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Default Reasons for Castration

Hello Everyone,

I'm new here, but this thread caught my attention. My friend Felix used to perform castrations on ladyboys at his practice in Philadelphia. He always tried to talk the patient into keeping enough of the scrotum in case the patient later decided to have SRS (labiaplasty material). After the testicles are removed, the tissue known as the epididymis swells for a few weeks as healing occurs. If the epididymis is not removed, the scrotum still looks like there are testicles residing in it for awhile. He started showing patients the removed testicles because some accused him of not performing the procedure when they saw the immediate post-op results.

Although I read a post which stated how quickly the operation could be performed, Felix usually took about two hours. Some of this extra time was probably due to the fact he was elderly. Although he was retired from general practice, he continued to perform castrations (bi-lateral orchiectomies) for quite a few years. He probably should have retired totally before he started having physical problems. He would remove some of the scrotum for additional fee.

Felix claimed much of the ability to achieve an erection after the surgery depended on how often the patient kept trying to achieve erections. If she just didn't bother, then the ability would decrease quickly. It is also important to realize some testosterone is produced by the adrenal gland. Each person is different. He claimed ejaculatory fluid would probably be minute and clear.

Some have asked why a ladyboy would want to be rid of her testicles. The obvious reason is to be rid of most of her testosterone, but I like this answer better: " My panties fit better." It would probably be a lot more comfortable to tuck.

Felix wrote a book about castration which can probably still be found on the Internet.

Anyway, I like to see them smooth with most of the scrotum removed. I wonder how many of us male readers have wondered what it would feel like to not have those little hairy things dangling down there? I've been told it feels pretty good.


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