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JamieTS is infamous around these partsJamieTS is infamous around these parts

I look down shamefully for being scolded. I am the new girl and know my place and really don't mind being put in my place.

I will fail to please The Princess orally, my wanna' be Mistress but prefer the punishment she may give out to me for not pleasing her. I can do wonders with my tounge stroking while sucking but I will hold back. I would rather punishment than reward. For me punishment, humiliation, sweet pain is my reward.

I am hoping that The Beautiful Princess and ila will recognize that I am not that shy but very submissive and then learn the best of my talents with my tounge and mouth. That anyone can cum on me or in me but in me, I will swallow it all. On me then I will style my hair with it or wear it proudly at the party.

When The hostess of the party realizes that reward for me is not a good thing then she and everyone else will or may get rewarded.
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