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Default Learning New Things About Myself

I've seen a few threads about how people first became interested in transsexuals, and some early experiences with them or that led people to like them. I'm curious, now that you are into trans stuff, has it directly or indirectly led you to become interested in anything else? For me personally, my love of transsexuals has slowly gotten me into watching a lot of gay porn. The guys are usually very feminine, but it's still a change for me. I still find women attractive, but unless they are being really dominant or have a strapon, they don't excite me very much. I'm still not sure what I am (bisexual or just gay), but I know I'm not 100% straight at the very least.

In recent months I've become a lot more active on Xhamster too. I posted a few pics and even some video or me masturbating, and to my surprise people were actually turned on by it. Since then I've started leaving a lot more comments, and even had a couple of hot chat sessions with random guys I didn't even know who thought I was sexy.

Anyone else discover some new things about themselves thanks to their interest in trans girls?
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