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What turned me on? Nothing really.

I do remember when I shaved my legs the first time though but not really a turn on though. Oh shaving my pubes was a turn on though because it felt so good and so sensuous. I felt every touch. It was kind of the same with the legs but on a smaller scale though. The first time feeling the sheets on hairless legs, OMFG.

It sux being a trans girl though. But then again not really either. As a trans woman I can take things for granted that cis women have to do like shaving their legs and underarms. That looks and feels so good and cis women have to do that.

Sexuality is another thing. I love it and all of it in the "hole" I have. Most cis women can't appreciate that. Love when it comes is another thing. Most cis women can't really appreciate a man's love for them. Well if you are a trans woman then the men that will love you will love you for you and not just a vagina that is warm and wet. So the men that love us are looking for more usually than just a pussy.

You know I hear people bitch and moan about being trans all the time. So what is there it bitch about? The men that love us love us for us and not what is between our legs. If so then they are gay but not willing to face it. They usually fall in love with the femininity instead of the sexual gratification they get from sexual gratification.

So is being trans a curse or a blessing? I say both. I have been beaten senseless and bullied for being a sissy but the love that I have found has been genuine with no hold backs.

Look guys, if you love us and find us attractive then so be it and never apologize for it.

So what turns me on? A few things but mostly a man that is not afraid to be a man that is attracted to femininity no matter where it comes from. Bailey's boyfriend is about the sexiest man that I could ever want to meet. He may look like a whimp but has more self assurance than a three hundred pound muscle head that jacks to her pics and videos could ever have.

That is what turns me on. Masculinity without shame of being labeled as this or that. Strength in self assurance no matter what anyone says. Making up your own mind without the influence of others without shame. Some other things but pretty much that is what turns me on in men. It may sound stupid but not to me. It may sound like a pipe dream but there are plenty of you guys out there though. And yes that is a turn on and maybe the biggest to a woman. Trans or Cis. We all want to feel safe when with you. I have a CCW and can do my part if needed but I want to still feel safe while holding your arm or hand down the street.
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