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Default Look. Just treat us like the women that we are.

There are plenty of us put there that will not charge you by the hour.

Look sweety just find out where they hang at. I know you guys have clubs and bars over there too. We are not all porn stars or high dollar call girls or hookers.

Just remember though that we do come with some hellacious emotional baggage. Way more than any cis woman does. Can you handle that? You may have to treat her like a queen or princess and just have some empathy because I could introduce you to 30 trans women and 25 of them would be an emotional mess because of the shit we have to go through with society. Personally I could give a fuck less what people think of me because I could care less about them too. But... Some girls are trying so hard to be and pass as cis women. I have yet to meat a cis woman that could even pass as a cis woman with a natural pussy between their legs without makeup and so on. Put all the freckles and blemishes on their faces without makeup and they are actually not that good looking. Women are just average people too and sometimes you guys could use a little makeup too. Just sayin...

Women are women no matter what is between their legs. I have seen some gay guys and trans are way different in identity than gays, that were more effeminate than some a lot of cis women. Hell I am more feminine than a lot of cis women I know. They come to me and ask me how I do my brows and makeup and so on. How I get my legs so smooth which is nothing but using a good razor but they cannot get the same result because they don't pay as close attention. I want my man when I have one to wake up feeling a smooth leg and other parts too. Why rush it?

This is what gets me about cis women. OMG you can get your haircut in so many ways. You don't have to shave your face either. You will still be seen as a woman with a really fucked up bob like Cherry Torn but everyone expects you to have long hair if you are a trans woman or at least a bob that is shoulder length.
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