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"Coming right up." I reply. I have all kinds of outfits in the wardrobe, among them a white and dark blue sailor costume. I take my time putting it on, somewhat thrilled by ila's order not to wear panties underneath it. The next time my cock gets hard, it will lift the short skirt and reveal a bit of my crotch. Sure, the crowd has already seen my cock during my stage performance, but they have yet to touch it or get a close-up look. The little skirt will only tease them even further.

I am about to sashay out from behind the partition when I notice a slight problem with the sailor costume: the chest area is tight. Admittedly, this was the reason I bought it in this size, to show off the bulge of my ample bosom. But to tease my audience without exposing my breasts? I will try to think of something if the shirt is close to ripping.

With gentle steps, I walk out and stand in front of ila so that he can watch me for as long as he likes before we proceed downstairs. I have the hat on and slowly turn myself to grant him a look at my curves, ending by lifting the edge of my skirt to show him that I am not wearing panties.

(Ila, when you said sailor girl, do you mean a girl in the navy or a Japanese schoolgirl?)
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