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Default moving testis

Originally Posted by Mel Asher View Post
Yes, Digit, and it is comparatively minor surgery too. Only problem would be with the nerves to the scrotum. However, for those members interested, this frees up the scrotal sac for other surgical techniques, creation of Labia for example to be combined with possibly a resection of the colon ( definitely not to be undertaken lightly ). Then, what to do with the remaining dangly bit, Lord Willy himself. . ? Seems a shame to waste a nice cock . . . !
Placing the testis in the abdominal space can considerably increase susceptability to testicular cancer. Undescended testicles are often displaced into the scotum to give a lower opertaing temperature if its possible. Unmoved testicles are very much more likely to develop cancer and are sometimes removed. I think it highly unlikly that a consciencious surgeon would move the testicles into the abdomen unless there was no other choice, certainly cosmetic considerations should not come into play with this
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