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Originally Posted by Boner View Post
I liked your story!

I wasn't sure whether to post about Beverly here or in the Early Experiences thread. She was my first celebrity crush: Even as a kid, I thought she was just so pretty and I loved her pretty red hair and costumes

You're right. Celebrities are easy for us to imagine being with but isn't that the same as all the other things we like here? They're all beautiful divas!

And in that spirit, in honor of her lovely face gracing the cover of the week's People Magazine, - the supremely beautiful Mariska Hartigay!:

Thanks. Glad you have enjoyed my stories. Anything that involves Stephanie is true (yes, I really did tie up a girl in English class... ). Most of the stuff in the "Shemale Fantasy" thread is fiction but with real details regarding locations, etc.

I never noticed the resemblance between my friend from high-school and Hayley until I watched those videos the other day. They were from their first album. I didn't become aware of Paramore or Hayley until a couple years later ("Misery Business" was the first song I ever heard. It's from their second album "Riot" which came out in 2007. Also they did a song for the "Twilight" movie called "Decode.") I've only met one "entertainment" celebrity and that was that girl from the "Fall Guy" when I was a kid. One of my friends met Ozzy Osbourne in an elevator in Los Angeles. Some of my younger friends got to meet Miley and I know several people who have seen Paramore in concert. They can verify that Hayley is awesome.

Mariska is gorgeous. Hope you enjoy the movie posters of her mom. Her dad was a "Mr. Universe" in the 50's and for a while lived in Indiana. During the summer after we moved down here I needed a place to lift for football and we found an old gym near the Motor Speedway. Apparently her dad once trained there. The equipment was ancient but in good shape and the gym was for "hardcore" lifters and athletes so it was great for serious workouts and I learned a lot. I probably used some of the stuff he did.

Most of what I know about Jayne Mansfield comes from the TV movie starring Loni Anderson and Arnold.
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