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Red is certainly having fun with his sub. I am thinking that Sonia, now busy getting him hard, will need someone to insert the butt plug into her without interrupting Red's fun. And so I walk behind her and pick up the plug, making sure Red is aware of this. I squeeze some lube onto my hand and rub it over the plug, again only doing so when I know Red is watching.

"Don't stop pleasuring your Master." I whisper into Sonia's ear. She obeys, her hands continuously stroking Red's cock until it fully swells. First, I slide the tip of the plug over the opening behind her butt cheeks. Then I push it in slowly. She tightens her grip on Red's cock in response, only loosening when the plug is as deep as it can go. It is a tight fit even with the lube, and I find myself slowing to a crawl to make sure I am not hurting her. Sonia has shown that she is a good sub so far, so it's a shame that she chose this particular plug.

Oh well, I still have Red to play with. Reaching into the same drawer where Sonia found the first butt plug, I pull out another one. This one is much bigger and has an artificial dog's tail attached to one end. I wave it menacingly in front of Red... however, I suddenly get the feeling that ila may be interested in this game as well. I turn to ila, pleading with wide eyes, "Oh no, Master, please don't make me wear the butt plug."
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