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Originally Posted by randolph View Post
Many posters including transsexuals on this site are very politically conservative. I find this mystifying due to the fact that the conservative adjenda is not only homophobic but transphobic. ???
Actually true conservatism and homophobia are not inextricably joined at the hip any more than one's sexual orientation is linked to one's gender. We have just been conditioned in recent years to think that it is, because the conservative parties have chosen to pretend that they are the last bastion of moral piety, condemning everything that doesn't conform to their narrow point of view. Sadly their are liberals who are equally homophobic, but they don't tend to be as vocal.

If this is a culture war, and I would say that it is, then we should not write off potential allies, nor should we assume that we are welcome at the table simply because we see people who seem to say and do all the right things.
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