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Originally Posted by Boner View Post
She is cute. I can't say I ever paid much attention to Paramore but I like the girls of Fifth Harmony a lot, especially Normani. It makes me feel like a dirty old man
Yes, I know Fifth Harmony. They were in one of my classes last semester… Sorry, bad joke…

Seriously, it’s OK to like whoever. Fifth Harmony ARE really cute. I looked them up and they are all over 18. Normani is 21. I bet most of the women we post pics of on this site are like 18-25. Do a search for “celebrity age differences” and you’ll find that it’s not uncommon for there to be a 20 year or greater age difference for couples. Often the man is older but not always. Demi Moore, JLo, and Madonna immediately come to mind. One who surprised me was Dick Van Dyke (45 year age difference). My feeling is if both partners are over 18 and there’s no sort of “influence” or “coercion” (like that teacher who ran away with his student earlier this year) it’s nobody’s business.

There’s someone I workout with now and then who’s well into his 50’s. He’s in great shape, a really nice guy, owns a company, and looks 20 years younger. He used to be a bodybuilder. His girlfriend is 25.

Anyway, regarding celebrities, literally anything goes because it’s not a real relationship. And you can be a fan of their work or appreciate their talent. I know a woman in her 60’s that can’t stop gushing over Justin Bieber. She’s a very nice person, loves music, is happily married, and a grandmother. I think it’s harmless and cute.

The only time it’s a problem is when it crosses the line and someone becomes a “stalker.” That’s entirely different and can involve a fan of any age. I think of the murders of John Lennon, Selena (not Gomez), Rebecca Schaeffer, and last summer, Christina Grimmie. I think even David Letterman had a female "fan" that believed she was his wife or something. There was a 50 year old man that wanted to marry Miley Cyrus and kept showing up at autograph signings (she was like 14 or 15). I believe her family got a restraining order. Miley also has a “fan” in his 40’s or 50’s that has god knows how many tattoos of her and I think constantly contacts her. All of that is bad of course and not typical of how most fans are.

My wife’s “celebrity crush” is Jason Statham. I’m sure she would leave me for him…

She’s also a fan of Paramore. When they were on James Corden earlier this summer, I was in my den working. She said “Your girlfriend’s going to be on…”

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