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Originally Posted by priscillabourbon View Post
Thank you, JamieTS.
I've never been to South Korea (I'm assuming).
I do plan to have my surgeries there or maybe Thailand ( breast and maybe rhino) it's cheaper and lots of good doctors, next year hopefully.
Yeah South Korea.

Look Hun. Thailand maybe be cheaper but sometimes cheaper isn't better. Yes I have been to Thailand on vacation and I know a lot of trans girls here go there but think about it.

Look Priscilla, there is nothing wrong with your breasts. Guys love tits. You don't need a certain cup size to turn them on just as long as you get turned on when they suckle on them or play with them.

Rhinoplasty? Really? If that is your pic in your avatar then you don't need it even. All of the best looking women I have ever seen have had some blemish. Sometimes it is a large forehead, sometimes it is a big nose, sometimes it is about weight, sometimes it is about lack of weight, sometimes it is about other things. Mostly it is about other things that make us unique.

Oh yeah babygirl, we have penises. That makes us special to a lot of guys. Some will admit it and most won't. They will love us in private and deny us in public. this is a fact of life. I have dealt with it. If a guy is too ashamed, whether I am passable or not, and is embarrassed by me the screw them. There are guys that will walk down the street with me on their arm and passable or not or know who I was or not then they will protect me. That is a man. I really hate to sound sexist but the woman makes the man. If that woman is Trans then that man is more secure in his own masculinity than with a cis woman in my opinion.

Bailey Jay is a big name in the porn industry and is famous in other areas thanxs to sweethearts like Jim Norton and so on. Her husband knows what has. He has a beautiful woman that happens to have a penis. Her husband seems secure and is a real man that is so secure in himself that he can marry a trans woman. I really wish there were more men like him in the world. Here there are so just feel proud to be here because the guys here are the best of the best in my opinion.

Look hun, don't get caught in all that "supposed chaser" bullshit. OMG on some sights they really trash our admirers. I will always stick up for them though and have been banned from a couple for sticking up for the guys that are attracted to us. OMG I have been accused of sticking up for "Tranny Chasers" on some sights. Well, ugh, yeah, I will stick up for the guys that are men enough to love us no matter how long that love might last. When its good, it feels really good and these guys on here, God, fucking, Bless them. The guys on here are real men, secure men, men that want a feminine partner. they want to feel masculine instead of emasculated.
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