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So ila wants to find out which of us can suck cum out of a cock the fastest. No problem. I stand before the four guests. From the looks of it, the two guys were either unable to find partners during the orgy or had already unloaded some time ago and are now ready to go again. They are both naked, not hard yet and with dry tips. From the glances at each other and looks of delight, I have a feeling they know each other. Two friends hoping to get lucky tonight, young adults in their early to mid twenties. The two girls though may be strangers, around the same age, with cum dripping down their thighs. They had already been fucked, and are still hungry for more.

All four recognise me as their hostess, of course. I drop to my knees between one of the men and one of the women, randomly chosen as I am not particular which of the four cocks I suck. First, I take one cock in each hand, almost beginning to stroke them until I remember ila's order to only use oral. I turn to him to see if he disapproves but he has his attention on the other pair of playmates.

The girl's cock goes in first. I let it slide into my mouth slowly while keeping a gentle grip on the guy's cock. Both get hard in seconds. In and out, I make loud slurping sounds to bring the ladycock close to squirting, only to pull out and switch to my male partner. He lets out a moan when I get to work sucking him until saliva covers his manhood.

Again, I stop just as it seems he is about to cum. He sighs in disappointment. I look at ila to watch his progress. What does he have in mind for the loser of this contest? After what he has done to me so far, I want to know if losing will actually be more fun than winning.
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