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I personally prefer cocks around 15cm but it's mostly the girth that plays biggest role in how much pain you feel.

If I was only active I wouldn't care at all but as a versatile I like to feel my hole stretch,feel that "opening" sensation and a penis rubbing against my prostate so the ideal for me is around 13-15 cm with a normal girth.

Like I said before I have tried bigger dicks as a bottom but didn't enjoy them right away since the pain was intense until I got used to it and the lubrication started working.

Huge ladies like Suzanna Holmes or Sabrina Suzuki (what a monster) are stunning to look at but taking them is a differnet story if you're not used to taking dick or dildo your ass frequently.

A large dick however can sometimes make you feel really penetrated the way smaller ones can't...I once met with a lady whose penis was around 20-22cm and I was so horny that after I fucked her I asked her to take me too.She knew what she was doing and I never felt so opened before,she said she could almost fist me but it took like 20 minutes to take her in and she wasn't of course putting it all the way in.

A less experienced guy couldn't enjoy it though,the pain is quite intense if you're not used to it.
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