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Yes Mistress, I do. More please. Make it hurt, Please Mistress and Master. Please?

I don't believe my Master and Mistress has ever had such a submissive woman before. When Red arrives with the "cat" I am secretly hoping that I can't sit for a week. I want to cry and make my mascara and eyeliner run down my cheeks. But I am hoping that either my Mistress or Master will take pity and let me hang at either of their places until I can. Chain me up while or tie me up when you go to work for the day. Then release me and I will do whatever you want for the rest of the night until the next morning until I heal enough to sit. then I will go or stay submissively if they want. I don't mind being shared.

I pray they they know with such submissive slave that there are certain repercussions such as healing time from the pain and open wounds such as a cat o' nine tails causes. Since I am a slave I really want to be taken care of but will fulfill my master's or mistresses' wishes gladly.

I am so turned on by just the thought of pain and ecstasy.
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