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Default My experience

Sounds good ilovelatinas, here's mine:

Iīve had about 5 experiences with trans escorts so far and most of them were positive. The first few times I was quite nervous and unable to really enjoy it to the fullest but the last time was definetely a great experience.

Thereīs a trans brothel here in the city that usually has about 8-10 girls working, most of them are usually pretty good looking and they even have some famous girls sometimes that have starred in erotic films.

This particular time I walked in and the friendly doorman let me in and set me down on a bed in one of the rooms, then about 10 girls proceeded to come in and introduce themselves.
I chose a Venezuelan girl called Jeanlee, she was tall and slim and had a great body. She offered me a drink and after a quick shower she asked me what I would like.

I proposed to start with a massage and she obliged, she started to rub oil on my back, slowly working her way down.
Once she reached my bottom I could feel her fingers touching my asshole, she slowly put a finger inside while stroking my balls at the same time.
After licking my anus softly I turned around and asked her to undress, she was wearing a very skimpy black dress with no panties, it came right off and thatīs when I saw her sweet cock hanging between her legs.
She laid down next to me on the bed and I started to suck and kiss her cock, which immediately became hard.
It was a bit smaller than mine, not that long but good and thick and she had nice big balls. It was very hard and she clearly enjoyed me sucking it and slapping me in the face with it.

After giving eachother oral pleasure I told her I wanted her to fuck me. She had a small bag fllled with condoms and a big tube of lubricant.
She took a pillow, put it under my buttom and started rubbing a generous amount of lube around and inside my anus.
She put on the condom and pressed her hard cock against my ass, after some wiggling it slid inside very smoothly.
I had to get to the position a little so I asked her to start slowly but she clearly got excited quickly and started to increase the speed untill she was fucking me fiercly.
It was an amazing feeling having my legs in the air and this Venezuelan goddes shoving her hard cock in and out of my tight ass.

After a while my legs got a little tired and I asked her to switch position, she put me on the edge of the bed on hands and knees and proceeded to slide her cock inside me again.
In this position she could clearly make more speed and the more excited she got the harder I could feel her cock become inside of me.
I was enjoying it so much that I almost came without even touching my dick, I was getting very close to shooting a big load all over the bed.

I asked her to start jerking my cock while fucking me and she did, it felt great and I just wanted to stay there all night with her sweet cock thrusting deep in my anus.

She pulled out and laid down on the bed, asking me to sit on top of her cock with mine facing her.
She proceed to fuck me in this position and started jerking me harder and harder untill finally I couldnīt hold it anymore and came all over myself, her tits and the bed.

The feeling of shooting your load while a hard cock is rubbing the inside of your ass is amazing and even better than I had fantasized.

Sweet Jeanlee cleaned us up and stepped in the shower with me, after which we said goodbye and I went home a very satisfied man.

Hope you enjoyed my story, cheers.
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