legs would be so far apart!” you giggle. “It actually IS kind of a turn on Andy. Kiss me baby.”

I lean over and kiss you very deeply. You kiss me back and our tongues are all over the inside of each other’s mouths. Reaching down I run my hands up your thighs, lightly stroking your cock through your shorts. I can feel it react to my touch as you let out a moan. Then I run both my hands up under your t-shirt and play with your nipples massaging them gently. Then we kiss again. You look up at me and smile.

“Andy, that feels wonderful. You can strap me in anytime…”

Gently, very gently, I fasten all of the straps. Along the way I pause and ask you if everything’s all right.

“God yes!” you say excitedly.

Soon you are tightly strapped in and I unzip your jeans as your very hard cock springs out. I can see there is a lot of precum. I kiss you on the mouth as I run my hand along the shaft ever so lightly stroking the head of your cock with my fingers. You say “Oh fucking god… that feels SO good, Andy.”

“Well I’m just getting started baby.”

“Shit, I guess I’m really in for it aren’t I?” you say laughing.

“Yeah you are, but you do know you have the power to say ‘stop’ at any time Bobbi.”

“Why would I ever want to Andy?”

Kneeling before you I slowly start to suck you off. I bring you teasingly close to cumming then back off ever so slightly. After a while I can tell you are really frustrated as the tension builds. LOL

You have been desperately trying to come but to no avail. Pausing for a second I look up at you. You are drenched in sweat and all your muscles are straining against the straps. Our eyes meet. It’s time. God you are beautiful Bobbi.

Returning to your cock I continue to suck you using a slow and steady motion. Gradually I can feel your orgasm building until you literally explode into my mouth. I swallow all your cum. Your back arches as you pull against your bonds. I have been masturbating while sucking you and my own orgasm is very powerful but brief. Still on my knees I collapse between your legs onto your lap. You lay back against the chair and sigh. Your breathing is very relaxed.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before Andy. Wow. Do you have anything where you could fuck me while I was like maybe tied to a torture rack or something?”

“Yeah sure Bobbi, that would be awesome.”

“Andy, I’m not scared with you. That was amazing. I think I’d let you kill me if you wanted.”

Laughing I say “Well I wouldn’t go THAT far but I’m really glad you liked it baby.”

After undoing the straps. We hold each other for the longest time. I kiss you on top of your head and stroke your long blonde hair. “God I feel so close to you, Andy. I guess I really am your girlfriend aren’t I?” you say as you hug me very tightly.

We take a shower together downstairs and put on two of the extra bathrobes I keep for guests. We lay on the couch and watch TV for a while. We are both very tired and soon we have fallen asleep, you on top of me.

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Default Meeting Her Parents

It had been a long day for both of us. I had to visit several clients as well as work very late on my grading and you, having just finished your final exams, started working as a counselor at the youth center. Worn out, we go to bed, kiss and say goodnight.

Rolling over onto my side and half asleep I hear “Andy? What do you think about our relationship?”

Never sure exactly how to answer this question correctly—usually whatever answer I give is always the “wrong” one… LOL. So I just say “I love you Bobbi you mean everything to me.”

“I love you too Andy but what do you think about us?”

“What do you mean Bobbi?”

“Well… do you remember when we first met, I asked you if you thought I was gay or trans.”

“Yeah. But that’s for you to decide. No one else can label you. I love you the same Bobbi no matter how you identify.”

“I know that Andy. But how do YOU see me? Do you think I’m a gay guy? Or maybe a femboy?”

Fully awake now I realize we aren’t going to be going to sleep, at least for a while. Besides I know how important this issue is to you so I say “Bobbi you asked me how I felt about you. You can identify as whatever gender you choose, dress however you want, hang out with whatever friends you want. But I see you as a beautiful, extremely intelligent, caring, loving, young woman.”

“You don’t think I’m gay?”


“Would it matter to you?”


“What if I told you I really was gay?”

“Then I guess we’d both be gay. Because I’m in love with you Bobbi. I think you’re totally hot. So that would make us gay lovers.”

“I love you so much Andy” you say while snuggling close and then kissing me.

“Can I ask you something else Andy?”


“Would you meet my family?”

“Yeah. Like when?”

“Like next weekend? My Mom and Dad said they wanted to have us over for dinner. I’ve told them a lot about you. My Dad is a big college football fan. He said he saw you play in the Rose Bowl in the early 2000’s. He told me you were awesome. I’m too young to remember it. Sorry!”

“Gee thanks for reminding me how old I am…” I say laughing.


“Yeah Bobbi?”

“Well since we’re up you know what I was thinking?”

“Probably the same thing I was.”

You look up at me. Then you slide the straps of your nightgown over your shoulders baring your beautiful breasts. Saying nothing, you just lie back, look at me, and smile. We kiss and make out for a long time then using a little lube I gently massage your prostate. When you are ready, I enter you and we fuck each other slowly and gently. We take our time just enjoying each other. I think your little cock is so cute when it spurts onto your tummy. Our orgasms are relaxing and afterward we just lie there snugging and kissing.

Next Sunday afternoon we head over to your parents for dinner. I am a little nervous about meeting them. You told me I had nothing to worry about but still it’s just one of those things.

We take the Hellcat. I just hope your Dad doesn’t work for Ford. LOL Your Mom meets us at the door. Bobbi introduces me and her Mom is very friendly. “I’ve heard so much about you, Andy!” she says.

Her Dad is in the living room watching football. “He extends his hand and says “Nice to meet you Andy. Maybe you can tell me what is wrong with these Colts!” “A lot” I say laughing. “Where do you want to begin?”

Her Mom says “Bobbi was telling us how you two met. Ohmigod! The way she talks about you!”

I noticed that her Mom called her “she.” I take that as a good sign.

Her Dad ads “Bobbi used to be a ’tomboy’ We never knew whether he wanted to be a guy or a girl.” Umm… unfortunately this is NOT a good a sign. I don’t like hearing anyone referring to Bobbi (or any transwoman) using a male pronoun. “He could fight though. Once I saw him deck this bully that called him a ‘faggot.’ I still don’t understand much about this transgender stuff. That Olympic guy on TV—Bruce or ‘Caitlyn’ or whatever became a girl so I guess maybe that what’s happening to Bobbi. You know a lot more about this stuff than we do.”

Her Dad continues, “Whatever Bobbi is we still love him. We are glad he met someone. There used to be all kinds of weirdos hanging around.”

“Daddy! Those were my friends from the LGBT group at school! They were NOT ‘weirdos’!”

“Well Andy looks like a nice young man to us. And he’s successful in business and obviously very smart. Look at the car he drives. I dunno, he must think of you as a ‘girl’ Bobbi because he sure as hell doesn’t seem gay to me.”

I don’t say anything. Even though I’m offended I’m trying my best not to laugh. Bobbi looks at me and rolls her eyes as if to say “See what I had to put up with?”

There will be lots of time for me to talk to her Mom and Dad after we get to know each other better. I’m crazy in love with their daughter and I don’t want to mess this up with an argument right now. When the time is right, we’ll have a talk. I guarantee it.

In the kitchen, her Mom says to me “So you and Bobbi really like each other? I always did think Bobbi was different somehow. If she didn’t have a well… you know… I’d swear she was a ‘real girl.’ Even when she was little.” I cringe when Bobbi’s Mom uses the phrase “real girl.” “She’s a really sweet person I’m sure you know by now. As her Dad says we don’t really understand exactly what ‘transgender’ is. All we know is what we’ve seen on TV. But I think that’s what is going on with Bobbi. And I know she cares about you very much. So tell me, are you ready for all of this Andy?”

Bobbi comes into the kitchen, kisses me, then holds onto my arm tightly. Her back stiffens and she looks her Mom right in the eyes. “Mommy, you and Daddy have known I was this way for years. I know you have always loved and supported me even though you didn’t understand fully what was going on. Many people in our society still don’t. What if I had been born a genetic girl? You’d love me as your daughter. Well--think about it. I AM a girl! And I’ve met someone I’ve fallen in love with. This weekend I wanted you to meet Andy and get to know him. He’s very special to me. I love you Mommy and I want you and Daddy in my life also. But you are going to have to accept that this is who I am.”

Dinner is ready and we go into the dining room. With a lot of the awkward stuff out of the way, our conversation goes much better. We talk about many things and her Mom and Dad actually seem very nice. I don’t think Bobbi’s parents are bad, like many people, they just don’t understand. It turns out Bobbi wasn’t kidding; her Dad is a big sports fan and follows college football. He has seen me play several times on TV and once even took Bobbi as a little kid to see us play. He even remembered the interception I returned for a touchdown that day. He had always hoped Bobbi would grow enough to play football in high school. I bet he never realized his future son in law was the starting middle linebacker in that game. Strange how stuff works out.

After getting to know me better, and after realizing just how much in love we are, Bobbi’s parents seem to be more accepting of her as a female. And us as a couple. I think like many things this will just take time. Overall, I had a nice evening and think I won her parents over. But we will still have our “talk” one of these days. I can’t let some of the things that were said go unchallenged. Just think of it as “educational.”

After dinner Bobbi and I go for a walk in the woods behind the house. “I hope you didn’t mind my Dad. He just doesn’t ‘get it’ Andy. My Mom sort of does but it would be easier for her if I had just been born a genetic female. She really wanted a daughter. I know how it appeared but they really do love me. And they didn’t know at first exactly what to make of you. You really gave them something to think about. A six-foot-four former college football hero, successful teacher and businessman, who has been married twice to ciswomen, falling in love with their ‘son the sissy’ and acting like there’s nothing unusual about it. How fucking crazy that must have been to them!” Then you start laughing so hard.

“I’m glad I met you Andy. I really mean that. Did you know I used to play in these woods as a little kid? I always was ‘Sheena’ or ‘Wonder Woman’ or ‘Supergirl’ or ‘Lara.’ I could climb that big tree over there. See?” There is a full moon. The moonlight makes your beautiful eyes look almost surreal. You put your arms around my neck and say “I love you Andy.”

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Default A True Experience

Went overseas on business recently. Have read so much about other’s experiences with escorts decided to try it myself. While I was there, I met this incredibly beautiful girl in a bar and took her back to my hotel room for a night of wild, unprotected, amazing sex.

The next morning, when I woke up, she was gone. A few days later my cock became inflamed and started to itch. By the next day it had turned black and looked infected.

The first doctor I went to said “Very, very, bad. Cock will need to be cut off!”

Thought to myself, “No way! I need to get a second opinion.”

Went to see another doctor. He said “That is absolutely the worst case I’ve ever seen. We must cut your cock off right now!”

Again, I didn’t like that diagnosis either, so I went to see a third doctor.

After a thorough examination, the third doctor said “Not a problem. Take two asprin. Wait a day. Cock will fall off all by itself."
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Default Well What Did You Think Would Happen?

Continued from the story “Meeting Her Parents”…

“I love you too Bobbi.”

The night is warm and the beautiful moonlight makes everything seem magical. Your parents’ live way out in the country so there’s not anyone else around for miles. And they long ago went to bed. So it’s like the two of us are the only people on earth.

We kiss and make out for the longest time. I can feel your hard little cock as your body presses up against mine. I get down on my knees and unzip your jeans. I use my tongue to lick up and down your shaft, occasionally taking all of you in my mouth. I slide your jeans off, then your panties and top. You hold my head tightly as I suck you ever so slowly. Then I reach around and gently work my finger into you so I can massage your prostate as I continue sucking and teasing you. “Jesus God Andy, I’ve never felt anything like that before. Oh Fuck!”

Stopping for a moment I work my way up and down both of your thighs. You have long muscular legs and your skin is so silky. You kneel down and run your hands all over me. “God you’re so strong, Andy.” I kiss your tummy and your breasts, licking and gently biting your hard nipples. I think you have an amazing body. Just perfect, Bobbi.

We go at each other like this for quite a while. You work your way down and suck my cock. You run your tongue around the head. It feels great. Stopping, you look up at me and say breathlessly “I want you to take me from behind Andy.”

We stand up together and walk over to a nearby tree. You lean your head back and I kiss you on the neck. Then our mouths meet. While we kiss I feel your ass with one hand while jerking you off slowly with the other. You just moan and say “Oh God Andy…”

Gradually I work my fingers inside you while continuing to slowly stroke your cock. You instinctively bend over using your arms to support yourself against the tree and spread your legs. I kiss your beautiful ass as I keep stroking your cock which is now dripping precum.

Standing up I use both hands to steady myself as I enter you from behind. You gasp slightly. It’s hardly the first time I’ve been inside you but I think you were surprised at how good it actually felt. I remember the time you told me how much it hurt with a former partner and how rough they were. The last thing I’d ever do is hurt you Bobbi. I want this to be an amazing experience for you baby.

You continue to lean up against the tree for support as I fuck you. You are still very tight and I feel like I am going to cum. I start stroking your cock faster and faster and I can feel the two of us getting close. Between the beautiful warm evening, and the increasing love we feel for each other there is something extra special about tonight.

We cum at the same time. There is the indescribable feeling of release then waves of pleasure. You steady yourself against the tree until I’m through ejaculating then after I pull out we both sit there together leaning against the tree. You reach over and hold my hand. We are both covered in dirt and sweat and cum. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt like this with anybody--ever. You look over at me and just smile.

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Default Indy 500 Weekend

Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis is totally centered around the “500.” Billed as the “Greatest Spectacle in Racing” probably a few of our members on TLB have been to it before. This Memorial Day, Bobbi and I have decided to stay at home and have a pool party and cookout with friends and just listen to the race like they did back in the “old” days. That leaves us with the rest of the weekend to be alone together. I am out for the summer and Bobbi doesn’t start her summer classes until the middle of June.

Zionsville is far enough from the Motor Speedway that there is not a lot of race traffic but still it has been very busy this week. We went shopping Friday night. There had been a line of storms expected to come through that evening and a tornado watch had been issued. We noticed the sky to the West as we headed back to her car.

“It looks pretty bad sweetie. Glad our party isn’t tonight.”

“You know we might have to spend the night in your ‘tornado shelter’ Andy” you say giggling.

“We might. Are you sure you want to?”

I look over at you. You have been working on your tan and your beautiful blonde hair has been getting longer. You are wearing tight jean shorts, a light green t-shirt and sandals. You take my hand as we walk to the car. Looking up at me with those blue eyes, you say “I love you Andy.”

“I love you too Bobbi. I wouldn’t worry about the weather. We’ll be OK.”

“I always feel safe with you. My Mom told me you stopped by their house last week. She said you and her and my Dad talked about some stuff.”

“I wanted to tell them what a wonderful daughter they have and how much I love her. Also I wanted to explain some things to them about what ‘transgender’ means and what terms to use and not to use when referring to you or any transwoman. We also talked a little about some of the issues you have to deal with—including discrimination and the threat of violence. Then your Dad told me how much he liked my Hellcat. So I took him for a ride. I kept it under 180…”

Giggling you say “Jesus Andy, I hope you didn’t overdo it. You probably scared the shit out of him. You know they really do love me they just don’t understand me totally.”

“I could tell that Bobbi when I met them. Many people are well meaning but ignorant. You are everything to them. But I just couldn’t let some of the things they said the other night go.”

“Well thanks for standing up for me Andy. I wish I had known someone like you in high-school. You know I see myself in the teenagers I counsel. That’s why I want to become a Social Worker. I really do know where they’re coming from. I want to help them.”

“You will do wonderful things with your life Bobbi. I could tell what a caring and loving person you were when we first met. That’s why I love you… Well that and I think you’re hot as fuck.”

“You are so silly Andy but thanks” you say as you kiss me.

“I had a good time talking to your Dad about college football. He really knows a lot about the game. I’m sure we’ll be watching some games together in the future.”

“Well I guess that’s all ‘guy’ stuff or ‘male bonding’ or whatever… Just kick us girls out to the kitchen I guess…” you say rolling your eyes and letting out a sigh. “Anyway, I’m glad you like my parents Andy. I know they like you. A lot.”

We load up the car and head back home. It’s only a few miles but in that short time the sky has gotten black and it is very still. When we get home we take everything inside. Our house faces West and we can see lightning out our living room windows.

“Andy this is what I’d like to do tonight” you say as you stand up on your tip toes put your arms around my neck and kiss me for the longest time. We spend several minutes going at it, our tongues all over the insides of each other’s mouths. I grab your ass through your shorts and slowly slide my hands inside. As I unzip your shorts I take your hard cock and begin to stroke it. You pull my workout shorts down and begin to slowly stroke me as well. We continue kissing and jacking each other off when suddenly you stop.

“Andy. I have a better idea. Why don’t you take me downstairs? We’ll be safe from the storm and you can do anything to me baby.”


“Yes” you say breathlessly, your voice getting heavy with excitement and anticipation.

“OK. But let’s put this stuff away first.”

You start to put away the groceries but I stop you.

“I’ll take care of it Bobbi. Come here. Turn around.”

You do and I tie your hands tightly behind your back also tying your elbows. Then I proceed to suck your cock until I can tell you are about to come.

“Not yet baby. We’ve got a long night ahead of us” I say gently. Then I tie you in a kneeling position with your thighs spread way apart. I also wrap a length of soft rope around your throbbing cock. Finally I gag you.

“I’ll put this all away sweetie.” Actually, all I can think of is how great you look and how much I want to fuck you. It is as much “torture” for me to wait as it is for you…

Gently I help you up and lead you downstairs. Removing your gag, I kiss you. Then I attach wrist and ankle restraints and slowly tighten them until you are almost totally suspended. Your toes are barely touching the ground and your legs are spread so far apart.

“Do you remember when you said you would like me to fuck you while you were tied up?”


“How does this feel? Nothing hurts?”

“It feels awesome baby. God.”

I can tell you like it. You cock is incredibly hard and when I stroke it ever so lightly you moan like you need to cum. The precum is flowing. Your nipples are hard under your t-shirt and your breathing has changed. It is not air conditioned down there so your body is already covered in sweat. I will have to proceed very slowly or else you are going to cum right away.

“Bobbi, you can say ‘stop’ at any time. Also if I think something’s not right that’s it. No questions asked. I love you and would never hurt you but things can get intense.”

“I know that Andy.”

We kiss and I play with your cock. You moan and pull against your restraints. Turning a wheel, I tighten them just a little more. Then put straps around your thighs pulling them far apart. Finally I place a wide leather belt around your waist tightening it until you gasp. Then I attach it to the walls with chains.

“Is that OK Bobbi?” I ask.

“Yeah. Jesus Andy I feel like such a slut.”

“Well sometimes you are a slut but that’s OK so am I.”

“I love it Andy. God, how long are you gonna keep me like this? I want you to fuck me baby.”

“Awhile. That storm looked pretty bad. We’re safe down here. I told you this was a tornado shelter.”

Taking a knife I cut your clothes off. Soon you are totally naked. Your body looks so hot that for a second I feel like I’m going to cum. I have to relax. Kneeling down in front of you I reach around and finger your ass and then using lots of lube insert a very large rubber cock into you. As I fuck your ass with it I lick your shaft and tease the head of your throbbing cock for what seems like forever. All you can do is moan and weakly say “Christ Andy I don’t think I can take any more.”

“OK baby.”

Walking behind you I replace the rubber cock with my own. Running my hands up and down your body I concentrate on your taught stomach, your thighs, and your cock. Then as I begin to fuck you I gently massage and pinch your nipples. My strokes are steady and regular. Gradually I pick up the pace.

Your breathing changes and I can feel the tension build in your body. My own orgasm is building but I want you to come first. I know you’ve never done anything like this before and I want it to be something good that you’ll always remember. You had told me when we first met you had been with someone who hurt you physically. Personally, I would like to kill the motherfucker. What a piece of shit.

You and I have something very special between us. There’s only ever been one other person I felt like this about and that was a long time ago. I can tell there’s no turning back for me so I begin to jack you off rapidly. You pull hard against the straps and I can feel your cock pulsing. A second later I shoot my load into you. It’s been a couple of days since we had sex so we make a real mess. My cum runs down your legs and you shoot your load several feet onto some of my weight equipment.

Exhausted you go limp and say “Fuck Andy, I’ve never felt anything like that. God…”

Still inside you I run my hands through your hair then hold you tightly. My arms wrapped around you. You turn around as best you can and we share a very long kiss.

“I love you Bobbi.”

“I love you too Andy.”

After undoing your straps we head upstairs to our bedroom and climb into bed together. The storms are still going on outside. We talk for a while. You look at me, smile, then giggling slightly, kiss me gently. “That was awesome. Goodnight sweetie...” you say before you drift off to sleep.

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Default Who is Bobbi?

Hope you have enjoyed this latest series. I always like to share the backgrounds of the people in my stories so I thought I'd tell you a little about who Bobbi is...

Name: Bobbi Taylor.
Born: Nashville, Tennessee, June 29, 1995. Moved to Indianapolis with her family when she was 3.
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135
Hair: Medium length, blonde.
Eyes: Blue.
Cock: Small.
Body type: Athletic.
College Attended: UIndy. Degree: BA Sociology. GPA 3.75.
Interests: Art, music, travel, cooking, gardening, reading, sports, technology.

Bobbi grew up believing she was gay. In her own words: “I felt like a girl but I also liked doing ‘guy’ stuff too. I always considered myself gay because that’s what everyone said.” Her parents loved their only child but they never understood her. She liked to play in the woods behind their house and would imagine she was “Supergirl” or “Wonder Woman.” She told her Mom once and her Mom and Dad took her to see a counselor. The counselor said there was nothing wrong with Bobbi. Naturally strong and athletic, Bobbi tried out for soccer in grade school but was bullied by the other kids and eventually quit. She never forgot the experience and later in high school when one of the boys who had called her a “faggot” did it again, she beat the crap out of him. Bobbi always got excellent grades and found support and friends in an LGBT youth group. Very caring and nurturing, she always tried to help her friends and would sit up all night talking with them. She always saw herself as sort of a protector. Many of the other kids called her “Mom” even though she was younger than most of them. She never dated much and was in a very brief but abusive relationship. In May 2017, she received her degree in Sociology and plans to become a Social Worker. This summer, she was accepted to a Master’s program and started taking classes. She met Andy at an LGBT conference where he was one of the speakers. She liked what he had to say about being true to yourself and not ever letting anyone else define who you are. Afterwards she introduced herself to him. They talked over lunch and discovered they had a lot in common despite close to a 15 year age difference. At first Andy was hesitant but she persisted, saying “You of all people should understand what I’ve been through my entire life. I’ve had to do more growing up than most people twice my age.” They have been together ever since. They live in Zionsville, IN and enjoy just hanging out at home, doing academic research, working out, and cooking.

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Default Somewhere in Time (Part 1)

The following story was inspired by "Toni" the girl on the cover of "Small Town Transvestite" posted in the Drag Queens forum. Hope you enjoy it...

A few nights ago I was heading home from the gym. Located on Oak Street in Zionsville it’s only about three miles from where I live. Many years ago, this was mostly farmland and Oak Street was a dirt road. None of the Interstates existed back then and the “big city,” Indianapolis, seemed much farther away than it does now.

There is a severe thunderstorm that just sort of popped up. The forecast said nothing about storms. I chalk it up to living in Indiana. Suddenly there is a blinding flash of lightning. I pull over and then everything goes black.

When I wake up it’s a clear, beautiful warm summer night. Carefully, I pull back on to Oak Street. Something seems different. It’s really bumpy. I realize that the road is dirt! “Well that’s great… why didn’t they tell us they were going to be doing roadwork at night!” I’m kind of pissed because I could have easily driven my truck. The Hellcat sits so low I can hear it scrape. “Shit!” I check my cellphone and it’s not working. In fact none of the GPS stuff in my car or satellite radio is working! All I can get are “AM” radio stations and they are playing music that sounds like something my grandparents would’ve listened to.

Farther down, I see someone standing at the side of the road. It looks like a girl hitchhiking. As I pull up I can tell she’s wearing older style clothing. Maybe she went to a party? I have a thing about never picking up hitchhikers but I can’t just leave her there so I slow down and stop.

She comes over to the car and I roll down the window. I get a good look at how pretty she is. “Where you going?”

“Anywhere but here. How about a ride to Indianapolis?”

“OK. But I need to stop by my place first.”

“Where’s that?”

“Just down the road.”

Laughing she says “in the cornfield?”

Suddenly I realize my house is gone. In fact there’s nothing at all.

“Ummm… well it used to be here…”

“Are you drunk baby? I mean you are really cute but are you OK?”

“Yeah. I just think I lost my way up here.”

“You and me both...” she says smiling at me. I think I lost mine a long time ago sweetie. You have no idea."

Then you add “Why don’t you come to Indianapolis with me? Maybe we can have a good time.”

You climb in and I say “My name’s Andy. What’s yours?”

“Toni. Thanks for stopping by the way. I thought no one would ever come by.”

“What are you doing out so late?”

“I had a big argument with my family. They told me to get out. I was gonna go downtown and stay with friends. Wow Andy I’ve never seen a car like this. What is it?”

“It’s a Dodge.”

“Well it’s not at all like my dad’s” you giggle. “These seats feel wonderful. I feel like I could sleep in one.”

I head West to where I expect I-65 to be but there’s nothing.

“Andy, you really are lost! I know how to get to Indianapolis from here. Turn around.”

We head back East on Oak Street. In the moonlight, I can see there’s no houses. No gym. No Bentley dealership. Just farms. I recognize some of the buildings in downtown Zionsville but they look so much newer. At least now I sort of know where I am.

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll get us there. Jesus! Watch your speed. It’s only 25 out here!”

“25? What do they drive, horses and buggy’s?”

“Well sometimes…”

We drive very slowly but that’s OK, it’s a beautiful evening and we talk about many things. You tell me a lot about your family. “I was always considered the outcast” you say. “When I was younger I was picked on by the other kids in school. Noticing my size and build, you say “I wish I’d had a friend like you.”

“Well I’d never let anyone pick on you.”

“Awww… that’s so sweet Andy. You seem like a really nice guy. Are you married?”

“I was several years ago.”

“Have a girlfriend?”

“No. Not at the moment.”

“You know Andy. There’s a lot of things about me you still don’t know. I wish I could tell you.”

“Toni, you seem like a really nice girl. I’ve enjoyed just talking with you tonight. Can I ask you something?”

I can see you become a little apprehensive and you say tentatively “What?”

“Why are you dressed like that? Your clothes look like they’re from the 40’s or the 50’s. I mean you look great. I just wondered if you were at a party or something.”

“I like wearing dresses. Well at least most of the time. And it is 1949.”

OK. That explains a lot. Trying not to seem alarmed I realize that the storm earlier must have been a “time portal.”

“Well I hope you don’t mind me saying this but I think you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you. You know I hardly ever hear people say that to me.”

“I can’t imagine why not. If they don’t they’re fucking crazy.”

“Where DID you learn that word young man…” you say giggling. "My mom would wash out your mouth with soap!”

“Sorry. I just thought everyone used it.”

“Really? Where are you from anyway?”

“Actually I live right here in Zionsville. In Stonegate.”

“Stonegate? Well wherever you are from I think you are really sweet.” With that you lean over and kiss me.

Then you say “God I wish I could tell you more Andy.”

“It’s OK. It can’t be anything that bad can it? Even if it is I’d help you.”

“Yeah I know you would. I wish there were more guys like you. And yes many people would think it’s something bad.”

This time I lean over and kiss you. You open your mouth a little. Our tongues touch. You run your hands over my chest and arms. I place one hand on your thigh but you stop me before I can go “there.”

“Andy, I want you to tell me what exactly happened to you. Then I will tell you everything.”

“OK Toni.”

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Default Somewhere in Time (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1 above...

“You know before I saw you driving down the road there was a very bad thunderstorm. I don’t remember anybody predicting one. There was a lightning strike. For a second I was dazed. Then there you were, driving a car that’s nothing like anything I’ve ever seen. And you say you are from around here but you don’t know where anything is. I want you to tell me the truth. Are you like some kind of spaceman or something? Do you work for the government? You know after the war they have had all kind of crazy things like atomic bombs, jet planes, TV, radar, computers…”

“Well I don’t really know what happened either but I was heading home from the gym and ran into a thunderstorm and suddenly there YOU were. Everything I know is gone. No, I’m not a ‘spaceman’ but I think the storm might have interfered with time.”

“Yeah. I’ve read stories about things like that. So what year is it Andy?”


“Oh my God. That would explain everything. I believe you baby. So what do we do about it?”

“I don’t know but we were making out and it was going great.”

“Yeah we were. I really liked it” you say smiling at me. “Now I’ve have to tell you something about myself. If you don’t want to be with me afterward, I’ll understand but please listen to me Andy.” Your face has turned very serious and you look me right in the eyes. They are watery. I think I know what you are about to tell me. You might be surprised at how I really feel about you Toni.

“Andy,” then a long pause “I’m really a boy. Like I have a… you know. Ever since I was very young I felt different. Like a girl. No one understood. They still don’t. The doctors were no help. They all said 'He'll grow out of it.' My mom and dad forced me to dress like a boy and play with toy guns and airplanes and play baseball and stuff like that. I kept asking Santa for a doll for Christmas. Everyone laughed at me. Whenever I got caught trying on any of my sister’s clothes I got a whipping. When I was in school I was always picked on by the other kids. I used to pretend that I was Snow White or Cinderella and invent imaginary friends. The only real friends I have are the ones in Indianapolis I was going to stay with. I’m not a bad person Andy. I’m just different. It’s who I am.”

You are crying now and through your tears say “If you don’t want to be seen with me I understand. But I just want you to know how much I liked being with you tonight. You can take me to Indianapolis now if you want.”

“Toni, I don’t know how else to say this but none of that matters to me. In my time things are different. Sure we still have a lot of the same problems, but you would be surprised at the number of people who are accepting of girls like you. Even fall in love with them or get married. Just like anyone else. My first girlfriend was transgender. Many of my friends are. There are celebrities who are. Unfortunately there are still people around who are just as bad as anyone you’ve encountered but they are in the minority and most people I know see those people as ignorant and bigoted. We even have laws against ‘hate crimes’ in some states. And you aren’t a ‘boy’ you are a woman. A very beautiful one.”

“Andy, nobody but my closest friends have ever referred to me as a woman. Not even my mom and dad. They all say I’m a sissy, a fag, or a queer. The only guys I’ve ever known are creeps who just want to have sex with me for a thrill. Any guy that I ever really liked already had a girlfriend or left me when he found out.” “Well I’m not like them Toni” I say as I hold you. You have stopped crying and smiling you say “Thanks Andy. So, do you wanna take up where we left off?”

You are a great kisser and this time when our hands start to explore you don’t stop me. We both gently stroke each other’s hard cocks through our clothes and breathlessly you say “Let’s wait ‘till we get downtown. I’ll get us a hotel room.” “Let me pay for it” I say getting out my debit card. Laughing, Toni says “What the fuck is that?” covering her mouth in mock shame for using a bad word. “A piece of plastic? Better let me pay for it.”

When we arrive downtown we check into the Grand Hotel of Indianapolis (now called the Omni Severin). Of course I can’t find a place to park. The garage I usually park in wouldn’t be built for almost another 50 years! Eventually I find a spot in back. We go up to our room and Toni orders champagne. There is thunder in the distance.

Toni asks “Do you hear that? Something tells me tonight will be our only time together. I wish I could go back to your world with you Andy. I don’t think you’d like living in 1949. I have no idea what the next 70 years will be like but I’m not going to give up. I really believe we’ll see each other again.”

As you lie back on the bed you take my hand and smile at me. You look so beautiful. We take our time enjoying each other as I slowly undress you. You are wearing thigh-high stockings and I kiss and caress each leg as I remove them. “God Toni, you are SO fucking hot.” You giggle as I use the “F-word” again. I kiss you all over then I go down on you and take your cock into my mouth. After a few minutes I can feel your body tense then relax. I swallow all of your cum. Sitting up, you say, “It’s my turn now baby. Just lay back…” Then you go down on me. “God, that feels awesome, Toni.” Laughing you say “I’ve never heard anyone use the word ‘awesome’ that way before. It must be great. Thanks.” I say “Well it kind of started in the 80’s.”

Afterward, we both lie there holding each other. The storm has gotten worse and we can see lightning outside our window. I don’t think we have much more time together. Looking over at me you get a tube of K-Y jelly out of your purse. You lie back on the bed and pull your legs up. Once I’m inside, you wrap your legs around me and say “Fuck me hard baby.” Our lovemaking is urgent, passionate. You look up at me and say “I love you Andy.”

“I love you too Toni.”

Our orgasms are powerful. Exhausted and still deep inside you, for the longest time I just lie there on top of you as you hold me tightly. You look so relaxed and content. I can feel your heart beating. The lightning is very intense now. If I’m right about what caused all of this, our time together is quickly running out. We don’t say anything. There’s no need to. We just smile and touch each other’s faces. We both know this night will have to last a lifetime. Then we kiss for what seems like forever…

When I wake up I’m back in Zionsville. It’s early morning. I must have pulled off to the side during the storm. Oak Street is like it always has been. My house is just up the road. I can see the signs for I-65. I head home and pull in the driveway. Very tired, I walk upstairs and fall into bed. I have a dream about meeting the most wonderful girl. But it seems so real. Did it actually happen?

Later this summer I attended an event downtown honoring one of the most important figures in Indianapolis LGBT history. Today is her 93rd birthday. After several speakers paid tribute to her accomplishments. I had a chance to finally meet her. She looked up at me and smiled. Instantly I recognized those beautiful eyes. I hugged her as she said “Nice to see you again, Andy. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

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Default Sierra and Sofia Part 1

November is a depressing time of year and when you’re an 18 year old college freshman who’s stuck on campus for Thanksgiving break it’s even more so. Mom is off with her new boyfriend this year and I haven’t spoken to my father in years so I’m with nowhere to go over the long weekend. No girlfriend, no car, no job, and no money really limits my options. I’ll just hang in the dorm with some of the other losers I guess.

College hasn’t exactly been fun so far. I thought I’d get on campus and party and drink and hook up with girls. I didn’t exactly knock ‘em dead in high school and while I hoped I’d lose my virginity over the summer it didn’t turn out that way. Fact is even when I get to one of the parties, I’m too shy to hook up with anyone. All the girls seem to only like the upper classmen anyway and have no interest in dorky freshmen like me. Something look forward too I guess. So far my grades are good because my social life is shit.

I don’t mind the classes and the homework. It’s really what I’m here for anyway. Even though I’m just taking general education courses, I’m enjoying the subjects and getting good grades. By far my favorite course is Spanish 101 but it isn’t because I love the language, it’s because I can’t get enough of the teacher, Seńora Ferraro.

I’ve never seen a teacher, let alone a woman, quite like her. She’s thin yet curvy with gorgeous golden bronze skin that sets off whatever she’s wearing. Her face is exquisite, large eyes and full lips with a perfectly formed nose under masses of lush blonde hair she either keeps pulled back with a colorful scarf or allows to spill across her slender shoulders. The way she moves, the way she speaks- everything about her is captivating. Needless to say I sit right up front and pay close attention while trying to conceal my excitement of being turned on by such an exotic creature. It’s hard not to stare let alone drool on my desk or squirm around in my seat because of a raging hard on.

Maybe I pay too much attention because other people have noticed. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving , Miss Ferraro was going over some pronunciations, rolling her rs in that deliciously sexy voice of hers, I got so caught up in wanting to kiss those pretty lips I didn’t notice fratboy Fred Durant lean over and knock my books to my the floor. The class stopped short and Miss Ferraro spun around to see me sheepishly retrieving my books from the floor. To my surprise she gave me a soft smile before returning to the lesson. I felt like such an ass and wanted to kill Fred.

At last the bell rang and everyone hurriedly scooped up their belongings and headed for the door. It was later in the afternoon and in another hour the campus would be a ghost town. “Happy Thanksgiving Bob”, Fred said as he bumped my desk on the way out. Not having anywhere to go I wasn’t in as much of a rush.

“Adios Roberto”, Seńora Ferraro called as I got close to the door. The last student slid by me as I turned to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving.

She gave me a smile. “How far is home for you?”, she asked.

“Actually I’m not going home this year, Seńora. My mom is on vacation and I figured it’d be easier just to stay here on campus.”

“That’s no way to spend the holiday. Everyone should have a somewhere to go on Thanksgiving. Even if they don’t, they shouldn’t spend the day alone,” she said.

“Yeah well, I won’t be totally alone. I’m sure there’ll be other guys at the dorm. I’ll probably just watch football or something.”

“Do you like football, Roberto?”, she asked gathering up her coat and patent leather handbag. If there was one thing Miss Ferraro knew how to do it was dress. She pulled her white trench coat on and looked even sexier if that was possible. I felt the blood rush into my cheeks.

“Not really”, I said hoping my voice didn’t break. I felt an extreme need to get back to my room and get some relief.

“Well,” Miss Ferraro said and came a little closer. I’m doing a little entertaining tomorrow. My girlfriend is stopping by for a bit before we go out dancing tomorrow night. We’re not going out until later so if you’d like to stop by I’m sure I can fix you up with a home cooked meal. I can’t promise turkey but I wouldn’t want you to starve on Thanksgiving. My place is an easy walk from campus.”

Could this really be happening?

“I…uh….sure, I’d love to.” Smooth.

“Great”, she said and gave me a wide smile. “I don’t generally like for my students to know where I live but you’re very welcome, Roberto.”

She pulled a pen and a pad from her purse and scrawled out an address. Even her handwriting was sexy. She tore off the address and pressed it into my palm. I noticed how long and slender her fingers were, each tipped with an exquisitely manicure nail painted a hot shade of orange. The next thing I knew, one of those hands closed around my forearm and she leaned in to kiss my cheek.

“Until tomorrow,” she whispered and guided me to the door. My prick was a bar of steel and it was all I could do not to explode. I felt the dampness of pre-cum on my thigh. “Uh…yeah, thanks. See you tomorrow. Um…what time?”

“Not too early, Roberto. Why don’t you come around 7:00. Sofia should be there then. You’ll like her.”

As much as I wished it would only be the two of us, I wondered if Miss Ferraro’s friend would be as hot as her. Beautiful women always seemed to have beautiful friends. “Okay. See you then. Looking forward to it.”

“So am I, Roberto. So am I.”

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Default Sierra and Sofia Part 2

The next day I found the address Miss Ferraro gave me and knocked on her door. I wanted to bring a bottle of wine or something but being under 21 kept me from that and my funds were pretty low anyway. I did manage to scrounge up enough to get a meager flower boquet at the grocery store.

The door swung open and there she was, dressed to the nines in a shimmery purple dress and looking way hotter than any woman had a right to.

“Roberto!”, she squealed. “You brought flowers! How sweet of you. Come in and meet my friend.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek and tugged me through the doorway. I was afraid my cock was going to brush up against her as it was instantly rock hard.

“Robert…meet Sofia”, Miss Ferraro said and steered me towards the couch where a stunning red-head sat. I wasn’t wrong in my prediction that my Spanish professor had hot friends. This woman was off the charts gorgeous!

“You’re right Sierra,” she purred. “He is really cute. Come and sit by me big boy”, she said and patted the cushion next to her.

Miss Ferraro took the flowers from my hand and led me to the couch and her friend. Just looking at Sofia’s flawless white skin packed into a sleeveless leather dress was almost too much for me. Even though she was sitting down I could tell she was very tall and it was obvious that she spent a lot of time at the gym. I never thought anyone’s arms were sexy before but all I could think about was how much I wanted to feel her muscles.

I didn’t have to wait long because the grabbed my wrist in a strong grip and pulled me down to the couch. “Why don’t you two get better acquainted while I find some water for these,” Miss Ferraro giggled and sauntered off towards the kitchen. I was alone with this incredible woman.

“I bet you drive all the girls crazy, Roberto,” she said in a husky voice. “Got a girlfriend?”

“I….uh…no. No I don’t have one”, I managed to stammer.

“That’s too bad. Tell you what, kid. How about I be your girlfriend tonight? What do you say?”

Looking at this woman, masses of red hair piled up over a face that belonged in a magazine, what could I say? “Ummm….okay.”

She laughed. “All right then. Come here and give me a kiss, lover boy.”

I slid towards her and she pulled me closer, covering my face with kishes from those beautiful red lips. She then licked my cheek which sent a chill down my spine before driving her tongue into my mouth. My toes curled as she started yanking my shirt up over my head and raking my back with her long, red nails.

She ground against me and I started to grind back. She was as strong as I thought and our making out began to feel like top of me, grinding away. I was lost in feelings of lust I didn’t know I had in me and let out a little moan which on made Sofia more aggressive. My hands fumbled weakly around her back for the zipper to her leather dress. I had to see the giant tits that were pressing against my chest.

I was stopped when her hand shot up and clenched my chin in a vice like grip. “Not yet,” she hissed. Her mouth opened and closed over mine in another passionate kiss. Every part of me melted under her except for my cock which felt like a bar of steel. I could already feel a bit a pre-cum staining my jeans.

My hand explored her solid, strong body. I never knew a woman could feel like this! Every inch of her felt powerful. I pushed against her a little and she pushed back, letting me know she was firmly in control. “Your mine now, bitch” she whispered. “All mine. I’m going to do with you what I want. Do you like that?” All I could do was moan.

She laughed and forced me to turn over. Her fingers closed on my crotch and I knew I was going to blow my load soon.

“Hey, not so fast. We have to give him a little show first.” My head jerked around to see Miss Ferraro standing there in a skin tight pink cat suit. Her hair spilled over her slender shoulders as she raised her arms and put her hands behind her head. Her chest thrust forward and her huge tits were on the verge of popping free.

“You’re right,” Sofia giggled. “Why don’t you put on some music and dance for us?”

Sierra obliged and put on the stereo. A sexy slow bass line poured out of the speakers as she began to move. She spun and shimmied in time with the music. I was hypnotized as Sofia pulled me onto her lap, her hand softly massaging my cock as it strained inside my jeans.

Sierra spun and faced away from us and as I watched, she brought the straps of her slinky cat suit down from her shoulders and began to slowly peel it off. I so wanted to go to her and run my hands over the smooth skin of her back but Sofia’s arm had found its way around my neck and held me back. “Look but don’t touch, little boy”, she whispered in my ear. “You’ll get your chance.”

By now Sierra had shucked her outfit completely and I marveled at her round, tight ass. I licked my lips as she kicked the shiny pink fabric away. I could feel myself drooling as she turned around…..

And I saw her swollen cock pointing right at me.

“Surprised? Watch are you going to do now lover?” Sofia laughed and pushed me on the floor. I looked up and Miss Ferraro’s cock was inches from my face. She looked down and smiled.

Sofia rose from the couch and her own dress fell away exposing her massive tits and even more massive cock. Both of these ladies put me to shame. I was shocked, horrified, but for some reason my own erection still raged.

“If you want to get out of here you can, Roberto,” Sierra said. “But if you do, I hope you’ll keep our secret.”

“I….I don’t want to leave, Miss Ferraro.” The words were out before I could even think of taking them back. They hung there in the air as both ladies closed in.

Sofia placed her strong hands on my shoulders and pushed me towards Sierra. Instinctually, my mouth opened and was filled. Even though I never had done this before, I seemed to know what she wanted as I reached my hands around to cup her lovely buttocks. I heard Sierra sigh and was pleased that I could give her such pleasure.

I felt my pants being pulled off but I kept at what I was doing. I wanted nothing more than to satisfy the beautiful woman before me. Time had lost all meaning but soon I felt a gentle pressure in an area of myself I never explored before. There was a coolness as I felt something damp back there.

“Don’t worry,” I heard Sofia say from behind me. “It’ll hurt at first but I promise to go slow and, trust me, you’ll like it.”

She was right!
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Wow! Very sexy and well written. If Seńora Ferraro ends up getting fired over this I'm sure I can get her hired at my university. We always need someone to teach SPA 101.

I can understand why you would base a story on those two. Looking forward to more...
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Originally Posted by a9127 View Post
Wow! Very sexy and well written. If Seńora Ferraro ends up getting fired over this I'm sure I can get her hired at my university. We always need someone to teach SPA 101.

I can understand why you would base a story on those two. Looking forward to more...
Thanks Andy! I'm so glad you enjoyed my little tale of lust.

I wrote in 2013 for Bob's Tgirls. That was the first site I ever joined. I had just discovered Gia Darling a few days before and my mind was blown. I was looking for more Gia online and stumbled across Bob'site. This picture of Sirra was in the preview section and I joined immediately because I had to see more. She is and always will be special to me

As far as writing more, I started a story about Sexxy Jade but I scrapped it
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I take showers every day.
True story.

It's like a VR headset trans shower vid, but less exciting because there's shampoo in my eyes.
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Originally Posted by Boner View Post
Thanks Andy! I'm so glad you enjoyed my little tale of lust.

As far as writing more, I started a story about Sexxy Jade but I scrapped it
Hope you saved a draft. Finish it and post it!
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Originally Posted by a9127 View Post
Hope you saved a draft. Finish it and post it!
I'm having trouble finding it and may have trashed it

But maybe I can start from scratch. That means having to look at Sexxy Jade for some inspiration

I have along way to catch up to you as far as stories go Andy!
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Originally Posted by Boner View Post
I'm having trouble finding it and may have trashed it
But maybe I can start from scratch. That means having to look at Sexxy Jade for some inspiration

Just think about a situation you’d like to be in with her and what you would like to do with her.

You did this very well in the story about your Spanish Professor. Hell, I was wondering what university it was! Hoped they needed someone to teach Business Analytics or Stats.

Anyway I would use the same method. Just change the girl and the setting. Then have fun!

For a setting, use a place you’re familiar with. I use Zionsville or Indianapolis a lot because that’s where I live now. I also took “Kirsten” up to meet my family in Michigan where I grew up for example. In most stories I use myself as the other character. Many of the details about me are real as well and that makes it easy to write about. After all they are supposed to be your fantasies.

Sometimes I write about silly stuff. The story about the trans bodyduilder where my character was small and weak and smoked pot is totally NOT me. Nor is the guy who goes overseas and ends up as some beautiful transwoman’s sex slave for life in a rubber bodysuit and a rubber cock in his ass. Or the “virginal” kid with the beautiful nurse. Or the 81 year old man with the 29 year old girlfriend (someday… ). And I’m definitely NOT the guy who wants his cock cut off!!!

Kirsten, Sarah, Bobbi, and Toni are all based on someone I’ve really known (including former lovers) or have seen pictures of—maybe on TLB? They aren’t “real” people (God, I wish Kirsten was… ) but they represent what perhaps to me is the “ideal woman.” I’ve tried to portray each of them as intelligent and strong as well as beautiful.

Looking forward to your next story!


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Thanks for tips Andy!

I got some time tonight so maybe I can start working on it.
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Default Summer Fun (Part 1)

Bobbi and I have just gotten back from San Diego where we spent a week at an LGBTQ conference. Her first graduate class this summer went very well and she’s looking forward to the Fall. She was totally stressed out over her first research paper (which she ended up getting an “A” on) so I decided we needed to make this trip a “vacation” as well. She turned 22 in late June and we never did really get to celebrate her birthday because she was so busy with classes. I gave her “Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked the Gay Revolution” by David Carter and took her out to the Eagle’s Nest in downtown Indy. That was about all we had time for. Bobbi has never been out of the Midwest and I later learned never flown anywhere! So I got us a luxury suite right on the beach (we could walk out our door right to the Pacific) and First-Class plane tickets. Once she got over her nervousness she thought flying was awesome. And yes, we did join the “mile high club.”

She never ceases to amaze me with what she knows. I thought I was fairly knowledgeable and open-minded but she has taught me all kinds of things regarding current thought on gender issues. I got to meet a couple of her professors from UIndy and some of the people she has corresponded with from around the world. Her goal is to become a social worker but I think she would also make a great teacher. I know the younger students really look up to her and she has already made a difference in their lives.

We have about a month before we both go back to school. It’s been nice just hanging out at home although we both have lots of work to do, especially me, preparing for my Business Analytics class. Today, for whatever reason, Bobbi has been acting silly and “flirting” with me whenever I’ve tried to do any work on the computer. The forecast in Indiana is for more humidity and severe storms (what else is new?) so the pool is out for today. She has nothing to do until classes start. Lucky girl.

Anyway she has been walking around the house barefoot all day, making sure I see her, watching TV, working on her computer, and doing a little gardening outside wearing only a very short pair of cutoffs that are partially unzipped and a very short pink tank top that barely covers her breasts. I know she showered this morning and put on makeup but her hair is messy (and so sexy). I am getting the feeling she has something else in mind. And with her looking like that there’s no way I can get anything done.

When she walks by again, she stops and smiles. I turn my chair around and say, “Hi baby got any plans for later?” “Um… yeah… I thought you’d never ask!” she says giggling. Jumping onto my lap with her legs on either side of me and her hard cock pressed up against me, she throws her arms around my neck and kisses me so hard that I think she will take my face off. When she finally comes up for air, she says “You know, Andy, we learned about something called ‘gender fluid’ this summer in my class. Remember when I asked you if you would still love me if I decided that I really was gay? Or identified as a boy? Well I think sometimes I might. I hope you still love me baby. You are so fucking hot… I’ll always be your girl no matter what.” We kiss again and you pull me out of the chair down on top of you between your legs. We are both feeling each other up and playing with each other’s cocks. I start to suck yours but you stop me. “Not yet. I wanna go downstairs. I’ve been a little sissy slut and I want you to cane my ass then fuck me silly. You know you SO want to baby…”

Smiling at me, you add “All I’ve thought about today is sucking your cock then having you fuck me. Shit, you can keep me tied up all night. I’ve been feeling like such a slut all day. I was thinking we haven’t done this kind of thing in a long time.” We both get up. Turning you around, I tie your wrists and arms tightly behind your back. Then I put a black leather slave collar around your neck. Your jeans are unzipped all the way. I wrap a length of soft bondage rope around your cock and balls. Then I kiss you and ever so lightly stroke your hard cock and gently give your balls a playful squeeze. All you can do is moan. Closing your eyes and throwing your head back, you say “Oh God that feels so good.”

Leading you down the stairs I take you over to the wall rack and tie your arms above your head. Then I spread your legs wide and use the ratchet so you are tightly stretched. You are already very sweaty and all your muscles are taught. Trying your best to act “defiant” you say “So this is what you always wanted you big faggot. I bet you can’t wait to bend me over and fuck my sissy ass!” Sorry, you are NOT convincing and both of us know it and start laughing. But you are right, I do want to fuck you Bobbi. LOL

I decide that for this session you will be gagged. I’m OK with all the dirty talk and mock insults (it’s kind of hot) but we aren’t really that good at role playing so we will probably end up ruining the “mood” by laughing and giggling about the whole thing. Stroking your hair and gently touching your face I say “I love you Bobbi.” You look up at me with your blue eyes and say “I love you too Andy.” Then we kiss for the longest time. Playfully I tease your cock. “You know the signal, baby. Like always, if you or I think anything’s not right we stop. OK?”

“Yeah Andy I got it.” I place a ballgag in your mouth and buckle it. Then I read you the sentence: “You have been found guilty of public indecency, lasciviousness, and general sluttiness. Therefore you will be subjected to multiple strokes of the cane at the discretion of the administrator. Then you will remain bound until the administrator is satisfied that the sentence has been carried out to the fullest extent.”

Gagging you was a good idea as you are already beginning to laugh. I’m sure it was the “general sluttiness” part.

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Default Summer Fun (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1 above...

Untying you from the rack, I lead you over to the padded bench then bend you over it placing your wrists in leather cuffs attached to the wall. Next, I spread your legs as far apart as they will go and place your ankles in similar cuffs. Finally I add heavy leather straps to your thighs and a very thick leather belt around your waist. Then I make sure everything is super tight. You aren’t going anywhere tonight baby.

Just to make sure, I ask if you are comfortable. You flip me off with both hands. That was NOT the signal to stop so it looks like we will proceed. I pull your shorts down exposing your beautiful ass and as I do, I kiss it and massage it as well as your legs. Your cock is rock hard and I playfully stroke it with my hand. You squirm and moan. I can tell you want to cum. Your top has slid up so your breasts are completely exposed and I gently tweak each of your nipples.

Preparation is crucial so I lightly apply a thin coat of oil to your gorgeous body. You moan and pull against your restraints and I can see that there is pre-cum flowing out of your cock. I crawl underneath you and lick the tip of your cock ever so lightly. You let out a loud “mmmmmfffff!” and jerk so hard against the straps I am sure you are going to break the bench or pull one of the straps out of the wall.

I select a very light “cane” from our collection of toys. It is nothing like the real rattan canes used for judicial punishment. After all, we love each other and while our play is intense it’s still just play. Whipping the toy cane rapidly through the air makes an awesome “wooshing” sound. I can tell you heard it because your entire body tenses up.

Carefully I apply the first stroke. You jump as the cane strikes your ass. “One” I say. You flip me off again. I guess that means we’re OK for now. I massage your butt and legs then apply another stroke. “Two.” I can tell you are really sweating and your muscles look tight. “Three.” You pull hard against the wall restraints and squirm around a little. “Four.” There is just a little redness. So I massage your ass and kiss it. “You wanna stop sweetie?” You shake your head no. After I’m satisfied there’s nothing more than redness. I get ready for one more. I can tell you know it’s coming. You tense and grip the chains attached to your cuffs. “Five.” That’s it. We’re done. I walk around in front of you and you look up at me. You are covered in sweat. Your hair is matted to your face. I take out the gag. “Wow Andy, that was really something.” “Are you OK Bobbi?” “Yeah. I’m fine, baby.” We kiss then giggling, you say “Don’t we still have some unfinished business Andy?”

Walking back behind you, I take some lube than insert my fingers into your ass. You moan as I find just the right spot and begin to massage your prostate. I can see your cock getting very hard and the pre-cum is flowing. Gently I work my cock into you. After I’m inside I slowly begin to fuck you. You pull at your restraints and say “Fucking Christ! Don’t stop baby…” I have no intention of it Bobbi. Holding onto you, I fuck you hard and fast. I can tell you are reaching the point of no return. We both come at the same time. You let out a scream and pull hard against the straps. Then your body goes limp. Your cum is all over the floor. I shoot the biggest load into you. My cum spills out and runs down your thighs. My legs almost give out and I collapse on top of you bent over, still inside of you as I hold you around your waist. We are both breathing heavily. “I love you Bobbi.”

“I love you too Andy. Fuck, that was probably the most awesome sex we’ve ever had. I don’t know if I can even move. You are gonna have to help me out of all this.”

Carefully I undo all of your restraints. There are red marks and indentations where all the straps were. I massage your arms and legs. Then I help you up from the bench. You put your arms around me and hold me close. We head upstairs and take a shower then climb into bed. You snuggle up next to me. I can tell you are totally exhausted. I think about what you said earlier about being “gender fluid.” The truth is it doesn’t matter how you identify Bobbi, I love you.

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Default A Quickie in the Pool

We actually had nice weather for a change today in Indiana. Warm and sunny. So Bobbi and I decided to spend the day hanging out by the pool. She decided to wear the pink thong bikini she bought on our trip to San Diego. Lying face down on one of our loungers she says “Hi baby” then asks me if I can put lotion on her. Her top is undone and her thong does nothing to hide her fantastic ass. I start at her shoulders then gradually work my way down to her ass and legs. “Oooohhh… that feels wonderful, Andy” then looks back at me and gives me a very seductive smile.

I sit down on the other recliner and we lie there soaking up the sun, just relaxing and listening to music. Before we went out, I had made us each a Hurricane. After about 20 or 30 minutes, she says “You wanna go for a swim?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Getting up she leaves her top behind and I can see a nice bulge forming under her bikini bottoms. Smiling, she dives in and swims to the middle of the pool. Treading water she looks up at me and says “What are you waiting for baby?”

I dive in after her and join her at the center of the pool. She giggles and puts her arms around my neck as we kiss. She wraps her legs around me to hold herself up. The water is only 5 feet deep at this point. No problem for me, but Bobbi is only like 5’7” so we swim to the shallow end where we can both stand up. Making out and feeling each other up, her now very hard cock pops out of her bikini. Noting this, she pulls my swim trunks down and my cock springs out touching hers. It feels awesome.

Originally, I had planned to fuck her but suddenly I’ve got another idea. Reaching down, I take hold of both our cocks with my left hand and begin to slowly jack us off. Smiling at me she says “God, Andy, that feels soooo good… Wow.” I just smile back. Our orgasms build quickly and soon we both come. Our cum mixes with the warm water in the pool forming a natural lubricant. I continue to stroke our cocks until we are both spent.

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I met a ts in Dublin on Saturday night gone. What can I say it was amazing. I was on a night out with a few friends and I phoned a ts off escort Ireland. She send me directions and met me at the door looking gorgeous. I gave her the money and then she started kissing me. All my clothes was taken off then I took hers off. She lay down and I started to suck her cock. Then she got me in the 69 position and started sucking my cock. I was so turned on. I kept sucking her cock deeper n deeper next thing i new she was sticking her tongue deep in my ass. It felt great. I wanted her to fuck me so bad. My luck was in when she said let me fuck you. And that she did. Her cock is big. But it felt great inside me. I wanted her to fuck me harder n harder.
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Default Freshman English Class

While not technically a "shemale" story, my earlier post made me think of something else that happened when I was a Freshman in High School. Our English teacher was very "dramatic" and I'm sure she had at least studied Theatre in college and had acted in plays. We all used to giggle and snicker whenever she would read in class. I also thought she was pretty hot. Although way too "old" for me. (Note: she was probably all of 24 or 25... ).

Anyway, to the point. She used to like for us to "act" out scenes in class. One time three of us were selected to write and perform an "evil villain ties the girl to the railroad tracks" scene in class. You can guess who was selected to be the "bad guy" and while never shy in front of people--I was scared to death because I knew I'd get a hardon in front of the class...

I wore a black top hat and cape as well as a fake mustache for the occasion. I can't remember precisely what immortal line I had but it went something like "You'll never escape, my beauty..." Of course while "tying" the girl (we actually used rope) to the tracks (the teacher's desk), you guessed it, I got a hardon in front of the class. Using my "top hat" I held it over my crotch. This only served to make things worse and soon everyone was laughing hysterically. Including me and the girl.

Finally the teacher said "thank you Andrew, that will be enough..." I took a bow and returned to my seat to great applause.

The only "repercussion" from all of this was Stephanie found out about it and I was on her "shitlist" for a few days. Eventually she asked "Could you do that with me?" But that is another story...

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Cool story! I'd like to hear about when you tied Stephanie!
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Default Stephanie and I Make Up

The above story really did happen as I’ve told it. I wasn’t quite as embarrassed as it seems and of course most of my friends thought it was hilarious. For a brief moment I even thought about a career in acting (eat your heart out Tom Hanks… ).

Interestingly, our English teacher never had anyone perform in front of the class again…

Unfortunately, my girlfriend Stephanie found out about it through her friends. I'm sure they made it sound like there was something “going on” between me and the other girl. When I saw Stephanie in History class later that day, she totally ignored me and took her seat across the room. Deliberately avoiding eye contact with me, when we finally did look at each other her normally beautiful and soft blue eyes were pure ice.

When the bell rang she was out of there. I finally caught up with her at her locker. “Well, I heard you and Rosalie had quite a time in Miss Williams class… it’s all over school… Oh I feel like such a fucking idiot!”

“Steph, it wasn’t what you think.”

Looking up at me Stephanie says “So what was it then Andy? From what I heard you really seemed to be into it.”

“Stephanie, Miss Williams wanted us to put on this stupid play, you know how she thinks she’s this great ‘drama teacher’ it’s just that I got hard tying Rosalie up. Sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“You could have at least acted embarrassed about it or done something else. All my friends say you two were up there laughing about it. Sounds like you really liked it. I heard the class loved it. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to get to my next class…”

A couple of days go by and Stephanie is still mad and avoiding me. Not even looking at me in History class, and not answering my calls or messages. Note: Showing my age… cellphones of the 90’s did not generally have the same “texting” capability we take for granted today. And thank God there were no cameras in phones back then or our little “play” would have probably gone viral on YouTube… .

Suddenly one day I get an instant message on my computer “Hi, it’s Steph wanna talk?”

Since she lives right down the street from me I head over to her house. I’m thinking this is going to be the “breakup” talk. But when she answers the door she says “I talked to Rosalie. She heard about us and told me nothing was going on between you too. It just sort of happened she said. Everyone thought it was funny and thinks Miss Williams is the one who should be in trouble. I’m sorry Andy, I guess I just love you so much I just overreacted. I’ve been thinking a lot about us. I know you’d never cheat on me.”

“I love you Stephanie don’t ever forget that.” Then we kiss for the longest time.

“Why don’t you come in? My Mom made dinner. Maybe we could just hang out later?”

“That sounds good. I’d like that.”

After dinner we go down to her parent’s basement rec room and watch MTV. It seems like the worst is over and we snuggle and kiss like normal. It’s just like old times.

Suddenly Stephanie asks “So why do you get turned on by tying up a girl anyway?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ve never been tied up but I’ve seen stuff on TV and sometimes it’s exciting. I’ve always wondered about it. Have you ever wanted to tie ME up Andy?”

I can’t lie. “Yeah. But I didn’t think you’d like it.”

“Well what would you do to me?”

“Let me see your wrists.” Taking my belt I tie your wrists together in front of you.

“I kind of like that, Andy. You are such a bad boy” you say giggling. “What if I raised my arms above my head? Like this?”

When you do that your t-shirt rides up exposing your tummy. You are also wearing very short pajama bottoms. Your legs look so sexy and I can see by the small bulge that you must like it too. Of course I’m fully hard now and it shows.

“So you DO like me like this…” you say laughing.

Seeing your exposed tummy, I can’t resist lightly tickling you. “Ohmigod! Andy stop it!!!”

I do and you lie back against the couch with your legs apart. You don’t say anything, you just look at me and smile. It’s pretty clear from your erection that you are turned on by this. We kiss as I run my hand up your thigh and gently rub your cock through your shorts.

“That feels so good baby. I guess being tied up makes it more intense or something. Anyway, whatever you’re doing don’t stop.”

I slip your small but now very hard cock out of your shorts and begin to suck you off. You are not really tied up, just my belt around your wrists, but clearly you enjoy this. Soon you cum. It’s not like it’s the first time we’ve ever made out or had sex but there is something exciting about this time.

As we lie there, you bring your still bound arms down around me holding me tightly. “Now I’ve got YOU sweetie…” you say giggling and smiling at me.

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My first shemale experience

I had dreamed it for a long time. Yesterday I got enough courage and I played her number.
The phone rings and she answered, I could not turn back.
Can I come and visit you?
How long do you want to stay?
I think an hour is enough.
OK, when will you come. About an hour. What is the address?
I will send a text message.

I go to the shower and wash myself carefully. I have an hour and I get a lot of excitement.
I'm almost there when she call. Are you coming? I tell her that I'm almost there,
I'll call her is outside the door, and he will be looking for me.
The front room, he asks to take off the jacket and the shoes.

When I turn, she stands naked in front of me. She is small and graceful.
The hemisphere-shaped breasts and a small semi-hard dick.
She is pressed against me, her body is surprisingly firm.
She asks me to undress. I quickly naked, and she pressed me on the bed. She kneels before me and smiles.
She start massaging my feet and moved slowly upward.
She rubbed her hands with oil and rubbed my thighs. My legs spread and feel how my dick begins to stiffen.
Her look is a little surprised when she looks at me between my legs.
Hands massaging the thighs and moved closer to my dick all the time.
Her fingers wrapped around my dick and milking it and my empty scrotum. Can I suck it? she asks with a smile.
I nod, and at the same time my dick is deep in her mouth.
She turned slightly and his thighs to touch my hand.

I raise my knee between her legs, she rubs her dick on it. My hand caresses her thigh
I'll take her dick in my hand. It feels cold and surprisingly firm. I have not touched anyone's dick,
I am very confused about what it feels like. Soft skin like velvet, not hard or soft. I feel her scrotum,
soft skin and inside two small balls like cherries. She moves closer and I pull the foreskin behind.
Smooth glans slides out and I take it gently in my mouth. It does not taste anything, I suck it in my mouth, just down the roots,
I sroke her balls with my fingers, tightly by sucking almost out, back deep into the throat. Slide your finger in the bum she asks.
My finger is playing around her hole, it's slippery and tight. Push inside she asks. My fingers sink deep into the hole,
I find the prostate and rub it and her dick slides back and forth in my mouth. I'm coming, she says.
I'm ready, I am received and suck dick deeper. Her ass presses around my finger and pulses rhythmically,
I squeeze lightly into the testicles and small load sperm injected into my throat. I swallow everything.

She bends again to my knees and rubs a little more oil on dick and scrotum. She milks my cock slowly and calmly.
At times she sucks my cock and empty scrotum. With a smile she looks at me, You have a big cock, goes to the throat, and really hard.
Do not come to my mouth, I want to see when you come. Her hand slips along my shaft, another hand playing with my empty bag
and her finger fights in my ass. She sucking my glans deeper.
I will come, I can hardly to say so.
She squeezes my cock and looks with a smile when the sperm drains on my stomach.
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Originally Posted by Boner View Post
Cool story! I'd like to hear about when you tied Stephanie!
Glad you liked it! I combined and edited these and they are on my WordPress Home Page as "Freshman English Class." I've taken some liberties with a few of the details but yeah, this really happened...
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Default Did i get ghosted by a virgin with a micropenis?

Found this on another website. Damn, didn't think she would tell the whole world about it...

I met up with a guy I matched with on tinder and was immediately swept off my feet. We went out for drinks on Saturday and I had a few too many and ended up sleeping at his place. We didn't have sex, but fooled around a little. Enough to learn he could possibly have a micro-penis. He took me to breakfast the next day, held my hand as we walked, and even invited me back to his place after. It was fun and we were hitting it off. I thought things ended really well, with the exception of my makeup and hair looking like beetle juice at breakfast and the loss of self respect because I stayed overnight with him on our first date.

I didn't hear from him after so I decided to text him (minus points I know) on Tuesday. He only responded once and was short with me. I start to become devastated because I feel like I ruined whatever potential we had, but then he texted me on Friday. "How's your day going?" I responded and never heard from him again. WTF??

Question 1: he also told me he was a virgin which could have been a complete lie, but is it possible that he is embarrassed of his size and that's why he went ghost?
Question 2: did I completely ruin my chances by drinking too much and not going home that night?
Question 3: is he just not that into me? :/ p.s. We were texting every single day for a week before the date, so clearly it's not that he isn't a fan of texting.


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Default 35 Year Old Virgin Masturbator

This may be hard for some to believe, but I'm actually a 35 year old Virgin...

Just too shy for my own good I guess. Never really got involved in the dating scene in school, and now I don't know too many people outside of work. That's fine with me though, I'm very happy pleasuring myself!

I would describe myself as bi-curious, love pussy but wonder what sucking a cock or having one in my ass would feel like. The first time I masturbated I was 9. Often do it 3-4 times a day now. Love to watch myself in the mirror, and fantasize about others watching me. Or being a sex slave to a dominant shemale. I always begin by teasing my nipples as I watch my cock get hard. Once I'm hard I start stroking my cock with K-Y Intrigue Heat. I wrap my hand (I'm a "lefty" ) around my shaft, and start moving my hips like I'm fucking. I try to make things last as long as possible, so I stroke my cock slowly then stop, and wait whenever I feel like I'm going to come. I love the taste of precum. Sometimes I try a load of my cum, which turns me on even more. Especially if I imagine my "mistress" forcing me to eat my own cum.

It's really exciting to post pics of my cock cumming. I hope everyone enjoys them. More people will see my cock in the next day, than in the previous 35 years!
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