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( I think you got a bit confused with my previous post. It was the people in the crowd cumming on Jamie's face after I gagged her with tape. But that's okay, I'm not picky.)

Jamie is such an enthusiastic cocksucker. Combined with the stroking I received from the other partners, I squirt within moments after entering her mouth. A load of cum bursts over her tongue and I am afraid she may choke on my sweet juice. The cum sprayed all over her face by the crowd is now dripping down her forehead, cheeks and chin, much like watery face paint. I silently chuckle at the thought of capturing her face on a camera and uploading it to my website. Too cruel? Maybe.

No, I will not wipe it off for her. She needs to be humiliated, and an interesting idea just crossed my mind. I continue holding Jamie's head to my crotch, preventing her from speaking by keeping her mouth fully stuffed with my cock. Then I move back to ila, close enough to whisper into his ear, "I have a better idea. Why don't we continue this in your house where there's more privacy? We can bring this slut along too."

I already have a speech planned for such a decision. If ila agrees, I will end the party and ask everyone else to leave. It will surely be an unpopular request, but when this princess wants privacy, she will get it.
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