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Originally Posted by techno883 View Post
I feel for you a9127 (I mean that figuratively). The most I come up with is a roll in the bed with myself , my dream girl TS and a warm hand towel to 'receive' my unimagined load. Of all the members to the Forum and of all the avatar's I've seen, There is one that stands out as the hottest and prettiest. AND she is real. I would love to say her name, but I'd like her permission first so she wouldn't be embarrassed. How about initials of JTS. I hope I don't get an angry PM.

I was just kidding with that post. Didn't mean to mislead anyone... I like to have fun once in a while. Kind of like my "fake" profile thread "A Personal Ad." Sorry!!! I will try to stop with the silly posts...

Actually I've been married twice, dated a lot, and my first girlfriend was a friend of mine who lived down the street. We were 12. While genetically "male" she identified as a girl and eventually transitioned. We were together through High School. I've shared a lot about myself in my WordPress profile (and posts) but I don't think anyone ever reads that stuff.

My advice is to hang in there and just be your self. I've enjoyed your posts. Hopefully you will meet someone! I've never had much luck on-line, have NEVER met anyone on here, and prefer to meet people face to face. I have met many transwomen through the various LGBT activities I'm involved in as well as the annual Day of Remembrance ceremony. Being active helps.

Now I'm really curious, I need to know who "JTS" is (I think I have an idea...)

One thing I have enjoyed about this forum is the friends I've made. There are many. That's probably why I stay. My only complaint is with some of the more disrespectful posts allowed (it used to be much worse) and the "one post wonders" who seem to be obvious "trolls."

I hope you will stay and meet someone on here. There are also many "trans" dating sites you could join. And consider becoming active in your community! You never know when or where you will meet that special someone.


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