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"Are you hesitating, or just refusing to suck my cock?" I ask Jamie, trying my hardest not to sound too stern or I may scare her away. She is still standing there, eyes to the floor, instead of dropping to her knees. I run my hand through her hair, feeling the globs of someone else's cum on my fingers. I will need some toys from the table but since ila is holding my leash, I cannot reach it.

So I call out to the crowd, "Anyone who wants to see this girl humiliated, go fetch me something from the table of toys. Bring me anything and I'll try to use it." Several of my guests rush to the table follows, but by now it is nearly empty. When they return, I see that they can only find handcuffs, a roll of white tape and a blindfold. I take the handcuffs first and cuff Jamie's hands behind her.

Next, I tear out a strip of tape and press it over her lips. I will use the blindfold later. For now, I tell her to kneel in front of the crowd. They are already gripping their cocks in anticipation, ready to squirt over Jamie's face as soon as I give the order. However, I then turn to ila. He is busy with Maggie, but his attention is focused on me. Does he want me to go back to being submissive or is he enjoying this display?

It turns out that the front row of my audience is getting impatient. I turn back towards them when I feel drops of cum on my skin. Some of my guests have started bombarding Jamie's face with jets of hot cum. I grab her by the hair and force her to take it all face-first.
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