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More Miley. These pics are from the last year or so. This is the stuff they don’t show you on “Daily Mail,” “TMZ,” “Life and Style,” and other gossip sites. They’d much rather play up the bad (often outright lies) or catch her in awkward “paparazzi” pictures or say she OD’d or is pregnant for the 1000th time… And are she and Liam getting married or what? Enquiring minds want to know!!!

Anyway, I think if you dig a little deeper you will find a very beautiful and talented young woman (she’s 25 now). She has done many things worthy of recognition. Too bad that the “press” and gossip sites tend to always play up the negative. Many stars have had their share of “haters” on the Internet. Nice to be able to hide behind the computer isn’t it? But for Miley the “hate” started almost immediately with Hannah Montana--not when she did Bangerz or started “twerking.”

My wife (who is about the same age as Miley’s older sister, Brandi) knows everything about pop music and celebrities and really likes Miley. That says a lot. So do my friends that met her. Hayley too. Coincidentally Miley and Hayley both grew up (and still live in) Franklin, TN.

I wish I could post the pictures of her visiting the little boy in the hospital, or the one with all the kids at Staples Center, or the Get UR Good On campaign. But she's only 16 in all of them--don't know how TLB would feel about it. You will just have to look 'em up.

And of course a big shout-out to Pharrell Williams and Ariana Grande in the Manchester pics.

(The first pic. I was just checking out the car. I swear! )
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