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I climb back onto the stage. "Listen up, everyone. Thank you for coming, but it's time for you to leave." I speak using the microphone, and receive a chorus of boos, "Put on your clothes and go. Don't worry about the mess, I'll get the cleaners to mop this place up tomorrow. Remember to keep a lookout for flyers announcing my next party. It will be as hot as this one!"

Somewhat absorbed by my role as a hostess, I take off my collar and jog over to the main entrance of my house where I give every departing guest a handshake, a simple "Thank you for coming." and, if they ask for it, allowing a brief fondling of my breasts and cock. It takes forever but eventually, the only people left in the main hall are myself, ila and Jamie. I return to them and pick up the collar I once wore. "Imagine how odd it'll be if we go out in public, you holding my leash and I'm holding Jamie's. Instead, let Jamie be the only one with the collar."

And so I put the collar around Jamie's neck and take the leash from ila's hand. I find the roll of tape I was handed earlier, tear out another strip and gag Jamie with it. "You will not speak unless I allow it, understand?" I say to her, "We are going to ila's house. You will let everyone in the streets see you naked with your tiny cock."

Once I have made my orders clear, I straighten my sailor costume and put my panties on. My breasts are now covered. I want to head back to my bedroom to fix my hair but I'm afraid ila will get impatient, so I simply brush it with my hands. It is late at night after all, no need to look glamourous in public.

"Lead the way, Master." I say to ila, "Hey, what about Red? Is he still in my bedroom?"
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