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Default A Short Story- A Cold, Windy, Snowy Evening

It’s a cold, windy, and snowy evening. My lady and I are in the bathtub together. The water is still very warm and the scent of bubble bath still lingers in the air. I have just bathed her and now I am shaving her legs. She loves the attention I pay to gently washing her and at the same time massaging away her aches. The bath has relaxed her and as I finish her legs she leans over and kisses me in anticipation of what is to come.
I help her out of the bath and I immediately wrap her in a giant towel that has been draped over the warming bar. She steps in close to me and I hold her in my arms as I dry her off. With my arm around her waist we make our way to the living room. The lights have been turned down low, candles have been lit, and soft music is playing in the background. There is a fire burning in the fireplace and mattresses and blankets are laid out on the floor in front of the fire. My love slips off her towel and quickly ducks under the covers with me following right behind her. She turns towards me and cuddling up against me gives me a long lingering passionate kiss.
We don’t want to rush things for we have all night. I reach for the hot mulled wine that I put out for us and pour us each a glassful. We sip our wine as we lie beside each other and watch the fire burning. I start to gently stroke her cheeks and face. Occasionally my one hand goes her back and starts to gently and ever so lightly caress her skin from her neck to her beautiful perfectly formed bum. She likes this and snuggles in closer to me as I embrace her. After a while she turns away from me to lie on her stomach. I continue to caress and tickle her back. After a little while she rolls onto her back and lets me continue on her front. I like when she is on her back as I can now kiss and lick her breasts and nipples. My hand meanwhile eases further and further down her belly until I am holding her cock. It is slightly limp now, but at my first touch she immediately gets hard. She now cuddles in closer to me, puts her arms me and gives me a deep kiss probing my mouth with her tongue. I kiss back and gently push my tongue into her mouth. We continue on this way for several minutes, each not wanting to break our embrace. I gently run my hands up and down her body bring deep sighs from her. As she snuggles in even closer I can feel her hard cock pressed up against me. I slide under the blanket and take her cock into my mouth. Mmmmmmm I love the taste of her precum; it is so delicious. I find it hard to release her, but eventually I do and I move back up to start kissing her again. She rolls over on her back and pulls me on top of her. I reach underneath us and start to tickle her anus. As we continue to kiss she relaxes even more. I then slowly ease my cock into her. She feels me enter her and urges me to give her more. Although I try to take it slow we are both soon going faster and harder. With a final push I cum in her and as she feels it she wraps her legs around me to hold me in. Breathlessly we lie on our sides facing each other and holding each other tight. We kiss again, but only light quick pecks. Gradually our ardour subsides and we start making small talk while finishing our wine.
Eventually we fall asleep holding each other tight. Later during the night I wake up and my love is still cuddled in tightly to me. Looking at her my heart again melts with love for her. I gently kiss the top of her head and as I do so she wraps her arms even more fiercely around me. I fall asleep contented, knowing that we will remain like this for the rest of the night and for many more years to come.
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