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Default Shemale stories can be found at...

There are many places on the internet where you can find stories; some are dedicated to shemale stories, some are not, but you can generally find what you want among the (literally) millions of stories out there. The following sites are free:
  • Go to for an index of (and links to) stories that have been posted to the newsgroups. They have codes you can use to look up whatever kinds of stories you'd like to read. The problem is that the quality is spotty, but the quantity is...unbelievable.
  • Try for (mostly) stories about forced feminization. The few I've read are long...too long, but fairly well written, with a minimum of language errors.
  • You can also try It's free, but you have to write a story to join, and it has strict rules: it won't publish anything containing pedophilia or bestiality, for example. When you've joined, take a look at my stories and let me know what you think. (Sorry, they're not about ladyboys.)
You can also go to or and search on erotic stories.

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