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For now, I keep my butt cheeks clenched to hold the plug in. Surely ila must have been fucked at least once before this night, yet his hole is among the tightest I have ever entered. I followed his rhythm precisely: in he goes into Red, and deep into his hole I push myself. The hard part is maintaining that same speed and not picking up the pace too soon.

But that is what happens next. The tight squeeze of ila's hole around my cock makes me ram him faster. Just a little quicker than the pace he is using on Red, but enough to throw off his rhythm. I try not to pull out too far, just enough so that cum squirts out of me and into his hole. I thrust again, releasing another load inside him. In doing so, however, I hear the sound of my butt plug hitting the floor. I simply cannot keep it in throughout my forceful thrusts. My cock goes soft, and my body tingles as I pull it out.

I say to both ila and Red, "I'm so sorry. I couldn't stop myself."
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