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Originally Posted by Boner View Post
I was kind of kidding when I said I felt like a dirty old man who liked 5H but I know there's no way I could have a real relationship with someone that young. Sure I'd like to have sex with a 21 year old and maybe we could be great friends but I'm not sure there'd enough of a common basis for a lasting relationship. The French have a rule of thumb where someone is too young for you if there less than half your age plus seven. That'd put a lot of my favorite performers out of reach

This is all in fun anyway so who cares!

Anyway, while I really like the Normani and the other girls, I've always had a thing for older women too, especially growing up. I always preferred buxom, zaftig women to young girls but it's weird because it's totally different when it comes to tgirls.

I have to say my biggest celebrity crush at the moment is Mariska Hartigay

Mariska Hargitay is the reason I used to watch "Law and Order SUV."

Did you know Mariska is the daughter of Jayne Mansfield and bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay? Tragically Jayne was killed in a car crash in 1967. A baby Mariska was asleep in the backseat and lived.

If you haven't ever heard of Jayne Mansfield, I think you would like her. She really epitomized the "retro" look of the 50's and 60's that we both like.

There is a pretty good TV movie starring Loni Anderson ("WKRP in Cincinnati") and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I've seen it on cable. It's an interesting look at 60's glamour and "Hollywood." Long before "Arnold" was "The Terminator."

Yes. I have heard of that "rule" but as you say it's all in fun. I did a little reading up on it and I hope people don't take it too literally. Although as a "guideline" for dating it's probably fine--at least for having common interests. I read that it goes back to the 50's. I am not sure it would apply to most couples today. They also used to say that people of "different races" shouldn't date and marriage was only for a "man and a woman."

I think age in a relationship is one of those things that "just depends." Besides being over 18 of course. My first wife was 6 years older than me. My current wife is five years younger than me. I've never dated anyone outside of a 10 year age range. But I can't say it would never happen (if I wan't married).

I read somewhere recently that Kate Beckinsale was dating a 21 year old. Lucky guy. And Arnold doesn't seem to be letting an almost 30 year age difference bother him in the picture below. It's all good...
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