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It takes less than a minute for Red and Sonia to come back to me with their selections. The rope and ankle cuffs will do, but I still need something else. I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure that it will come to me.

“Put your hands over your head, Princess,” I command. As soon as she does I take the silk rope and tie it around her right wrist. I run the rope around the near bedpost and behind the other one. I then tie the other end to her left wrist.

Red must have been reading my mind. I wanted him to start orally teasing Shawn. Without waiting for any instructions he bent over and started licking, sucking, and fondling one of Princess’ breasts. He instructed Sonia to rim him. Seeing Sonia with her face buried between Red’s cheeks is quite erotic.

I let Sonia and Red continue while I carry on with my own addition to our sexy scene. I pick up the ankle cuffs and dangle them over our hostess. I watch her eyes. To my delight she pretends to be frightened of what is about to come.

I turn away from her and click one cuff to her right ankle and the other end to a bedpost. I next take the rope that Sonia brought to me and tie one end to her left ankle and the other end to the remaining bedpost. Princess Shawn is now spread-eagled on the bed. She looks so beautiful, helpless, and vulnerable that I almost decide to release her bindings. I can’t do that, though, as it would spoil our sex play.

I turn my attention back to Red. He has had Sonia switch position and they are kissing while rubbing their cocks together. It looks like Red is trying to cum, but I haven’t yet given him permission to do so. I need to stop him right away so that he knows I am still the Master of this scenario.

“Stop what you’re doing right now, Red,” I tell him authoritatively. He’s surprised and has the urge to comply, but he’s slow to obey. “Right now, Red, or there will be penalties for you too.”

Red reluctantly lets go of Sonia. I’m still going to let him fuck Sonia, but now I will delay giving him approval to do so. “Go look on the table for a cat of nine tails,” I command.

He scrambles over to the table. I don’t believe in inflicting pain and I never will, but it will be fun to run the tips of the cat across Princess’ body. I look into Shawn’s eyes. She is not sure what I’m thinking or about to do. She does have a sincere look of concern on her face. I like it because it will make it even more of a surprise for her when I tickle her with the cat.

Sonia is unsure what to do. Instead of letting her just look I tell her to start kissing Mistress’ breasts. As Sonia goes to work on Shawn’s breasts Red returns with the cat. “The cat of nine tails, sir, as you ordered,” he says meekly handing over the instrument.

“You were slow, Red. You were also about to fuck Sonia without my permission. Bend over.”

Red quickly bends over presenting his posterior to me. I pick up Princess’ butt plug and hand it to Red. “Clean it off, Red. It’s going in you.”

Red wipes off the butt plug and hands it to me. “Spread your legs,” I order him.

Red widens his stance. I push the butt plug into him. “Stand up. Join Sonia on the other side of Mistress and pleasure her breasts. And don’t drop the plug if you know what’s good for you.”

The role playing has me so excited that I’m rock hard once more with my cock standing straight up. I look down into Princess Shawn’s eyes. I hold up the cat so that she can see it. My little show of domination has Red and the two women wondering what I’m about to do. I pause waiting to see what they will do.
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