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Originally Posted by hankhavelock View Post
"The reason matters not" ???

That must be the most amazingly provocative thing I've heard to date here (and I've heard some major dumb things here, I tell you).

You just want to let her go away and try to cover it up in some pleasant "let it all pass" mentality! Like. "Let's make it sweet and silent..."?

She was murdered because of her transsexuality in a country that salutes itself to be an openminded democracy.

When do you people LEARN the facts of your own faschism? When do you STOP saying "The reason matters not" ?

What matters here is SO the reason. The reason that trannies are fair game in a closeminded society. A society that will even say "The reason matters not".

You BET it matters! Shame on you all! And that goes for Ila too, who conveniently wants to sweep the dishonour of the deed under a carpet.

Let us enjoy the little trannies... but let us FOR GOODNESS SAKE avoid the magnitude of shame when they get raped, fucked, screwed, turned down, pissed on, neglected and eventually murdered... because "The reason matters not"

How dare you!


amen and well said. so sad and frustrating
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