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Default Panties....

I could go on and on about my fixation, love for panties. There is nothing more appealing than a beautiful girl encased in a sexy little pair of panties.. wrapped up all nice like a gift on Christmas morning.

Any panty cut can be sexy if they are the right material and color... not a fan of black as it is too hard to see the delight that they are holding. To see the material straining to contain a big cock and pair of balls is almost too exciting... I almost prefer my girls in panties than naked.

In videos, my favorite part is when she is stroked through her panties; rubbed caressed and licked through the silky soft material. Her panties are slowley lowered.. first just the head of her cock is revealed, kissed, licked.. then released from the panties.. to be sucked and stroked by her partner... this, for me.. is so very exciting.

mmmmmm so much more to say... but it gets kinky and this may not be the forum for it.

Suffice it to say.. I am a HUGE panty lover
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