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Originally Posted by Be_my_nude View Post
Fisting -

Originally Posted by Be_my_nude
Yes, I've tried it - just the once. The idea just appealed to me at the time, but I didn't get a real rush out of it. Did it with another girl. Fortunately she was really gentle and her fist was quite small. She used a vibrator on me while she fisted my back entrance. Big mistake. The vibrator sent me into spasm and I thought she'd never get her fist out. Might have been alright without the vibrator, because I felt all tender and close to her afterwards.
Don't think I'll try it again though, and certainly not with a man or some other big fisted lover. Strictly a one-off experience for me, I think. Don't mind anal play though, providing I'm well turned on !


So sorry I overlooked your snappy response.

To be brief ( or knickered ) - Already tried your suggestion in one of my more adventurous moments, but it was uncomfortable with the two cocks already in occupation.

Just a thought, though - have you tried a sweaty foot in that department - might be a challenge for you !

I love being vaginally fisted by another woman but being anally fisted no way.
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